Selena Gomez Naked Perfume AD

Selena Gomez naked perfume

As we all know Selena Gomez will do pretty much anything for a buck (peso), that is why it is not surprising to see that she appears to be posing completely naked in this perfume AD.

Why any perfume company would use a stinky Mexican whore like Selena Gomez for their spokesperson defies explanation, but clearly there must be a market for women in the US interested in smelling like a Tijuana donkey show.

Let us hope that this naked Selena Gomez perfume campaign is a tremendous failure less we have our delicate Muslim sensibilities further assaulted with nude images of this Mexican Jezebel.

  • The Guy with the EyE

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  • Gishi

    Her mole is there *-*

    • iqbalkis is gay

      She has a couple moles. Only 1 there though. Still. Sexy.

    • Reize

      Yes, Durka really paid attention to all of your comments.

  • Selena Gomez

    Fake : Justine has got no semen, we must use mine.
    And I had my mole removed in december 2010 by dr. Hershelovitz, my trusted abor… dermatologist.

    • Arcachnar

      And you suppose to be the real Selena? Don’t make me laugh.

    • justine

      So this is real
      itlooks real

      • justine

        By the way justine is girls name
        its justin

  • the indain on the corner

    It’s fake and not ever worth wanking about

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa


    …I’ve been waiting for over a year for these photos to be divulged to the public……

  • Bob

    Girls dont have Semen, This picture i believe is a real picture

  • Dude

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  • Glory hole gay guy

    She needs to use something to cover up her nasty body oder.

    • Kahlid

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      • KWest

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          • KWest

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          • KWest

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          • Arcachnar

            @KWest I do hope that you realize that a lot of people in SA, Kuwait and Quatar could easily afford (economy and technology there is really strong) more than you will have in the US. Where you need two jobs to pay the rent et al. Go and learn more about the Middle East.

          • KWest

            Two jobs to pay rent is a joke; I have one job and I easily pay rent, quit listening to your state funded TV programming.

          • Arcachnar

            Perhaps YOU can afford one job, but a lot of people needs two jobs to survive in the US. Everyone knows this. Go and read some newspaper, watch television or check the internet. Stop closing your eyes for the troubles in your country.

            Stop stereotype the Middle East. Like I said, the most countries are very rich and have a stable economy.

          • Kahlid

            Googles do not have jobs. They rob, sell dope, rape, collect welfare and get heart disease from eating pigs feet and KFC all day.

      • Glory hole gay guy

        Kaffer Kahlid

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  • Dick Hertz

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  • selena gomez

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    • liale

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      • Arcachnar


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          • Grand Dragon Pete


    • Nipples

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  • KydonShadow

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  • liale

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    • Nipples

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  • lolwhut

    i had slight hope it was real until the justin bieber part >> justin dosent even have semen

  • Why so fake?

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  • Noobie

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  • hello plz

    no way this is real its a joke

  • Joke

    This has to be the funniest website ever! LOL at the guys who think the pics are actually real, hahahaahaha this site is a joke, but I respect it (not really) [Insert Troll Face]

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  • Asif Asid

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