Selena Gomez Forgets To Wear Pants

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the 17 year old star of the hit Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place”. She also is incredibly absent minded and a terrible role model for young girls.

As the photos below show, Selena Gomez completely forgets to wear pants. How a woman could go out and have her picture taken without remembering to put on a decent pair of trousers is beyond me. Maybe her mind was hazy from all the black tar heroin and wild sex orgies these Disney stars seem to love to partake in.

Not only did Selena Gomez forget to put on pants, but the sweater she is wearing doesn’t seem to fit her at all. It is entirely too long. How could she possibly think that was a good fit for a sweater? She is practically swimming in it.

Selena Gomez is a terrible role model for young girls, and should be lashed with reeds immediately. As these pictures show she has a dubious fashion sense, and probably dresses herself in some drug and sex filled haze.


Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez

  • Tyler Bryant

    How do you know she isn’t wearing any shorts underneath the sweater?! Did you think about that?! I seen her wear shorts and long shirts before. She isn’t the kind of person to not wear any pants or shorts in public.

    • Theonlyvoiceofreason

      it’s sarcasm you stupid limp-dicked fuck.
      If you don’t like the site, don’t go trolling the comment section
      insulting the articles you inexplicably keep reading.

      That is all

      • andrea

        i like ur dress selena i am a fan of urs

      • Pathetic website

        This was a pathetic attempt for a joke. You should stop trying.
        This is the first time I have been on this site and nothing on it is funny. Maybe you should ask for help from sites like the bastardly and one day you will be funny….but probably not.

  • jenny

    omg she is wearing a dress u dumbass. and she looks gorgeous

    • Tyler Bryant

      I agree. She does. Her hair is longer again as well.

      • Stevie Bastin

        she probably has extensions in her hair, and are you really Tyler Bryant or just a fan, cause my dad knows Tyler Bryant.

        • What a whore

          your dad eats Tyler Bryants crap from lunch.

        • Tyler Bryant

          Yes I am Tyler Bryant. I may not be the one your Dad knows,but that is my name. As to Selena hair,its been several months since she got it cut short. Its bound to have grown by now.

  • Tyler Bryant

    Not only that,but she also is all about waiting till she is married to have have sex. She wears a purity ring to show it. So I don’t think she would dress in a drug or sex filled haze style. A drug life style she is against unless its needed and harmless. Illegal drugs are not. A drug style doesn’t make any sense either.

  • This one guy

    Obviously you’re making assumptions, and I find it funny how wearing an over sized sweater, leads to some ridiculous claims. Her not being a good role model, absent minded? If anyone’s absent minded, it’s the person who published this article. For your information she is a wonderful, smart human being. Do you have something against her or the Disney Channel? I know she’s beautiful, we all know. But come on, taking a stab at this sweet young lady to get some publicity is pathetic.

    • Bob

      Dude, it’s a joke, it’s supposed to be funny. That is, until someone has to tell you it’s a joke, then it’s just a sign you need to learn some not-taking-everything-literally skills.

      Also, welcome to the Internet.

      • Saz

        yeah i read this article and found it so funny i forgot to laugh

        • ouch

          Wow apparently Selena Gomez’s fans are the most clever people alive, never resorting to using terrible cliches.

  • Tyler

    wow is this guys stupid shes wearing a dress

  • Noway

    you’re such a moron Durka Durka, if you want a bad role model there’s always Vanessa or Miley or Kelly Osborne, this chick is an angel compared with them. You suck!!

    • nate

      she is the HOTTEST girl in the world and mileys not to bad eather your all stupid to think shes
      not wearing any pants MORON durka durka.

  • Tyler

    how could you possibly forget to wear your pants it dosent make any sence at all

  • Tyler

    what the fuck jihad isnt that some terrorist shit

  • jazz

    this is soo stupid …she is a great role model like ova ppl …nd she is wearina dress u freak ….soo stupid ..get a life !

    selena luks supa ….nd she is a great role model ..

  • nikita399

    omg ur stupid thats a sweater dress maybe if u get out of ur house and off of ur computer u would see them things

  • What a whore

    Oh my god! What a whore she is! Don’t kid yourselves, people.


      Its not even showing that much leg. Chill the fuck out. COmpared to Miley in her little hotpants and bra sticking out in her Party in the USA vid this is a cute flirty winter dress. Its not even at the middle of her thighs. CCCHHHIIIILLLLLLLLL…!

  • Kat xxx

    OMDz what an idiot, that is a sweater dress!!! DUH!!! and yh, how would you knwo if she was wearing shorts underneath and anyways theres no need as it IS A DRESS! gosh you dumbass idiot. shes an amazing role model.

  • amy

    She is wearing a DRESS!!! Which you said yourself- she has no pants and her shirt is too long.. hello! it’s a dress!!! Selena is an INCREDIBLE role model for all people!!!!!

  • -not sayin :P-

    shes wearin a effin dress ! OMFG , u clearly dont kno wat a DRESS is . u stupid person !! DONT FUCKIN JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS . ur so fuckin stupiid . FUCK YOU .

    • Bob

      Put your claws back in, Miss Kitty. Don’t cuss someone out for having a better sense of humor than you.

      In other news, anyone who uses the phrase “ur so fuckin stupiid” and spells 75% of the words incorrectly either has a great sense of irony, or is a complete hypocrite. Have a nice day.

  • taylor

    OMG i think the dress is long enough nd every1 who has a sent a comment has established that apart from you feaks! She is the only role model in disney (there is some others) There would be more but miley cyrus think shes too col for that nd hav u heard she has a tatto right under a body part i’m not going to mention. Just give selena a break. Shes an excellent role model!!

    • Aaron

      then explain the nude pictures and pictures of her with and nice huge dick up her nice pink vagina I just saw (by the way Selena Gomez is a fucking hot bitch and I would love to fuck her all fucking day long). Oh and any hot girl out there who is looking for sex I am free and I have a FUCKING HUGE dick, all I need is someone with a nice pink pussy and large tits. And I like to fuck you hard so no wimps. Get ready be fucked like you’ve never been fucked before.

  • Reginald Brixley

    Wow, you people are all so bloody dense. This entire article is what is known (by people with brains) as SATIRE! Holy crap, kids these days just do not have the subtle mental faculties to understand anything that isn’t either literal or entirely spelled out for them. MORONS!

    • Joe

      I am 14 and take offense at that generalization. You should have said 99% of kids are dense.

  • Dead Ed™

    Durka Durka has a “thing” for ninjas.

    If they’re not completely covered, he’s not interested.

  • Dead Ed™

    Why do these kids keep coming on here to a site they should know is satire.

  • a whitey


  • alex

    this article is crazy…she’s wearing a wool-dress, it’s very classy and she looks amazing
    and btw she’s actually a great role model….

  • Lori

    DUDE, I’m pretty sure that’s a dress. And she’s not a bad role model. Actually, she’s one of the people I look up to the most.

  • harsh p

    shes wearing a f*cking dress dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sean

      she’s busy this weekend, but if we’re in the same area later i’ll grab a drink with you.”I don’t rdteusnand this or things that flowed from this. You said Tiny Smurf was the hotter one and you were more attracted to her in the prior post referring to her. I would have just straight up gone for the one I wanted more first, since you knew this wasn’t a threesome dynamic, or wasn’t that right away. The dynamic from your prior post was Tiny Smurf not wanting to step on the toes of her gf, who was into you. So I just would have told TS that I liked them both but her more, and we met at the same time. And yeah I don’t get throwing TS to your friend either in this situation. Unless you were feeling she just isn’t that into you. But if she’d go out with you alone if you tried

  • Anna

    It’s called a sweater dress dumbass.

    • sAbRiNa

      I agree she’s not one of those girls that
      forgets to wear pants she a awsome role

  • Selena Fan

    She is wearing some type of dress clearly, and I doubt very much that Selena would ever do drugs and she is an excellent role model. I think she is the best role model that is currently on Disney as well as a beautiful young lady and very talented.

  • jasmine

    HAH!! This is PATHETIC!!!
    one the the first few sites trying their best to find something wrong with Selena Gomez.
    well, a note, all sites have learnt their lesson they can HARDLY get anything out of her, so they always claim that shes one of their favourite stars even though they are desperately trying their best to find some dirt

    JSYK stupid site, that that is a woolen DRESS,
    firstly, how do you even know whether shes wearing shorts underneath or not?
    second, she doesn’t HAVE to, cuz thats a DRESS!
    this is dumb…=.=

  • Aussie Girl

    LOL… OMG this is the stupidest Article i have ever read….
    Its called a dress….. this Dude needs to get a life… and maybe report of real things… other than the fact that she is wearing a long sleeved dress….. Hahah…
    And nice accusation that Disney do drugs…. Seeing as half their stars wear purity or promise rings…. LOL…
    What a loser…

  • crawler

    the person who wrote this article must be laughing his/her heart out to all of those who commented on it. obviously, this article and website is satirical in nature. so to all, take it easy … the joke is on you :)

  • Emma

    I happen to be a big fan of Selena Gomez. She’s a grate role-model. She’s talented, down to earth and sweet. This is a dress! I have something like that. Yes I wear it with jeans but that’s because my legs are shorter and a little stubby. She has the body to wear dress like that. It’s fine for her age. And FYI to the moron who wrote this article she has a purity ring. So she’s NOT thinking about doing… the dirty deed. And FYI again… her hair is beautiful. Weather it’s short or long. Be nice… you don’t know the girl.

    • DisGrlBoner

      And you do???

  • Jayne

    it’s called a sweater dress!!!!!!!!!
    its not a over size sweater, its a sweater dress… most girls wear it with some legging but she chose not too which is fine. there is nothing slutty about the way she looks. most girls her age are wearing even more slutty things. she looks very mature in these photo and she choose a very mature outfit in my opinion.

  • Anon

    Selena doesnt have sex and do all the crap you say. She is a Christian who wears a purity ring which symbolises no sex before marriage, so wtf?! Anyway, each to their own =/ I think her dress is lovely

    • jakalope

      Didn’t Jamie Lynn Spears wear one of those rings too? All the way until she got knocked up?

      • Bob

        Something tells me Miss Gomez is not Jamie Lynn Spears. Besides the fact that she doesn’t have a batshit-insane older sister who was whored out by her own popularity.

        Give her time, we could all use some optimism.

  • Sam

    Its called a sweater dress you dumb asses.

  • scoobysnackz


    • Bob


      Indeed. Why not waste everyone’s time failing to get a joke and proving how obnoxious you can be on the Internet at the SAME TIME! While you’re at it, let’s show of all those capital letters to make your atrocious spelling even harder to read, hmmm?

      You people are too cute.

  • really?

    you people do realize that the writer is being sarcastic right?…or maybe you all fail to realize that this website is full of sarcasm, good going americans.

    • Bob

      Finally, someone who makes sense.

  • fdnajkd

    its a fucking dress you moron.

  • ballbasket

    This website is the same trash as TMZ and STAR magazine: she is wearing a dress u douche bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jakalope

    Wow, I hope she is better than all of your foul mouthed comments posted in her defense. Makes you
    wander how good of a role model she is when she has people talking this kind of trash on her behalf.
    Is it a dress? Yes, but it looks good only worn with boots, that’s what makes her look half naked, for all those that don’t get the sarcasm!!!!

  • HC

    You jackasses realize this is celebjihad don’t you? they always make fun of celebs like this. And yes she does look like a 17year old whore.

    • Bob

      She’s too cute to be a whore, although I’ll admit once she’s 18 she’d be quite fuckable.

      … For her husband. See, she’s not the whoring type, so it stands to reason that she’s not gonna be all trashy like that.

  • Jay

    its a sweater into a skirt you moron a one piece who ever wrote this article is quite obvious the absent minded one

    • Bob

      Either that or it’s satire. Let me guess which conclusion you’re trained to jump to.

  • SelenaGfan4ever

    u guys are idiots!! She’s wearing a dress and next to demi lovato she’s the best thing to happen to disney channel. Selena wears a purity ring adding to the list of reasons why she’s one of the best role models for young girls, FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • MzMickeyBaby23

    Yall need to shut da hell up she is wearin a dress it looks like a damn dress so she wearing a damn dress stupid ass

  • jessica

    omg yous r stpid arguen over this its a dress and a nice one aswelll would u go around tellen every one that has a dress on hahah uv got no pnts on ur nt a good role model…. no so y do it to her…!!!!
    welll i think she looks fab and she is a wonderful role model to me and so is miley cyrus so y dnt u just stop arguen and GET A LIFE………

    • demi and miley are fugly whores

      haha miley is a good role model? haha

  • Saz

    I hate to break it to you but the whole world doesnt think the way you do about women….. It’s a dress get over it.

  • Selenagomezrocks

    Selena has an awesome fashion sense. What she is wearing is called a sweater dress!! hello doesn’t anyone keep up with fashion?

  • Layla

    Its called a dress fuckheads,

  • eli

    ha. ha
    thats so funny..this bitch is hooot.
    who cares if she doesnt wear shorts or not..she still looks might finne.
    ur funny

  • Brandi

    Its not even short. How about you do something worth your time instead of bashing celebs because your jealous.

  • g

    She is wearing a freaking dress idiotsss! And if you think that is bad when you have a freaking naked girl on the side of the screen with the ads! So i believe you should just shut up!

  • dbo

    she is so hot hahaha

  • AWEWA123

    idiots!!!!! how r u sure she not wearing pants … GAWD come on dats a dress ever heard of a dress? …. u must be a moron to think dats a sweater have even seen a sweater u moron… selena doesnt do that shit u think .. so go to hell ASSHOLE

  • joe jackson

    white summer heels don’t go with charcoal sweater dresses. you’d think she has a stylist that knows that.