Selena Gomez Homemade Nude Photo Leaked

Selena Gomez nude

The above photo of what appears to be a naked Selena Gomez has just been leaked online.

Frankly I am shocked by this picture! Not because I didn’t think Selena Gomez was taking naked pictures of herself, but rather because I thought her Mexican vagina would be way more meaty.

One would assume that Selena Gomez’s baby box resembles a thick pastrami sandwich packed with extra mayo and a sprinkling of horseradish. That fact that it doesn’t and isn’t beaten to hell in this photo makes me question its authenticity.

  • NotGay

    Huh, I guess she dosen’t have a hot tamale between her legs…huh

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          • TrustWorthyAmerican

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          • Harold

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          • islamkiller

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          • Corn

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          • Irishman

            Wow ! I am amazed at the level of abuse people of religion throw at each other. Didn’t Christ preach love thy neighbour ? Don’t remember Mohammad ever saying treat anyone like a piece of shit.
            Fuck – glad I don’t believe any fairy tales. Seriously guys, get real. There is NO god of any religion. Just people. Let’s try not to kill each other over the picture (or fake) or a naked woman\girl.

          • Catholic pride

            Dude their is religeon the greeks and romans had an unknown god that is pur god the islams belive in the same god just under a different name they just dont think jesus was the son of god which he was. #catholic pride

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            Everyone in this thread sounds so fucking dumb — especially you assholes incoherently raging about Muslims with terrible grammar and spelling. I’m not even Muslim; I’m a scientist and don’t believe in any religion.

            … And I’m a motherfucking American. You racist, redneck, Bible-thumping dumbasses are embarrassing the western world.

            To all the Christians in here — all your threats towards Muslims must must be one of Jesus’ teachings, right? Actually no. It’s not, you fucking morons. I don’t even believe that shit and I know what the Bible says better than you.

            Oh, one last comment for all those Christians throwing around the phrase “sand google”. I hope you realize Jesus was of Arab genealogy as well. So were all ancient Jews, due to the intermixing of Israelite, Canaanite, Egyptian, and Palestinian tribes in the ancient Middle-East and Mediterranean areas.

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          • David

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          • laughing at you

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          • Speak my Mind

            Here’s what I think is the ground reality – there are around 10% people who are extemists, hate anything that is non islamic and support voilence. There is about the same amount of people who are broad minded, secular, have western idea of society and support non violence. Remaining 80% don’t care – just go with the tide and support whichever group they see is winning at any perticular time. For you haters here is small list of people hating and killing, that we STOMPED

            Osama Bin Laden
            Sa’id Ali Al-Shihri
            Baz Zadran
            Imad Mughniyah
            Mohammed Atef
            Fazul Abdullah Mohammed
            Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalam
            Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan
            Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali
            Abu Yahya al-Libi
            so all I can say is …..keep talking mother fuckers

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          • Real Muslim

            We muslims weren’t taught to talk like this. Omg I’m so ashamed. I apologize on behalf of all muslims around the world. But then again, I think it is common knowledge that no religion, I repeat, NO RELIGION, teaches hatred. So everyone, lets just be nice to each other.

          • m d

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          • the only one with a brain

            Muslim is a race. Islam is a religion. in fact it’s the religion that judiasm and christianity are based on. READ A FUCKIN BOOK BEFORE U FORM AN OPINION!!!!! U ARE ALL MISINFORMED RETARDS!!!!

          • muslimisNOTarace

            Islam is a religion (technically more of a cult – with the stated objective of world domination). Muslim is a follower of Islam. Following a cult does not change a person’s race. Muslim is NOT a race.

            If you had more than a 2nd grade education, you’d probably know that too. I guess spending your time lusting after camel ass was more important to you.

          • dude get your facts

            well judaism and christianity arent based on islam puke you idiot if you say so , christianity was formed by one of abrahams son and then islam another one of his sons (for islam it was actually the son god told him to sacrifice but the mountain goat came along , stupid goat )

          • TrustWorthyAmerican

            Actually Muslim is not a race its, what you call the people who have Islamic beliefs.

            BTW judaism and christianity are extremely different from Islam so we can criticize all we want without a care in the world

          • american

            they prefer to be called al qaeda… btw ur god is a joke just like osama was before we blew his head off!! enjoy the 72 men!!

          • GUSDINO

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            @mufti david

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          • Arcachnar

            Nuking? Wow. American education at its finest. I do hope that you know that the consequences will be very severe if you ass clowns do this. Say goodbye to your reputation, trade (economy) and allies.

            Don’t blame ALL the Muslims for the things that have been done in Allah’s name. Only a small group misinterpreted the Qu’ran as the right to kill and maim non-believers. The Islam is a peaceful religion.

          • the smart one in the room

            Sorry @the only one with a brain, but if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that Islam is based off of abrahams bastard son, and a prophet who married a nine year old.

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          • Dont be bastards

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          • JoshLAM

            i completely agree and btw im not Christian but i still agree with the “Fuck you.Racist” part

          • thedon

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            amir kahn is fighting 4 ur country

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        • steven

          your an idiot one many women of different nationalities can be beautiful or ugly it happens.
          two islam has been around a lot longer than christianity and even so they are similar

          • Ricky

            Not true Christianity has been around longer then any religion and it’s not a religion it’s between you and God alone it’s ant a group of ppl lol wow guys you don’t know anything

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            you have a faggy name and you dont know shit about religion.
            christians are jew rejects who worship a dead peasant.

          • 15 and still smartest

            You guys are all dumb as shit. Christianity and the religion of Islam have been around for the same amount of time read the damn Bible before you make stupid ass comments. What the hell kind of christian are you. Muslims are almost all peacful people there is a 7% group of extremests. Read something or do a little bit of research before you guys all decide to call eachother out on a bunch of factless bullshit. I go to church every sunday i know what the hell i’m talking about. I’m not defending what the extremests have done but it is what they felt was needed to become accepted. Now why don’t you all put on your big girl panties and deal with the differences we all have. Oh and Christians are not rejected Jews asshole Jews did not accept Jesus as the Mesiah and the Christians did why don’t you do some research too.

          • JoshLAM

            hell yeah, there is not many fit birds where I come from lol. And also fuck you all too hell you racist, and plus, even though I’m a atheist I wish that hell was real just so you would have somewhere too rot for you disgusting attitude towards Islam’s, Jewish and Muslims. Thanks for reading oh before I forget if you hit the red thumb because you just hate Islamic or Jewish or Muslim people I actually hope you die, not a slow death but a fast one because no one deserves too die a slow painful death, but I don’t mind if anyone wants to vote red/ dislike because you don’t agree with my points that i’ve put across then reply and please no racist I cant be bothered with any more racisim replys too, (which i belive to be a good point I’ve put across)

          • Arsalan

            Hey who the f*** are you to say something against a religion huh?
            you asshole!!!!

          • Corey34

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        • fgb

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          • shifty

            Look here you idiots there is no need for the racist and rude comments because if you served in the army then you should know what its like for those who are in that country who live everyday thinking its there last and the other person who said about the family remarks just shut the fuk up ok because if someone said that about your family you would be doing the same thing that the other guy was saying so your squabbling isnt helping anyone

          • shifty

            Look here you idiots there is no need for the racist and rude comments because if you served in the army then you should know what its like for those who are in that country who live everyday thinking its there last and the other person who said about the family remarks just shut the fuk up ok because if someone said that about your family you would be doing the same thing that the other guy was saying so your squabbling isnt helping anyone so this debate is absolute childish

          • Corey34


        • evak

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        • christ

          youre right about that ISLAM IS A JOKE and so is their belife that if you blow youre self up for the beliife of senseless murder abuseing women and you get 70 virgins in (heaven basically) thats big time a huge fucking joke you do that and there won’t be 70 virgins in heaven waiting for you but more likely 700 demons and 1 devil waiting for you in hell ready to torment for your whole afterlife and they deserve it to ;) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          • Arcachnar

            Show some respect to the other religions. Do you like it if they say it about YOUR religion? Of course not. Now, there is nothing in the Qur’an about blowing up and such. Only a GROUP (who interpret the Qur’an as the right to kill, maim and other things that Allah don’t approve at all) thinks that way.

            Don’t go and blame ALL the Muslims and the Islamic faith for the things that have been dome in Al

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: In Allah’s name. There went something wrong. In the US there is high percentage of women who gets beaten and killed. So, don’t go and blame others.

        • a man want to give a advice

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        • Ramiz hisham

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        • The dude..

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            wut about those christians who preach door 2 door (4 got wut they wur called) i checked those guys out, did sum research and boy these guys are nuthin like any other religion in the world!!! they are THAT DIFFERENT, they pay taxes, respect authority n stuff like any1 else, but they don’t side with NOBODY when it comes 2 government stuff or wars cuz they believe that ONLY GOD will solve the worlds problems, read the bible man, Jesus didn’t judge NOBODY by skin color or how much mullah they got,he preached 2 ppl of all colors, nations and the like. prejudice n racism is 4 childishis, ignorant, stupid idiots.

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        • Samhain3333

          Why is it that guys WANT to see women naked, . .. and then after they DO they call them “whores” ?

        • YouAllSuck

          You are the best! :D ISLAM IS A JOKE YOU PATHETIC LOSERS

        • Najma

          Dont talk about islam , you have no right to sit here and disrespect spmeones religion seriously. Grow the fuck up for lords sake.

        • heyyoyo

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          • 15 and still smartest

            HEY! dumbass it’s spelled ‘jealous’ and your grammar is terrible go back to school and try to make it past the 3rd grade this time. The Army isn’t always doing what they want they are always doing what they are told. Asshole.

          • Shadowborn


          • Black Jesus

            To all muslims:

            I deeply apologize for what you did to us and what we did to you, including the movie “The innocence of muslims”, who the creator of said movie can go fuck himself with an M63. I believe that burning my homeland’s flag was taking it too far, but I understand now why you did it and I forgive you, and I hope the rest of my nation can too. I wish for americans and muslims to forgive each other and avoid another Cold War. If you cannot forgive us I understand, but remember this, enemies change along with the times and so should we.

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            @Abdulla The Butcher: after reading all those kiddie comments of yours, i must we are not impressed in the slightest. You have also shown that you’re no threat to anybody. You will not be taking over anything, you will not rule anyone. We could care less about petty squabbles and dumb debates. The DJ SQUAD know how to deal with ignorant self centered insecure bullying haters like you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARRNED: SHUT YOUR FACE OR BE HACKED ALONG WITH THE REST OF THIS SORRY EXCUSE OF A SITE, THE DJ HAS SPOKEN!!! WE ARE THE SHIELD THAT FIGHTS INJUSTICE, WE ARE……THE DJ SQUAD!!!!

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        • shaybear

          Shaybear, god damn it is there no love in this
          World anymore you people are so darn crazy
          As much as I hate Muslims there has been alot
          Of shit being said none y’all understand that
          Someone might actually get hurt I mean
          For crying out loud Muslims are human beings
          To and obviously everyone belongs in this world
          For a reason ohh,and btw god gave you a
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        • Peace dudes

          Guys stop fucking arguing it’s just a naked pic! I’m an atheist I don’t give three shits whether or not you are religious. Just shut up!

        • james bond

          every single american who has posted here has been an asshole to anyone Islamic. They are all stuck up pigs who need to know there is more to the world than McDonald’s and guns. I am neither islamic or american so why don’t we just enjoy the great picture of Selena Gomez!

        • jewish and christians stinks

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      • me

        Except Selena Gomez has a mole on her right boob..and she didn’t get it removed xD

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      • american

        i hope this shits real!

        • babygirl



            well yea cuz it wud be ALL over the news n she’d be in the same boat with vanessa huddgens if the pic was real. S.G. shud defend herself quick b4 it gets real ugly n she gets in trouble with disney 4 a FAKE PIC!!!

    • FuQAzhole

      Hot Tamale? Looks more like roast beef to me.

    • hijklsm2

      its fake she has a mole on her left boob in real life but its not in the picture look it up 4 yourself

    • lancez

      Selena is a good peice she shdnt be doing this. :(

    • stan

      The pic of Selena Gomez is fake. Anyone that has ever looked at her much know she has a mole down by her right breast.

      • john

        oh well still looks hot

    • jeff

      this is fake too, remember the mole on her right boob lol

    • steve

      this is a fake but a really good one selena gomez originaly has a mole on her chest in this picture she dont have one

    • Toby

      Obvious fake gomez isn’t married

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        you guys were fucking being rasist bastards now you cant decide if themole was on the left or right side. And btw you donthave to be maried to wear a ring on your ring finger. why dont you go find your own chicks instead of looking at naked pics.




        not to mention the ring is on the right hand lol

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        I agree with you. And why is everyone arguing about muslims? Shouldnt everyone be jacking off?

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    • Smash

      It’s a fake photo

    • Amanda

      I’m lez so I think u look sexy

      • Emily’s

        Gotta love a religious debate on the same screen as a naked underaged supposed chick this is why I have no beliefs or faith exactly why

    • gia

      wow one click to disney and salena gomez wont be a star anymore

    • Fuckislam

      hey faggot, islam is a fucking joke bin ladin was a bitch ass coward who was so scared of the USA finding him that he lived in a fucking cave for like 10 years, i mean seriously, if you dont want the USA’s boot up your ass, why start shit with them? hes a fucking pussy ass bitch, same with the rest of the islamic religion. Fuck jihad, fuck muhammed, fuck allah, and fuck anybody who has anything to say about my comment.

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      First of all that is not Selena Gomez. She has a birthmark on her right breast!! Oh as far as Miley Cyrus goes she must be returning the favor for Mohammad , he blew me!!! Miley wouldn’t give Islam the time of day!!! If I had it my way I would round all you stinky towel headed assholes up and ship all of you back to the middle east along with Obama. Then NUKE you retarded religious assholes!! Fuck all religions. There are no GODS!!!

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    • atheist13

      Whoever thinks this pic is real must be stupid. I took one look and knew it wasn’t really selena gomez because she has bigger tits and she has abeauty mark on one. This was photoshopped. You guys are idiots.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • Tox

          You’re probably jokin’ so I might make a fool out of myself now…

          Anyway, You’re a fucking retard. Honestly, it’s VERY clear that the image is faked and if you believe something else you’re either STUPID or just so desperate for her naked body that your imagination takes over and actually forms your view and state of mind.

          Creepy as fuck you are =/



    • islam is gay

      it seems like if i post something about my hatred for muslims i will get a ton of likes
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      Wow this is pretty good Photoshop except they forgot her beauty mark on her right breast. Selena maybe we can collaborate sometime I have lovely lyrics

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  • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

    She must have had a complete vajayjay makeover by the finest doctors in this world. What confuses me is, that those kind of doctors must have been muslims (everyone who is the best at something is a muslim), but no muslim would even touch this heathen harlot, if not for throwing her in a hole where she gets stoned by an infuriated muslim mob.

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

        Dear filthy jew Brian,

        of course the best-at-something list contains only no-homo topics. Accusing a muslim of homoqueer behavoir is a contradiction in itself. Homos get stoned in civilzed muslim countries like Yemen or Oman, whereas homos are cheered in filthy infidal jew countries like Israel or the USA, a fact so disgusting and sinful that when Islam finally takes over the west, no mercy will be shown to any infidal. You won’t even get a trial in Sharia Court, but recieve a merciless stoning on sight.

        • ehl90

          I think its comical how you placed “civilized” and “stoned” in the same sentence. Then you people wonder why the entire world wouldn’t mind seeing you dead… Don’t get me wrong not all of you, just the ignorant uncivilized ones that are gullible enough as to run at crowd of people with a bomb strapped to them; expecting to go to “paradise”. All the while your pussy radical leaders like Osama are hiding in a fucking cave. Fucking pathetic! I guess that’s why he died like a filthy dog. One last thing, you cowards will never conquer the western world because again you people are living in the fucking stone age, thus you stone people. hahaha It actually makes sense now.

          • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

            Dear infidal ehl90,

            Of course “civilized” and “stoned” are in your mind to categories that don’t fit together, because you are a stupid infidal who hasn’t read the holy Quran, which is the word of Allah. If you ever read it, you would instantly regret your words, because then you would know that your mockery of Islam will only lead to a strong worded fatwa, a humiliating trial in Sharia Court and a fierce stoning afterwards.

            Stoning infidals = civilized

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay asshole

            When us Muslims attacked the u. s. of a. on the great 9-11……your president ran to a bunker, the vice-criminal ran off to someplace in Utah and all members of congress ran to the nearest whorehouse, glory hole or bar to hide from us powerful Jihadists.

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            death by stones started since bible times, im just saying that they probably stone cuz they don’t think you’re even worth a bullet.

        • Muhammadkilla

          When islam takes over the west? Sorry, its proven that islam is primarilly followed by either narcasists, or the itellectually inferior. Most of the educated are already here in school. But once america finally pushes all relegion out of government we can make it impossible for islamic people to come to our schools, without breaking the law, and then how will you educate yourselves? You say we are dumb, but have you really thought about the power we hold over you. The govnment likes you coming to school here. It helps us document you for future identification. Keep screaming like a moron, INFIDEL!!!, it only helps our argument to the rest of the world, that your retarded. And you guys do target young boys, and sleep with your family, its well documented.

          • Muhammadkilla

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        • New Effort

          Shouldn’t that be “receive a merciful stoning on sight”?

          Like the stern hand of a loving parent, sometimes the most humane punishment is not to teach someone a lesson, but to remove the awful burden of “freedom” to make that choice again.

        • rick

          You just outed yourself jew boy,
          Shariah law cannot be applied to non muslims. Every muslim would know this. Go to israel and stop fucking up my country.

        • Fakes….

          The people who are saying they are terrorists are lying, 1, NO COMPUTERS WHERE U LIVE, 2, YOUR SPEAKING ENGLISH AND CAN UNDERSTAND US, Try to deny that or make up a phony excuse

      • The guy I replyed to is a dush bag

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      bitch ass muslim its a damn fake u idiot oh and she isnt mexican idiot learn ur fucking facts first dumbass ur probably that type of idiot who would fall for thar 42 virgins and 1 homo…fucker if you muslims are so good at everything why cant you see its a photoshop idiots

      • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

        It’s not a fake. I had my trusted Imam check the photograph and he was 100% sure it is real. His views are impeccable, because nobody is as wise as him (i.e. nobody knows the Quran as good as him).

        Plus it’s 72 virgins and my harem is already twice this size, so instead of blowing myself up I will be in the cavalry when the Great Djihad has come, riding on my finest war camel to victory.


        • liel

          haha full of it look at her left ear and her right ear check those earings out idiot i guess your trusted imam is full of shit or just blind…its a fake…idiot…oh and im sorry 72 virgins and 1 homo i see your gonna go for the homo first.

        • sniper1087

          her boob is supposed to have a mole sorry but if you look around you would know this and this is completely fake

        • war camel?

          War Camel eh, big man? I just shit myself……in America, we dont use camels in war, no, we have fucking tanks. Now, I wonder how effective a camel would be against a massive, bulletproof, 100 calibur shell shooting, steel machine?

          • War Camel? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

            LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I can see it now: UFC, Main event: Terrorist riding a War Camel vs. Tank. Pshh, i could win that fight on a bike. How does a camel even go to war? It goes at like, half a mile an hour. And it’s not bulletproof… And it has no mounted guns… and it requires food/water…. I just don’t see how that would work. You may say “Oh, we really got you in 9/11” but think about it. If we do something, we can do it again. I’d like to see the pilot at 9/11 try it again ^^

          • Volgin

            Muslims, you have no balls and you know it. You stole my country’s AK-47s and use them to fight againest Americans. That just shows that America makes you shit yourselves and you like to steal guns from Russians. Russia may be my homeland, but I love America. AMERICA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

    • MR TRoll

      Fuck you.. all your good at is bombing people

      • Byrdmarc

        But, we are good at bombing the living shit outta you islamic camel fuckers haha, you gotta admit that. If y’all weren’t already in the stoneage we would have already bombed you back to the stoneage. You lucky that somehow unbeknownst to the American people that somehow we wound up with a islamic in the WHITE house, so the bombs could stop, (for a min) don’t worry January is approaching, then back to slinging bombs to irraticate you dead men, hope you like allah and the other 71 virgins ramming there tiny cocks up your asses. It’s just a waiting game unitil CHRIST comes back. Then we will see who’s on the right side of the fence.

        • Arcachnar

          Wow. Just. Wow. The Middle East in the Stone Age? Go back to school and learn something about the Middle East. Ignorant American. There’s a lot of countries (SA, Quatar, Kuwait), who are having very good economy and technically just as good as the West. Only Afghanistan and Iraq (thanks to you fuckers) whose economy and technically are downgraded.

          Bombing back to the Stone Age? Do you even know how retarded it sounds? Pathetic. White House have nothing to with the color of the president, but the color of the building. Dumb ass.

          Now, go back to school.

          • bin ladens dead fucking islam

            Ya and amercans uld beat the shit ououtta all those countries you fucks leave the us your nor american and we dont want you hear so get the fuck out!

      • Apaulled

        These comments of yours are extremely racist, watch what you say, people get fines and dent to proson for saying things like this

    • dragonfly

      fuck u dirty fleabag u can go to hell with all the other retards that think that by murdering ppl u will get a 1000 virgins in heaven. well i have news for u, u wont get shit bitch.

      • 15 and still smartest

        It’s 72 btw … I love all the stupid ass people on here making stupid ass comments on a bunch of stupid ass shit they know nothing about. …. makes sense

  • Observer

    “Leaked” on-line……..??

    I just leaked from mine….

  • lolazooo


    • Stoner mike


      • Prophet Mohammed

        You have very appropriate name for an infidel, but I shall be the “stoner” you shall be the “stoned”….with only the most massive of boulders.

        It will bring great joy to the children when rocks are bouncing off your head with great force.

        ALLAHU AKBAR!!

        • Aussie

          Shut up you dirty Arab

        • kevin muslim killer

          i cant wait till my country drops a nuke(S) on ur anti american asses .. oh and u can have obama back b4 we do it … and no disrespect to the peaceful people of the middle east … but theres no one who isnt expendable in ur country


          why is your pic of a racist white and you are a muslim?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            american fudgepacker

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        • tom tom

          stfu you lil shit,… every on knos thats bullshit that you just mad up

    • jtat

      who ever these people r they must be mentaly challenged or something for all the shit there saying

  • John

    Looks all rolled up like a taco to me!
    I like eating tacos.

  • Dirk

    It’s not real……..

  • Jazzmen

    It’s a fake… If you look closely you’ll see that the color and light of her face is different from the body!
    Also the face is a little bit more blurry then the body.

    • Ur mom

      U really have no life do u

      • silly

        tell your mumi left a fiver on the top of the fridge

  • Bob

    Fake she has engagement ring on right hand

  • Luke


    • Justin

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      The only thing more disgusting than abids and Jews are wetbacks.

      Allah allowed Satan to place these mongrel breeds on his Earth to test our resolve and our faith. Their purpose has long been served.

      Now it is time to clean up the planet.

      • Anubis

        Well said, my brother Kahlid. Our holy Islamic site once again has been infiltrated by a bunch of filthy infidel Kuffars claiming out this and that photo is fake and so on. They are all an abomination, and will be dealt with eventually with a good righteous stoning. Degenerate beaner wetbacks like Selena Homez are as low as the camel dung on the bottom of my well worn sandals.

        Bless merciful Allah for making us Muslims far superior in every way to all these sinful infidel douche bags that are messaging on this site with all their wicked, silly and retarded opinions, which we faithful Muslims couldn’t care less about.

        • Kahlid

          It is to be expected, Brother Anubis. Their society is contaminated with their so-called “Enlightenment” ideals like free speech and association. Not to mention the greatest lie of them all – “equality”.

          These mongrel races are not true human beings like us Muslims. We were created in His image.

          These kuffars are spawns of Shaitan and therefore lower than even a dog. Therefore their wants, needs, desires and opinions are as worthless as Jews promise not to bathe in the blood if innocent Palestinian children.

          • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

            Insh’allah brothers!

          • PraiseJesus

            It’s amazing the hatred that comes out of your mouths. I would NEVER want to be a Muslim, and it’s people like you who cause me saying that. Why would I want to worship a god who hates me and supports people like you who hate other human begins? God is love, not hate. You don’t get people to listen to your beliefs through hatred and name calling. Speak the truth in love and perhaps someone will listen. BTW, I’d love to see you walk down the street and say these things. I guarantee you wouldn’t have the balls because you know you’d be killed or at least beat within an inch of your life. Whites, blacks, Jews, would all jump on you. You ARE the skum of the earth and one day you will realize that all too late. It’s a damn shame and I hate to say it, but the world would be a better place without you. I can’t say that about all Muslims, but for sure YOU!

          • Abdullah

            @Praise Jesus

            You are a sick ignorant fuck to believe all the bullshit on this site about islam. Islam never teaches such hateful behaviour against other people but infact to be friendly and invite non-muslims to the word of God. Islam is all about peace, uniting humanity and guidance to the path of righteousness. Muhammed came as a successor to Jesus and as a saviour to mankind, not to kill non-muslims! How ignorant of you to think that way of islam without a proper research, and you yap out all those bad words against muslims after reading some bullshit on some site. What evidence do you have that the people behind this site are muslims? Or if the comments are made by practicing muslims or even muslims at all? Does the Quran even approve of what’s going on this site? Every religion has extremists who interpret religion wrongly for their own sellfish gains. You can’t conclude a whole religion from what a few of it’s people practice, can you? I can’t believe it…are Americans this stupid, ignorant and lazy for any kind of research or knowledge about other people’s lifestyle? I don’t think so. So what you should ask yourself is what is wrong with you?

        • Fuckcameljockeys

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            you dont have rights to speak about prophet mohammed and ilsam so dont you dare, research on islam and you will come to know the truth.i can also speak bad about your religion but ilsam does not teach that islam is a religion of peace,respect, way of life and enlightment of god.

        • Terrorist suck balls

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        • acdcfan

          Go ahead throw your rocks….we got guns. We the people have the right to bare arms and we do.

        • What?

          You people are fucked up if you think a porn site is”holy.” If you want to use english for your dumb-ass shit talking, then LEARN TO FUCKING SPELL.

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      Brothers Anubis & Kahlid, you must hear this for our brother, Abdullah The Butcher has been called out by a strange group who call themselves The DJ Squad. Multiple pages of the so called celebes have been plastered with warnings from this group of infidels. Who are they? Where did they come? They claim that we will not rule over this world and that we have no power, they even dared to demand we take down OUR holy site or they will do it for us. They sent a messege to call out our brothers, Hassim The Destroyer Of Evil, Rasul and even to the two of you as well. You must see for yourselves of what I am telling you for I understand it would sound ridiculous, but i have seen them with my own eyes. Abdullah is standing his ground against these fools, but he will not face them alone

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    this site is really getting to far already. lets hope the FBI, CIA and The Homeland Security track down the IP address to this sire and arrest the owner and his friends

    • Anubis

      homo chink Hong (along with all your other alias) –

      Someday these alphabet groups will be tracking your homo infidel ass for trying to stifle free speech on the internet, and for being such a retarded filthy homoqueer that keeps trolling this most holy Islamic website with your daily idiotic messages. Your obsession with this site that you don’t belong on is disgusting.

      • uhg

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    • AtheistWhoLaughsAtYou

      CIA, FBI and homeland security wouldn’t go after this. Its not their jurisdiction. And as far as this sight goes ita probably a couple of horny idiots pretending to be muslim amd making mostly fake articles because they are bored and wanna cause shit so most celebrities probably don’t care

      • I-Bin Pharteen

        Try reading the disclaimer for the website. This is a satire website. Its a goof.

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    The infidels of US and A continue to try to shove the heathen religion of Christianity and homoism down the throats of us righteous Muslims.

    It won’t work infidels. Islam is coming for the US and A.


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Fake dirty Jew!

      No pious true Muslim uses the name of the Prophet on his nick.

      • Prophet Mohammed

        Brother Khalid, I feel as if it is very appropriate to pay homage and respect to our great Prophet (PBUH) by bring a piece of him to the Holy Islamic site, even if only by name.

        Calling a brother of Islam a filthy jew is a serious matter and I hope you do not take it lightly. The same goes for David, who is still an infidel in the eyes of Allah until he acquires a proper muslim name.

        I shall be leniant for now, but I think it best if you retract your previous statement.

        ALLAHU AKBAR!!

        • Mufti David

          Zionist asshole

          If you were a true muslim you would immediately remove the holy prophet’s name from your nick upon reading our posts.

          Dumb idiot, the name of the jihadist does not matter. Its his pure heart, his belief and his massive God-given strength that really matters. Tell you what, having a non-muslim name in a kuffar infested country has its advantages both to me and the muslim ummah. Muslims like me make it a lot easier for Jihadists to take down any rat infested country. You don’t know the half of it.

          And yeah, you blind asshole thats brother Hashim not brother Khalid! Now you look like a dumb hypocrite jew trying to get along with the Mujahideen.

          • Prophet Mohammed

            A true muslim, be it at birth or by conversion, acquires a true muslim name. Us true muslims and jihadists know and understand that our good muslim names do not prohibit us from wreaking havoc on the west, look to our great victory over US and A on 9/11 for proof. All of those men were strong jihadists with strong muslim names. You think like an infidel.

            Brother Hashim knows the strength of the Propher and the power that comes with he and his name. As a true muslim I respect Him and follow his words, and to that I pay respect to Him and honor Him.

            Ask my fellow muslim brothers Muhammed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabar the importance of a strong muslim name. As we speak they are bringing down infidels one by one.

            ALLAHU AKBAR!!

          • Mufti David

            Stop running from the main topic. You are using the Prophet’s(S.A.W) name as your nick, and when you are caught, you try to cover yourself by pointing out and arguing the name of a pious mu’min. The fact is that you are a zionist infiltrator trying to bring an argument about the name of a true mujahid on the battleground to distract him from the righteous path of jihad.

            So tell me, are you saying it’s ok for you to pretend to be the prophet(S.A.W)? You’re claiming to be a true muslim, and you are using the prophets name to talk shit, which means you are implying that the prophet(S.A.W) is the one who is saying your stupid things? Thats an INSULT to Islam! Look, we ain’t here to quarrel with our fellow muslim brothers. If you are a true muslim brother, you will accept your mistake & stop “impersonating” the prophet(PBUH) and I should see another name as your nick in your next post. However, if you are a dirty jew you will continue being stubborn and keep distracting us with your bullshit. STOP IT OR FACE OUR WRATH!!

            Allahu Akbar! JIHAD!!

          • c. norris

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    • Mufti David

      Fuckin JEW!!

      How dare you use the name of our holy prophet(S.A.W) to hide your filthy ass.

      No muslim would ever try to “impersonate” the prophet(S.A.W). Prepare to be STONED !!


      • itsallthesame

        It doesn’t matter Islam and Christianity are two completely different relegions. You have your faith they have theirs, now please shut the fuck up and go hump a camel because your relegion is shit no matter how old. Seriously who the fuck crashes a plane into a CIVILIAN establishment just because they believed some camel jockey prick who said they would get 72 women in the after life? If i was a woman i wouldnt fuck you for a million of your shit currency!

    • Aussie

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      @Prophet Mohammed: ah, another fool who thinks they will invade a country, how stupid could you be? we told Abdullah The Butcher tha the won’t be doing anything and neither will you. THE DJ HAS SPOKEN!!

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  • Mufti David


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  • Kahlid

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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