Selena Gomez Is About To Be Deported Again

Selena Gomez deported

After being arrested and then deported by Arizona law enforcement back in April Selena Gomez immediately snuck back across the border to continue taking away acting jobs from fame hungry American girls. However, it appears as though Selena Gomez’s luck is about to run out, and she will be shipped back to Mexico any day now.

In an interview with the largest housekeepers trade rag called “Latina Magazine”, Selena reveals that INS is closing in on her position and she’ll probably be deported soon saying,

“I really need to learn my language. I practice [Spanish], but I can understand it better than I can speak it.”

Notice how Selena Gomez proudly boasts that she is a filthy illegal by referring to Spanish as “my language”. Also notice how she says she “really needs” to learn Spanish. Why would Selena Gomez “need” to learn Spanish if she was staying in the United States?

The only reasons for someone to need to learn to speak Spanish is if they are starting a lawn care company, want to sell oranges by the freeway, or are being deported to Mexico. Last time I checked Selena Gomez was too uppity a Mexican to do manual labor, so she must be getting deported.

I for one say good riddance to Selena Gomez. Illegal immigrants like her come to this country and take away tax dollars from those who need it like myself. My assisted living care center only costs the people of California a measly $172,000 a year to care for me, and yet the state is talking about cut backs.

I fear if illegals like Selena Gomez keep siphoning tax dollars I might lose my weekly massage therapy, and I’ll be damned if I am going to sit idly by and be treated like an animal (an animal with tense muscles that is) because lazy Mexicans like Selena Gomez want to work cushy American jobs.

  • Fat Housewife

    What nerve! That tax money those illegals take in is probably the reason I stopped recieving unneeded but always welcome welfare payments five years ago when my youngest turned five. Of course with all those illegals here in USA draining our welfare, I’ll bet nobody in Mexico is taking their welfare, and it’s probably wide open for me to tap into… say hola to Grosso Housewifo

  • Kee

    This is a big fate lie! How could you write such trash?! Selena is a good person! She was never arrested and she was never deported! You are just a cold-blooded, selfish air-head who gets pleasure out of making up lies about good celebrities! It’s people like you who should be arrested! Selena is a good person and always will be!

    • twilightfreak00

      Amen sister!!! This trash is awful for our society! Dumb asses read this and automatically believe it! If Selena Gomez was an illegal alien and got deported back to Mexico, don’t you think Disney would have fired her by now?! Come on now people!! Use the brains God gave you!!!!! Don’t believe this asshole!!!!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        How can you make crazy rants about people not using their brains, when it is clear that you do not use your brain?

        I’ll tell you why you make such statements. You are high on drugs and alcohol and cannot think properly.
        It is a known fact that all fans of that vampire hog wash called twilight are either teen homoqueer fags or mentally retarded girls who have made themselves insane from too much masturbation. In both cases…drugs and alcohol are consumed in great amounts to blunt the reality of their miserable existence.

        Don’t worry twilightlovers….when the Caliphate rules….we will stone you all!

        • Dragon Armada

          OK first off. You are very ignorant. There is no way Disney is going to make contracts with and illegal and since you “use” your brain so much, you would know she has a contract with her. So shut up kid,this article is a bunch of bull. I mean really,Theres no way Disney would risk there jobs over one person I mean seriously use that thing YOU call a brain and figure this stuff out on your own.

    • Lividforgoodreasons

      Dear “Kee,”

      You are an idiot. I’m assuming you can use a mouse and a, “qwerty,” keyboard… (unfortunate for the rest of us that can read,) you should look up a word, “Sarcasm.” You may have missed it on your word-of-the-day paper calandar but low-and-behold it exists… maybe not in your world but it exists. If you can’t find the intention of anything I suggest you stop reading/watching the news and go back to cartoons and caprisun. That is all.


  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    I also heard she was thinking about joining Los Zetas or La Eme

    • Dead Ed®

      Ali bin-Fuqrab,

      What’s the difference between a Muslim and a Mexican?

      A Mexican has a better chance of getting back in the United States of America.

  • smith

    you guys are pathetic
    this is just really stupid
    get a life

  • maggie

    shut the fuck up u loser people like u should suck a D**k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      We are proper Islamic men and not hansy pansy American gays from your neighborhood San Francisco. We don’t do that sort of thing.

      • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

        Remember, brother, and remind them.

        There are no gay people in Iran.

        • Bob

          No you guys just fuck sheep and walk around holding other guys hands.

          • Anwar El-Ibrihim

            As-Salamu Alaykum brothers. Better a sheep in a burqa than one of the kuffar Jezebel whores of the West with no respect for Sharia. Your comments have earned you the fatwa. Allahu Akbar!!!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          My Muslim brothers speak the truth!

          Homoqueerness is an abomination to ALLAH and this vile practice is only known to occur in degenerate western countries.
          No Muslim man has ever done the dirty dead with another man and no Muslim ever will!

          I have a special message for the homo population of Californicationhomoland: When the Sharia comes to America…you had best be moving to Mexico.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Dragon Armada

            I don’t think you people can do much harm to us. No offence but if you look at our history we lost like one war. and that was against our selves.and truthfully to end this shit now. I’m sure someone in Iran is gay and did another guy. I mean seriously its a big world someone is going to do something retarded like that eventually. Seriously you seem really bright you should have figured that out on your own.

          • Dar al-Harb

            Amanda your education is a faliure, girls should not go to school anyways, but you know nothing of history! America has never won any wars! They teach us the truth about America in our madrassas! You learn only lies!

  • Erick

    Seriously get a life and stop writing stupidities.. what do you get out of this? “nothing” just makes you look like a psycho b*tch who doesn’t have anything better to do. i wish i knew your name so i can trash talk bout you on other websites.. you prolly some ugly ass loser who doesn’t have a life.

    • Bob

      His name is Durka Durka.

  • Dar al-Harb

    I do hate wetbacks, but it was MS 13 that helped me get arcoss the border and get some firepower for kiling American kuffars and they like killing people too, so I will kill them last. TALIBAN POR VIDA HOMIE!!!!

    • die arab die

      toy’re insane and I know who you are & what you did….Big Brother IS watching… are number three on the next list….MUHAHAHAhahahahaha…..towelheads R all camel fuc*ers too..

  • URfunny

    to whoever writes this thing….great sense of humor….sorry to hear U might lose that massage :-) Selena could use the extra cash to help support the 386 illeagles who live with her

    • NotFunny

      Stop making fun of her you sickos!! Selena is such a great person, with her busy schedule she still makes time to take care of 386 sick eagles.



    • Fat Housewife

      Wow, you type
      did before he died. Just try not to talk TOO LOUDLY or your brain might explode like his did.

  • theheadchimp

    Tell me now……… this world full of nitwits.

  • que pasa

    She is not being deported she is learning Spanish because she wants to visit Spain that is where she is from you r all really stupid.

    • Grand Kleagle Otis

      Selena is just another Mexican google slut foisted off on the American public by the Jew run Disney corporation.

  • Erick

    6 people dislike my message hahahah..
    i guess ya cant handle the truth…

    ya bash on people and tell lies bec it makes you feel good…. but in reality makes ya look like a dumb assess ya need to go suck a big fat one.

    • Selena G

      Thank u Erick <3

    • Dragon Armada

      I agree with you Erick.

  • Zack Rodgers

    This is so fucking retarded.

    • Zack Rodger’s Mom

      What are you doing browsing the internet, go take out the trash!

  • smith

    it seems that paople dont have anything better to do
    shes just a teen
    stop hating

  • Selena G

    This is all not true. STOP making up these lies

    • dickspitz

      At last, Selena, you can go to work in a sleazy Tijuana whorehouse and put your big, brown Mexican shithole to its proper use.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I used to support Selena Gomez until she started acting like a whore.
    Over the past few months she has fallen into the usual pit of Hollywood corrupt morality. She dresses like a prostitute, walks around uncovered in public, has been seen with the homoqueer Jonas brothers, and worst of all…she is the lesboqueer lover of that raging dyke….Demi Lovato.

    I say good riddance to this Mexican skank. Let her go back to that mud hole of a country and see how hard it is to be the popular whore…..when every woman is a drunken prostitute.
    HA—she will be just like every other vile Mexican and will not be special in any way.
    Selena had it good in America….now let her rot in Mexico….eating tacos and picking fleas from her crotch.
    However….Selena can still convert to Islam, wear the burka, and move to Iraq and join my hareem.
    The choice is hers.


    • Erick

      how can you judge someone you dont know? freaking retard… most tabloids tell lies and spread rumors that are not true.. get your info right and then talk.. in the mean time dont judge and say stupid crap…instead of bashin on her and go pray to allah or go f**k a goat since ya like doing that haha

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        I am sorry that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from whatever drugs you are addicted to. I must, however, correct your aspertions which you have wrongly cast.

        First, as a righteous Muslim I do not lie or spread rumors which would harm another Muslim. As for the wicked infidels, it is their own fault when reports of their sick degenerate behavior surfaces. I cannot be blamed for Selena being an illegal alien hell bent on corrupting the kuffar youth of this perverse USA.

        I urge you to practice restraint before insulting the Muslim again. It will not be long before your U.S. constitution is replaced by Islamic law…..and when that happens it will be a bad day for all smart mouthed kuffars.

        You had best reform now….while you can. Stop abusing drugs and alcohol and convert to Islam.


  • Erick

    like they say Don’t argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. so i am not going to argue with an idiot but i believe i am right when i say you shouldn’t talk crap about people you dont know. Get your head check and stop hatin

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Cowardly infidel pussy!
      You know you can only make such statements while hiding behind your computer in your kuffar mom’s basement.
      I, my Islamic brother Dar al Harb, and the other warriors of Allah have plans for low-life Americans like yourself.
      Enjoy your temporary boldness… the near future you will pay for your disrespect.

      • Erick

        hahaha you piece of shit.. dont make assumptions you dont know!!! is worthless talking to an asshole like you. you can say whatever you wanna say but i still dont give a fuck… go pray to allah or whoever you pray to instead of coming here and hating on people you dont know. ill buy you a goat if you want.. ((i know you prolly can afford one..()))so you can fuck around…instead of bothering and saying nonsense crap.) i am done talking to you…you are worthless to me get yourself a life and get your head check asshole.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Filthy Kuffar!

          I can tell from your crazy irrational tone that you are high on drugs. Like all Americans, you too are addicted to Zionist crazy pills. I pity you kuffar…. because we in the Muslim world are aware of the rampant drug use among the infidel homosexual community. I can also sense that you are unhappy with your miserable existence.
          I am sorry but all I can offer is death.
          Allah will not accept the conversion of a homoqueer and the Sharia demands that you be stoned upon sight.
          I will promise you this….when America falls to Islam….I will personally stone as many infidels as I possibly can and then set fire to what is left of their bodies after the stoning.

          This is not as good a deal as it sounds. After we kill the infidels, Satan then gets to torment their souls forever.
          However, it’s a good deal for Muslims, because we rid the Earth of degenerates.

          I hope to meet you soon infidel. Me and my stones are waiting.

          ALLAH is Supreme!

          • Erick

            you are one crazy ass motherfucker get your head check bec you dont make sense get a life loser.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            You are the crazy one!

            Stop insulting Muslims and improve your morals.
            It is quite clear that you are a degenerate meth head.
            Go to rehab and get your life in order. Perhaps then you will have more tolerance for others.

    • Dar al-Harb

      In the name of Allah, we’re pursuing the path of jihad until we uproot you, exterminate your state until the rule of the Americans vanishes. We follow the steps of the Prophet (Muhammad)… Allah is our Lord; you have none!

      • Dragon Armada

        like I stated once before good luck. When you guys grow the balls to come to america. Actually I bet you wont even reach our land. You’ll all die on the water or in the air. We only lost one war. I’m sure we can deal with a under funded piece of shit like you and your people. So get a life go fuck a sheep suck your brothers dick and get a life. Peace.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Dragon Armada

          Go and play your silly nintendo games teenage kuffar homoqueer.
          You are not worth educating…..I would rather you experience the blade of a Righteous Jihadist.
          It will happen sooner than you think and there are millions of us already here.

  • Nick

    What a lie this writer is! Selena was born in New York city, hence, she a legal citizen in the U.S. Also, Selena was never deported. She’s a good person. This person is clearly clueless and just trying to ruin Selena’s good name. What a idiot.

  • cecy

    Stupid asshole get a fu*#%n life u idiot!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What kind of weirdo kuffar name is that? I’ll tell you, because I looked up its meaning. It means, “one who sucks ass and balls for a living.”

      You want to come off as an infidel bad ass…but you wont even spell your expletive.
      I will enjoy stoning you….because you will cry like a little baby just before the rocks fly


    • Dar al-Harb

      Allah is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations. We do have a life and an eternal life in paradise! What have you got? Nothing!

  • blah blah

    Selena gomez has NEVER been arrested so this is just a rumour!!!!
    stop telling lies about her!
    she is a wonderful person

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Dumb kuffar!

      Can you not read the freakin article?
      This Mexican Jezebel has made a fortune by working at Disney during the day and picking fruit at night with her illegal wet back relatives. It is time her ass was sent back to Mex-eeee-co.
      Do not again try to distort the truth. The next offense will earn you a fatwa.

  • Proud Mexican

    Fuck off racist basterd motherfuckers!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Proud Mexican

      Ha…what a laugh.
      What have you got to be proud of?
      Your people are a mongrel race—the product of four different kinds of infidels (Spanish, French, Indian, and gigaboo) who screwed each other and produced a bunch of squatty, fat, fruit pickers and taco cooks.
      This is not being racist…it is being factual.

      • Dar al-Harb

        So true!

  • Mexican american

    Racism will lead you to hell

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You are the one headed for hell Mexican American.

      In Islam we are required to be disgusted by inferior mongrel races and heathen cultures.
      We cannot spoil our pure Muslim seed by interacting with vile kuffars… quit crying about being inferior.

      What you really need to worry about is what kind of slave you’ll be made into when the World Caliphate is instituted.
      If you end up in my tribe you’ll be in charge of brushing my camels and polishing my vintage VW Beetle collection….among other and more humiliating things.
      I look forward to whipping you daily.

  • Really Fucktards??

    I just wanted to point out that alot of you really suck at spelling….. wait let me write this so you will understand. I jess wanna pont out tat allott off u rlly soock at speling!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Their inability to spell is due to a learning disability, caused by their prostitute mother’s drug and alcohol abuse, when she was pregnant by their unknown father.

  • American pig

    Fuck Allah, fuck Islam, and fuck you all.

    • Dar al-Harb

      At least you have your name right. As for your comment, you will come to regret this kuffar! In the name of Allah the Avenger, I swear on the holy book to perform my sacred duty as a soldier of Islam in this jihad to restore to this world the light of divine Sharia. You will be dealt with when the time comes!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        I will assist in the killing of this douche-kuffar!

  • American pig

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      American pig

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  • American pig

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    By the way I could careless how I construct my comments on this piece of shit muslim website.

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    American Pig

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      American pig

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  • American pig

    Well then, I guess you and I are the same. You talk about the hating the blacks and mexicans I talk about hating muslim, there for we’re on the same level you ignorant fuck.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      American pig

      How ridiculous to say we are the same. I am a true believer….an actual human….favored by Allah, the creator of the universe.
      You on the other hand are a perverted creature fit only to be a slave for the Muslims.

      I will say one thing in your favor….you have a fine hatred for the worthless kuffars you call “blacks and Mexicans.” In Islam we call them “Jungle Beasts and Taco Pushers.”

      I believe that if you converted to Islam….you would learn to expand your hatred of the infidels to include all the different degenerate infidel nationalities you currently lack hatred for. Plus you would become an actual human….one fit to make slaves of the Jungle Beasts.

      Think about it….but we will have to change your name….for in Islam the pig is not a revered animal. You could call yourself something like….”American Infidel Hater” or “American Who Upgraded to Muslim.”

    • Dar al-Harb

      Infidel know this, You do not even have the same human blood as a Muslim. The blood of you kuffars is made from the urine and feces that you westerners eat! You are soooo dumb!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Dar al-Harb speaks the truth!
        The blood of Muslims is pure!

        Death To Infidels

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Selena Gonez really got arrested for crossing the boarder. She finally got arrested for doing something illegal. I hate her as much as Miley H*e Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Justun Bieber, Taylor Swift. Keep on making fun of them. But stop making fun of the Jonas Brothers. Selena is a bad roll model. Her fans should realize that she is. She must die.

    • Selena’s fan

      selena gomez is not an ‘illegal’. And check your spellings, because i fear that the grammar police are near. Why should people make fun of Selena, but not the JoBro’s? I have nothing against them but you are certainly giving them a bad name. And no, selena should not die. what would you do, if selena gomez read this, and tracked you down. god hope that they dont, but you sure deserve it. bitch.

  • Leslie Cerna

    I kind of think Selena Gomez is hawt!

    • miley cyrus is a camel


  • Vlykarye

    Lol. Guys. This site is mean to make fake funny reports about celebrities. It’s like celebrity burn, cept the facts are all wrong.

    I think this article went a little far though…

  • Mohammed

    You guys are stupid! This is why people think all Muslims are retarded terrorist!!!!

    • Ali

      Yes I agree it’s idiots like these who ruin everything!!!!