Selena Gomez Gets Naked To Show Off Her Tan

Selena Gomez naked tan

Selena Gomez could not wait to get naked to show off her completely tanned teen body in the photo above.

During the hot summer months many Mexican day labors like Selena Gomez prefer to harvest lettuce in the buff. This explains Selena’s lack of tan lines, however it does not excuse her shameful lack of body hair.

There is absolutely no excuse for a woman to ever shave a single pubic, as body hair is the one attractive feature women possess. Thus making this nude photo of an almost completely hairless tan Selena Gomez completely revolting and an offense on the Muslim aesthetic.

  • Allah

    This is soooo fake wow.

    • Selena

      It’s not fake you ASSHOLE!

      • carson clark

        if this is realy selena then you are pretty hot but you dont look the same like the other pics.

        • wolf

          look at some of the other pics of her bush and they are the same as the others

          • Matthew J Park

            I know that it could be fake (I won’t assume if it is or not).

            It’s possible that she just shaved it in some pics and kept it hairy in others. I prefer the shaved ones like this. Don’t worry, you’re not a bitch.

      • jose arkell

        that is the real deal i saw others its the exact same

        • Mikel

          Your hot

      • anthony rockwood

        This is so sexy who wouldnt want you

      • anthony rockwood

        I think this is real i would love to meet you someday selena

      • paul

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      • james rutledge

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        • chris G.

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      • Tristan cade jordan

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        • Tristan cade jordan

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          • yourall dumb

            Its fake she has a birth mark on her left breast look for her on the cosmos magazine and see

    • Big Pete

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      I am so sorry all of you..I really am a loser (sob)

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    • Mel Foster

      Only fakery is in your head ,schoolboy.selena au naturel is what you see is what you get,only till she’s 18 you shouldn’t even think about that,b ig trouble for it in Los Angeles.She turns 18, I’ll wish too,the landingstrip of hair down the labials looks very edibleright now she’s 17 no matter that a
      photographer says,I ran her history on intel files and got her life,w/ DOB.She’s 17 & from Texas.

      • tyrone shoelaces

        Mel fester.

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    • I love Selena Gomez

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    • mike parker

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    • Kyle

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  • Observer

    She looks just like I remember her when I sold her for three goats and a fig tree…..

    • mike parker

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    • mike parker

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  • jack meoff

    bad photoshop–you can see the real girls hair outline on the lampshade–muslim’s is so stupid

    • LedZeppelin

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      • jack meoff

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  • dede9999

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    • Anna

      This is fake because she doesn’t have the mole above her right tit

  • jimmm

    This is fake, Selena Gomez has a mole on her breast

    • Word of wisdom

      Oh please, again with this old mole story…
      The mole was removed in 2011 by her abortionist Dr. Chaïm Heshelowitch, at LA Cedar Sinaï Hospital.

    • Madmax

      Actutally she does have a mole on her breast

      • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • Shizzle wizzle

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  • Reza

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  • Hamish

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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  • Kahlid

    Ha! Infidel beaner fans are having conniptions!

    Imagine the fury they will be in once Selena has a cliterodectomy performed on her by Muslimah Miley Cyrus!

  • John Doe

    Worst photoshop ever you can totally see its a fake some people have no intelligance what so ever.

  • dont worry about it

    Am I the only one that likes when a girl is actually kind of thick

  • I hate muslims

    I hate you muslim fuckers. But I don’t hate this photo. I’d fuck the J-Biebz out of her.

  • Larry

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  • Random smart guy

    She has a mole on her boobs, this is fake sadly.

    • Mel Foster

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      • tyrone shoelaces

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  • Chuck

    The skin tone of the face and the body don’t match up well. Nice try though.

  • Your mom

    This photo is hot but it’s fake… Selena gomez has bigger breast and a mole but a very nice vagina though… Who agrees with me… I’m from New Zealand… And muslims r retarded

  • Jassikins

    This is obviously fake. Selena has a birthmark on her chest. Selena’s face is obviously taken from a red carpet event.

    • tyrone shoelaces


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  • rileygg

    Selena has a mole right above her breast. It shows alot on her show wizards to waverly place. No weirdo checking her out, i just saw it on thiss website. Zo ya this is fake, retards.

  • ricka

    This is obviously fake…. an idiot would be able to tell…..

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  • aal

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Mreatyopussyout

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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    • Your Conscience

      Alissa C DiCarlo, in the end, you reap what you sow.

    • Ahmed Ravi

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  • JOHN1023


  • JOHN1023


  • anti_gamer

    this says shes revolting the person who wrote that must be gay

  • bella

    Lawls…this IS most deff a photoshopped picture of Selena Gomez. Seriously? her head is more highlighted than the rest of the body, #1. And #2, the body looks way more mature than a 19 year old.Whoever believes this is completely retarded.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • faker

    God retards its fake. She has a mole on her right boob. She in a cheap hotel. And this lady has stretch marks regards God PHOTOSHOPPED

  • selena’s #1 fan

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Thad

    Jeez thats fuckin crazy.