Selena Gomez Insensitively Mocks Islam On 9/11 Video

Selena Gomez gif

Selena Gomez showed an unbelievable level on insensitivity yesterday by openly mocking Muslims on our holy holiday of 9/11.

As you can see in the video above Selena Gomez took to the stage dressed as some sort of glittery Arabian whore, and proceeded to seductively wiggle her hips signaling her willingness to breed for money.

How dare Selena Gomez mock Muslims by portraying our women as sparkling whores! This outrage will not stand! In response I am personally going to go out and hate f*ck every Mexican prostitute I can get my hands on, and I suggest all other pious Muslim men do the same. It is the only way Selena Gomez will learn that Islam is not to be messed with!


    All your ‘women’ are whores.

    • I slam Islam

      yes people, the only way to fight islam is to fuck all their women!!!!

  • sympatico

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  • nolanbautista

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  • SandNiggaKilla

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    • Okay then

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  • Anubis

    What is even more disturbing, is that some beaner lesboqueer skank from the audience got up and was so turned on by Selena Homez’s gyrating ass that she began to mimic the weback’s every seductive move from behind her.

    Selena is such a horny lezzie bitch, that when she turns around and sees the other horny beaner slut behind her, she’ll no doubt jump her ass and have a wild scissoring rugmunching homo sexfest right there on the stage, and will be cheered on by her degenerate homoqueer fans watching them.

    • mahummed

      dont be mad just becuase you cannot land her.

      • Anubis

        Mahummed the butt inserter, don’t come on this holy site and try to defend slutty homos like yourself.

  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    What’s with the ‘joint-lock-hip’ dance she’s doing? Does she have lyme disease or something?

  • hace colas

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  • FukIslam

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  • SandNiggaKilla

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  • AmericansAreIgnorant


    You need to see the sarcasm in all these “muslims” on this website.
    None of it is real. It is a joke website put up by some people posing as muslims and writing stereotypical posts and comments. Meanwhile you stupid fucks read it and rage Muslims and call them terrorists, and they laugh at your ignorance. Go pick a book, talk to different cultures. Learn about the world you degenerates. Stop believing what the media feeds you.

    • theheadchimp

      You make an astute observation about Americans Inspector Clouseau.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Selena must be taking whore lessons from demi lovato.
    First, she “bedazzles” an otherwise fine hajib and then she “skank dances” with an obvious “half-nigger something” on stage.
    What’s next…..a donkey show?

    If mexico wasn’t so shitty, us Muslims would begin suicide bombing their economic centers (taco carts) and disrupting their transportation (donkey carts) and international trade (drugs for the great satan).
    The problem is….everybody knows how to sneak out of mexico but no one knows how to sneak into that hell-hole country.

    I guess Iran will just have to build a few extra nukes for us to use on the greasy wet-back insulters of Islam.


  • rikardo dahkeens

    muslims are moronic self deluded idiots, who think their fever dreams of gods and demons are real life, muslims are insane.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


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      It sounds like you’re having an AIDS induced fever dream right now.
      You had best hope you die before Islam takes over because you’ve fucked up big time by posting your shitty insults.

    • dontmatter

      Don’t make you ignorance present dude. Go research shit before you make yourself look like and idiot. Cz that’s what you doing! You stupid.

  • normal girl

    why must we all argue pop stars dress like sluts that is nothing new but it is not that artists fault it is the work of the media force feeding it to us from birth, please people do not fight over domething do detrimental.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      abnormal girl

      You dumbass mofo.
      Nobody forces a girl to dress like a whore….selena the slut dresses that way because she wants to advertise her goodies to the world and let everybody know that she is finally a woman (sort of).

      Also….I’ve never seen a wetback who had class…..including slutty selena….you can wrap them in money but they still fart in public and lick taco sauce from their fingers.

    • theheadchimp

      abnormal girl
      The media must have birthed these whores and raised them to be filthy pigs.

  • dontmatter

    You guys are a sorry excuse for muslims. Since when is hate and violence part of islam? You guys are dumb muslims really! Go read the book and understand it kanallah before you make other dumb muslims do dumb shit like bombing something you going to hell for that with 12 horny men instead.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • dontmatter

    And to all other musims stop making us sound fucking barbaric as if we like to kill. You giving all other people the wrong stereo type even if it was there already don’t make it worst. Show them true islam. None hate or violence.

  • theheadchimp

    You sound like a barbarian. You should be ashamed.

  • wha

    i wish the dancers with her had burka on lol that would totally kills the muslims

  • jesus

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    • Anubis

      Retardo, she’s a filthy lesboqueer skank wearing a blue towel on her head. The depraved whore skank along with that lezzy behind her should be immediately stoned for their depravity.

  • Larry

    I openly applaud anyone who insults the cowardace known as islam. In fact, the time of Ramaden is when I take the most shits. So keep on dancing Selena.