Selena Gomez Miami Bikini Pics

Selena Gomez bikini

Selena Gomez has gone to Miami to prostitute her body in the bikini pictures below.

Like the salmon of Capistrano, Mexicans like Selena Gomez instinctively flock to South Florida to do blow and show off their sinful nearly nude bodies in skimpy bikinis.

Yes South Florida is a cesspool infested with Mexican whores like Selena Gomez, as well as bloodsucking mosquitoes and Jews. When Islam conquers America we will have to burn and salt the earth before Florida will be habitable for us pious Muslims.


Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez





  • Abdullah

    How did Selena ever manage to get away from headlining the donkey shows in Tiajuana to find the time to jump on a boat in Miami?

    I guess even she has to give her legendary, wide-open gash a rest. It is reasonable to assume she probably doesn’t even notice the donkeys massive plumbing anymore.

    Her lady gash is probably similar in size by now to Moshe the Tranny’s or Angel of Douche-Bags asses, who’ve no doubt been hammered so many times in the back door that they’ve each been mistaken for the Holland Tunnel.

    • Imam Khalid


      Entering her stinky, taco wound would be like flinging a burrito down a very large, very wide hallway. Yet more proof that Justine Biever is a beard for her.

      She hungers for he donkey dong. Just like Team Ameriqueer, Big Gay Pete and the Firsties Fags.

      • FIRSTIES


        I like burritos and tortillas too. But my mommy told me not to drink Corona because it’s too strong for a youngster like me.

        • FIRSTIES

          But I drink all the jizz I can because mommy drinks it too and I want to be like mommy!

      • Abdullah

        Brother Khalid

        I can only but agree with your assessment.

        I remain hopeful that the Sharia Council (and Mr. Durka) can find an adequate solution to rid this holy site of the horrifying and indecent influx of faggotry and other degenerate pond scum we peaceful, virile, and pious muslims now have to endure.

        They do provide some entertainment value, but I’m thinking it becomes distracting from the business and overall mission of jihad.

        Allah Akbar!

  • aghmed

    Looks like the mosquitoes already bit this infidel in the chest.

  • El Comandante

    Selena Gomez is the reason I voted for President Obama. We need to pass immigration reform so this hottie can get a Green Card and stay north of the Rio Bravo


      I wrote a letter to President Obama suggesting him to change the name of his plane to Air Force Firsties.

      I received no answer yet but lately I’ve been seeing some strange men with dark suits and sun glasses around my premises.

      They don’t wear beards so I think they are regular people not Muslims.

      • Imam Khalid

        He is probably going to use the IRS to persecute you for being a fag.

        You probably tried to write off your knee-pads, ass lube and anal reconstruction surgery on your annual taxes, you dumb homoqueer.

        Mullah Eric Holder will use his legal powers to track you down so the FBI can shove a “pressure cooker bomb” up your cavernous asshole.

        Rest in pieces, you sick freak.

        ALLAHU AKBAR!!

        • FIRSTIES

          Herr Khalid: why are you always so angry? Do you have something sharp shoved up your ass on a permanent basis?

          • Imam Khalid

            My anger is righteous and my wrath is holy against all of the faggots and sinning kuffr infesting this sacred Islamic website, mofo.

            Fuck you.

            ALLAHU AKABAR!!!

          • dryjdtujfyujkfyuk


            I Second that. This asshole Khalid does not have the ability to distinguish between satire, snark and insufferable hostility

            Typical Skinhead , Neo- Nazi behaviour.

      • Imam Abad

        Brother Khalid

        My resources will be hard at work to find this Firstie-Fag and make sure he is first for a burning at the stake. Yes we must resort to desperate measures, but the fire is the only way to cleanse the air of his evil homo nature.

        Death to Fag-Moshe and Gay Pete!!!

  • Umar the Brown

    Mexicans. They have already given up to us Muslims. We will plant explosives to just separate the Mexican country and all of SOuth American from the US once we take over. We have enough idiots to deal with here and do not need more border monkeys trying to paint our shrines and minarets.

    • Abdullah

      Brother Umar

      If we trash ALL the Mexicans, who is going to scrub the downstairs of the outhouses, and perform the work that the untouchables perform for us in the middle east? Surely it isn’t practical to import untouchables from India, when we have a ready supply so nearby?

  • Secondies


  • Me

    I would fuck her in the butt!

  • Ali Buster Hymen


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The only time I want to see a filthy wetback in the water is if they are getting drowned.

    Otherwise to hell with them.


      Abdullah, if your so smart then why didn’t Selena show her butthole?


      • FIRSTIES

        Fake Firsties: stop impersonating me. I post dumb comments but not that dumb.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        first in fagness

        slutty selena keeps her asshole plugged with a corn cob after she dropped by the Mosque last month and got down and dirty with us Muslims. We did her “camel style” and it left her loose and leaky.

        also, eat shit and die mofo

  • jeremiaha

    she is one hot hoe

  • TaLIbaNUX

    The photos shows she has new girlfriend. Is need to find her name to merit her respective fatwa.