Selena Gomez Naked Floating In A Pool

Selena Gomez naked pool

Selena Gomez appears to have been photographed completely naked floating in a pool.

Throwing a woman of questionable repute like Selena Gomez into a body of water is one of the best methods us Muslims use to determine her chastity.

If the woman floats (as Selena Gomez does in this naked pic) it means she is a whore full of swimming sperm, and she should be stoned at once. However, if the woman sinks and drowns it means that she was pure, and her father should be compensated with a bushel of figs for his loss.

  • Sarcasm

    If you look closely, you can tell this is photoshopped.

    • Umar the Brown

      If you look closely you can also…GET AN RPG TO THE FACE, HOMOQUEER!

      Eat shit and die, mofo.

      • Danny

        Does this woman ever wear clothes? No? Awesome!

      • Umar The GAY

        shut the fuck up Umar you fucking faggot, If you look close with a X100 magnification lens you could see your little ass DICK!!

        • boss

          ur also umar so u burned urself

      • anti-muslim

        Look everybody mrs.homoqueen of muslims talking that shit again.guess these little prick bitch can’t wait till Americas super powers comoe and shove an nuclear bomb down there cave dwelling,stank turbin wearing,mofo fag mouths.

    • American Citizen

      actually not even close u can spot this photoshop if your blind for god damn sake

    • anny

      no shit it’s photoshopped, like most of the pictures on this website

      • Khalid

        Anny the Tranny, Assorted Infidel Homoqueers:

        None of the pictures on this Holy Islamic site are fake!

        They are all certified as 100% real by Imam Faisal in Tehran, Iran who is an expert in celebrity photo analysis and Western Harlotry.

        Anyone who questions their authenticity will be smited by a thousand jagged stones!

        • anti-muslim

          Man your bread smells of shit.stopt sucking off camel and chasing it with your boyfriend umar the pole smokers cum

    • Osama sucks my cock

      Yea it was cause the genitals are a bit brighter and the hair looks artificial.

  • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

    Did I hear someone say RPG? Because you can buy those and many other Jihad supplies at Mr. Nutts House of Jihad! Totally photoshoped but thanks for the effort.

    • Bashiri al-Saud

      Brother Mr Nutts Jiahd: I need a new hook up for AK ammo. I jusy found out that my Russian connects brothers new wifes step sister.has jewish heritage. I cannot use anymore of these newly tainted bullets. So hook a Jihadist.up. May Allah bless you and your family

      • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

        Come by the store and have a look around! Bring the kids! This weeks special is jew pinatas! Buy one get one free! Take two home today and smash ’em up!

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          The jew pinatas are great……but muslim pinatas would be significantly better.

          Yes…..beating off a muslim pinata while it hangs from a dream is something I’ll dream about.


          • Saladin The Great

            Brothers, there you have it. Grand Queer Pete speaks of wanting to beat off muslims like they are pinatas. The Grand Fag obviously has cross circuited his homosexual fantasies for our substantial Muslim members with his dreams of hot Mexican cock pounding his ass. No doubt Grand Fag dreams of a depraved orgy where he beats off Muslims and Beaners together in a huge circle jerk. For the finale the Grand Fag will perform bukkake while beating himself off. Our forces of righteous jihadists, will soon send this cum dumpster to visit with Shaitan.

        • American Citizen

          i would come by but i already have my dad’s friend in russia who he signed a contract for rpg-7’s ak-47’s n 20 grenades for his scrap deal bussiness he can contact the russian man any day now for our weapons but not 2day so i don’t want 2 swing by your shop sir but i might someday when i want to kill one person on this site

  • Abdul Rasul

    Why does it smell like tacos? That ugly Mexican poon would make my dick smell like burritos and fire crackers. Also, Americans smell like horse shit.

    • The Real Prophet

      Anus Rash

      I cant evern put in to fucken words the fucken stench you smell like camel shit smells like flowers compared to your cave living no bath taking, deodorant wearing smelly ass muther lovers.

    • The west is the Best

      Abdul ass rash

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal Rasul

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      Take that mofo


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        grand fag pete (aka….. sir sucks a lot)

        In Tiajuana you’re known as “El Jizzo” the queer who sucks off donkeys.

        If you ever show up in Tikrit……which is unlikely because you are a giant man-pussy…….you’ll be known as “one dead faggot.”

        Us Muslims are waiting…with the AK-47.

        • ladyboy amadinejad

          Abdullah whats up homie its your favorite ladyboy, just wanted to
          thank you for that rimjob you gave me I know you said to spray in
          your mouth oops my bad sorry about the turbin.

    • American Citizen

      anus rash
      dude use deodrant or take a shower i can smell u from here damn u smell like camel jizz n your grandma’s ancient pussy u shit hole fucker

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        american asshole

        what you smell is your mother’s ass, as she brings you a baloney sandwich because you’re too lazy to leave her basement….which you’ve turned into a glory hole.

        • American Citizen

          actually my mom ditched me when i was 1 abdullah the drag queen if u didn’t here the shit i been sayin bout my life i hav no mom i’m abused only family i have is my crew n the gangs n only thing keepin me not to kill myself is aleyda my beautiful girlfriend my mom livs in wyoming i liv in china so u just screwed urself sayin that n only thing my mom smells like is cigar smoke cus she smokes alot but u can say shit bout me my crew family n friends but u drew the line bitch i’m gonna get ur adress n send skyler 2 it to whoop n kill yr ass no 1 talks shit bout my mmom or my girl ur fuckin DEAD!

          • American Citizen

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          • Khalid

            “an FYI i suck dicks for a living to u dont wanna mess wid me you know u cant do shit bout me cause you know ima kick ur ass after I suck ur dick”

            Pleased die painfully from your case of tonsil AIDS, American Cocksucker.

          • American Citizen

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  • Jennings

    Actually, they blew the photoshop job on this. Her head looks like its been sewn on.

    • Word of wisdom

      You see, I have directed many acid spraying on infidel whores, and lapidation, and among my pedagogic skills, I know of sewing.
      I have cut and sewn many dead whores faces on live whores to teach them the love of allah and the fidelity to his rassul, and I can tell you, it never looked anything like this.
      So don’t spread bullshits here, kuffar.

      • fuckmusslims

        I will kill you, you goddamn white American chicken shit motherfucker.

      • fuckmusslims

        I will kill you, you white American chicken shit motherfucker go to hell.

        • American Citizen

          hey get me in on this killin action can u send a military copter to shenzhen, china for me with a 12 guage i wanna blow up some mofo’s tonight!

  • mayhem

    terrible photo shop job by a fuckin sand google

    • Black Knight

      These dumb Arab niggas dont no fuck about computers. They still live in tents in the desert and ride camels to work.

      When black people like Mohammed and Saladin died off, the Middle East turned to shit. Black people were responsible for Muslim civilization. When we left to come to America and become millionaires with swag, these stupid Muslims didnt no what to do. So they just sat there and jerked off to camels.

      • Hassan the Timid

        Shut the fuck up, you smelly,greasy, nappy headed, unemployable, baby-mama having, welfare receiving, food stamp scamming, MetroPCS using, grape drank, McDonalds eating, Obama cock sucking, porch monkeying, drive-bying, fat ugly bitch loving, gorilla face having, AIDS encrusted herpes cock, Allah dammed google. You abid have always been slaves and always will be, praise Allah, because you are lower than the dung of a camel.

      • Arcachnar

        @Black ass knight Wow. Everything in that post is amazingly ignorant. As I said before (a dozens of time), Muhammad and Saladin were NOT BLACK or were NOT even from AFRICA! Saladin was born in Tikrit and Muhammad in the Arabian city of Mecca in 570 CE.

        Blacks have NEVER been responsible for the Muslim civilization! They were just a bunch of slaves. The Arabs conquered Egypt (who already has been in the hands of the Persians, Romans, et al) plus the most parts of Europe and converted them to the Islamic Faith. Those who left behind are just a tiny fraction of the Arab population of the Middle East.

        Now, the Moors lived in what are now Spain and Portugal, and part of France. There is a lot of different Etymology of where the name of Moors came from. Not because they had dark skin.

        I could write an essay about all of this, but it is going to be a long post.

        • The west is the Best


          Are you sure Muhammad was born In mecca in 570 CE It reads in some books 572 CE In what is now called Iran and that his Mothers Father was half Black .

          • Arcachnar

            @The west Yes. I am sure. Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim was born in Mecca (Makkah Province) in 570 CE. That’s now Saudi Arabia. His mother was born in Mecca as well. Not one of his families is black.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: His father name was `Abd Allah ibn `Abd al-Muttalib and his mother was Aminah bint Wahb.

          • The west is the Best


            And his Grandfathers name was alihi Al-Abdullah Morralah. And he was Half black His mother was Hemialah Siailla Alalahi she was full black.

          • Arcachnar

            @The West Huh? What! I am not sure what you are doing, (or why) but these are certainly NOT their names and they were NOT BLACK.

            His grandfathers’ name was Shaiba ibn Hashim (‘Abd al-Muttalib). The mothers’ name was Salma bint `Amr.

            Go and read the Qur’an or ask an imam.

            PS: Hemialah is not even a real name. Ali al-Abdallah? A Syrian writer and human rights activist.

          • The west is the Best


            The name Hemialah is a very old Syrian name used many hunderds of years ago It means One who heals This name was changed to Humadada around 680 CE and then to Hemi by Chrysler in the year 1966.

          • Arcachnar

            @The west Sorry, but you must be seriously misinformed. Who ever told you that?This name Hemialah and Humadada does not exist at all.

            The Hemi called for its hemispherical combustion chamber.

          • The west is the Best


            I know this I have been putting word play into all those posts I have done I know those people are not real nor are any of the people I have posted Iam just fooling around Like Humadada(who my daddy) Is what a negro kid would ask his mother

          • Arcachnar

            @The west Okay. How’s things anyway?

          • The west is the Best

            I am sorry brother arcachanar

            Today I will tell you a secret…I have a man crush on you..and I really want you to fuck me

            I am serious..not joking..give me your email or note down mine so we can do the cyber nasty :)

          • fuckmusslims

            @West is the Best, Why are you fuckin with Arcachnar notice he’s the only true Muslim on here and he’s not a terrorist and really does live in the Middle East but why man I would rather have you fuck with Abdullah the Butcher then him.

          • The west is the Best


            Jealous much??

          • The West is the Best


            The Imposter strikes again This low life idiot is brain dead from drug use he has very few brain cells left and can not think of a name to use so he uses others to make false posts.

            Iam fine other than finding this imposter posting with my name again I bet it’s Abdildo,Hashim or Abdul the ugly.

          • The West is the Best

            @ the imposter West

            Think of your own nane moron I bet you get great joy in using others names I bet you sit in your mamas basement jerking your little dick as you do this.

            If your not one of these homo muslims doing this you must be a fat pimple faced 15 y/o punk with no friends besides your right hand and the butt plug you sit on as you use your computer so get a life and stop using others names and show that your not the moron you act as.

          • Arcachnar

            @The West Agree. Just noticed it. I was definely surprised with this sudden turn. I really wish I could do something against this sort of actions.

            It is good to hear that you are fine.

          • The West is the Best

            I think they are on to us…they might have figured out about our love story.

            You know how much I love you and cannot stay without you..and in case they ban homosexuals we will still have out webcam sessions on yahoo :)

            So what is your email? should I give mine?

      • f.u. from ga.

        Dude atleast what the muslim said was funny

  • mayhem

    sorry pal, ….swag means your gay

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    It looks like.that wetback is floating on the Rio Grande on her way to visit her family in Mexico. To bad our sub-saharen apostate president wont let ICE keep those beanners in Mexico. She’ll probably visit her grandma at the donkey show and get fucked by one of them for old times sake.

  • zack

    she is hot

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    If you look closely…..or even casually……and DON’T get a hard-on… are a homoqueer….

  • The west is the Best

    First time that stinking pussy and ass have seen water in weeks now the pool water i going to smell like her foul pussy.

  • Cracker White

    Something looks wrong with her gash. Seriously, it looks like Homer Simpsons mouth. What the fuck.

  • Jennings

    You’re right. This is one of the worst photoshop jobs durka has ever put up. My God, it’s fucking horrible.

  • Anubis

    After the beaner Selena Homez has been floating around in there, the pool should now be condemned as a toxic waste dump. Forget about draining it and putting in fresh water, for no amount of sanitizing or tons of chlorine can ever cleanse the foul stench of a Mexican sewer.

    I suggest just covering it over with dirt and pave over it.

  • jimbo

    She’s odd looking. I’d rather fuck my hand.

  • pinku

    no its real all the fukers
    look at the mole mark on the left boob
    nd go nd match it wid love u like a love songs video

  • ali mawla


  • Guy Who Yells, “En fuego!”

    Now THAT is a wetback!

  • The west is the Best

    This Abdul Ass Rash is the most ugly mofo muslim on this site His huge ugly head should be removed from this site he is also a jew spy acting as a muslim He works the holes at Abdildos super glory hole in Tikrit and some of the smaller ones thru out the middle east to get info for the jews he needs to be delt with by you muslims before he runs back to the jews he works for .And they invade your glory holes and turn them into bagel shops

  • Eddie

    Doesn’t look right.

  • nate

    um i dought salena has some ugly as hair down there not to mention the pussy has been beatin on and already deforming like all them western girls u muslims rape (ur wives) fuck u!!

  • darian

    damn selena gomez is hot

  • billy with a foot long willy

    i just caught my 12 year old brother wanking to this

  • There are no real muslims on this site

    The people on this site Abdullah,hashim,Wisdom,Abdul and the others are not muslims a true muslim does not act or say the things these idiots do Like using homosexual acts to put down others speaking of glory holes and anal sex all the time and swearing and using threats of death and suffering towards other people a true muslim would not do this.

    I would dare to sat that the people I named above is one person posting as all of them which would lead me to that he or she has no life and is around 15 y/o with no friends.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      real queer infidel

      I dare say your crybaby post demonstrates you to be a pussy and a faggot.

      Also, your pathetic attempt at an insult has failed, much like your attempt at being a man.

      Us “Real Muslims” don’t stand around all day thinking about clouds or why popcorn pops. We think about our enemies and how to kill them. When a fag like you claims to know what a real muslim thinks…I want to take an axe and split your body in half.

      So, go back to your gay boyfriend and tell him to suck your little weenie because when Islam tahes over, we’ll be looking for you…and a Jihadist will have an axe.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • There are no real muslims on this site

        Abdullah the false muslim

        I dare say you just proved that everything I posted about you fake muslims is true Homosexual acts,causing harm to others This only goes to prove you are not a muslim but you are a headcase and an idiot.

        But I will give you credit by admiting you are gay in your last post thats a start but the peverted sex with animals is sick.

  • Abduliah The Butcher

    I must admit I am a homosexual I do own many glory holes I also do donkey shows where the donkey and I take turns fucking each other up the ass I have the crabs which i got from Abdul I also have a pet monkey who lie me to lick his balls while he jerks me off.

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    • The west is the Best

      Abdildo the shit eater

      About time you came out you queer bastard next time your monkey jerks your dick I hope he pulls the little thing off and rips off your nut sack you sick muslim homo.

      • Arcachnar

        @The west Sorry, but that was not the real Abdullah. The avatar is missing and everything else is total different.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy anus

          You might be the dumbest mofo to ever post on this KKK site.

          Klan psychologists suspect that your semen intake is to blame for your complete and utter stupidity.

          The good news for you………you can’t get any dumber.

          Suck cock homo


          • Arcachnar

            @Pete Awww. Look who’s craving for attention again. Dumb ass. The only one who is incredibly dumb is YOU. Not once you have contribute anything useful on every thread. Just retarded Homosexual tinted ‘insults’ and other dribble.

            When will ever realize that this is NOT a KKK site and NEVER was. Just as your ‘plantation’ and everything else! Just delusional bullshit.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy ass

          Fuck you’re dumb. What the fuck is there to contribute? Have you read the articles? This isn’t The Washington Post or the New York Times you moron. Its a fucking KKK gossip site!

          You come here, have the same exact conversation about which filthy middle eastern country contributed what and when, and the result is always the exact same.

          How often do you care to repeat yourself? At what point is enough enough?

          Jesus Christ you have no more common sense than a retarded google new born.

          Just go suck cock and get the fuck out of here.


          • A

            Grand Dragon Pete

            Its hard to reply to you without abusing you so I will make it quick

            Its no use making that moron understand…he is a “Paki” and 95 % percent of them are birdbrained

            It is you who waste your time arguing..ever tried reasoning with an ape?

          • Arcachnar

            @Pete fucking imbecile. This is not a KKK site and you’re a KKK member or their leader neither. When will you get this through your thick skull and minuscule brains? Never I presume.

            Exact the same conversation? Dimwit. Someone kept on distorting the true facts about history and religion over and over again. And I corrected him as it should be. But, what do you know about these topics? You’re but an uneducated and ignorant trailer trash.

            Repeat? Have you even read your own posts? Just repeating the same old and pathetically homosexual insults and other delusional bullshit.

            Common sense? YOU? Haha. Not even close.

          • Arcachnar

            @A Oh man. I could say the same thing about the Americans. Paki? What do you know about the Middle East and its people?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

          Brother Arcachnar,

          Please notice that the motherfucker’s ID is Abduliah. Not even a proper impersonator he is.

          • Arcachnar

            @Hashim Yes. I have noticed that. It’s truly pathetic, that he even couldn’t spell the name right.

          • The west is the Best

            Hashim the destroyer of goats assholes

            Yes the fool imposter who is doing this to most of the people posting here and yes he is an idiot but he should have posted as Abdildo the shit eater then he would have it right.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            west is gayest

            you’re the expert on shit eating.

            Your first halloween costume consisted of your daddy giving you a dirty sanchez. He said you were going out “trick or treating” as “the gay caballero”…..and you’ve been a butt-munching faggot ever since.

            eat shit and die mofo

        • The west is the Best

          Yes this true but on the other hand the post by no real muslims maybe true.Would a real Muslim use swears and talk about homosexual acts to put down another or threats of death toward another?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Abduliah the asshole

      I agree with all your comments…and you are a degenerate homoqueer.

      I hope you and your faggot gang all die from super clap and ass AIDS.

      • Khalid


        And I know that He does…

  • ladyboy amadinejad

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    my boy Abdulla you suck a mean cock and balls

  • Jamal

    Amazing how her hair is dry even though she’s in the pool almost Allah like

  • miley fucks goats

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  • Bob

    this is totally F-A-K-E!

  • abdullah the fag

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  • f.u. from ga.

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  • indian firework

    This is totally fake pic. Reality is-pictures are edited and nasty comments are posted about celebs. This site is run by perverts

  • hellstorm

    Huh you guys just like photoshop don’t you? Do the makers of this website such no lives you got to sit here all day using photoshop and make her look bad and act like you don’t give a shit?!? Well looks like you do cause your always taking about her. Fuck you guys and long live America

    • DAYDAY

      Thank u I know right thats what i’m talkn about shit




    Thank u I know right thats what i’m talkn about shit

  • K.H.M.

    Some people just can’t can’t shut up and enjoy the photos and videos posted…keep on arguing…this photos/videos are fake…Photoshop…who cares…in the first place…why this people are here at this site…there is one comment…saying all white women likes black dick…not all…silly Niger…I’m a Asian…so smaller dick I presume…smaller dick for a smaller hole…bigger dick for a bigger hole…a women use her finger to masturbate…so a Asian cock should be big enough already…mostly hard like a iron rod not like many of the western cock…celebrity suck their cock also cannot sustain a erection…that’s why there’s Viagra…comments on Kim Kardashian vagina…the best so far…like a muffin.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Anon


  • JustAnAveragePerson

    Fake, Lies, Shit, First time coming to this website, and I can already smell the autism from the comments

  • Djizzle Moon

    Rofflmao I know it’s satire but that’s a sexy pose. XD