Selena Gomez Lesbo Birthday Celebration With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez birthday

Selena Gomez celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday by having a lesbodyke fest with Taylor Swift and some of her other lesboqueer friends.

Taylor Swift posted the picture above from the festivities, showing her and Selena posing with the pagan lesbo sex goddess Ariel, who’s mermaid body symbolizes the typical lesbians’ extremely fishy smelling vagina.

If that wasn’t bad enough, instead of a birthday cake Selena Gomez served her cunt-crazed guests a plate of (I kid you not) TACOS!

Selena Gomez tacos

The foregoing of birthday cake for tacos is not only grounds to deport Selena Gomez back to Mexican, but is so ripe with lesbian symbolism that Ellen Degeneres herself called Selena’s party “really freaking gay“.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Tacos are not halal. Only depraved sluts like those dare to eat this kind of food.

    • Beastly man

      Of-course you fags hate tacos. You will never eat a woman’s taco because you only like beef stew!

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Shut up homo! In the previous thread you said you’re vegan.
        Go shove your cucumber up your ass and leave us alone.

        • Beastly man

          I stick my cucumber in your mother, sister and wife pussy all day!

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    • Word of wisdom

      Absolutely, brother Hashim !
      According to the Islamabad Institute of Social Sciences in infidel societies, initially, tacos were a special food for witches’ shabbat. The shape was designed to carry as much djinn semence in any orifice in just one serving.
      Soon, european females turned mad. They started reading, driving carts, answering to their owners…

      That’s why the sane part of Europe left to cross the ocean and landed in Massachusetts. They were some kind of decent simili-muslim who taught their women to be silent, plow fields, dig wells and wear slightly imperfect black burqahs. And they knew how to deal with savages. Even though these courageous near-muslim chaps tried to fight witchcraft in the new world with some nearly halal methodes, they succumbed : the taco had been carried over across the ocean by witches hidden among the immigrants.

      The worst was yet to come : soon after, some local coca leaves-munching apes ran into and fed over some taco leftovers from some unspeakable shabbat. Infested with djinns and witches’ porn slime, they acquired a kind of half simian-half devilish language of their own, the knowledge swimming, and lost the fear of fire. Somehow, it was just enough to flee south of rio grande, to understand reproduce the malefic taco recipe, and flood the continent with tacos to this day

      This gomez slut is by bloodline the descendant of one of the first aztlan simian witches.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        As a beaner she must be a disgusting bitch.

        Only the shemales Team Asshole and the late Loose Caboose Moshe are more depraved than mexican whores.

      • Nobody

        A literary masterpiece. A ham sandwich for you sir.

  • her fuck buddy

    ill still fuck her

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    selena gets more “wetback” by the day. soon nobody will be able to tell her from the Frito Bandito.

  • lano

    I will punish them with my growing saucy halal meat.

    • bork

      No need to use your flask penis. They have been punished by me. I can said to you they love non halal meat.



  • xvcvzx

    nice i guess

  • The Reaper

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