Selena Gomez Forgets To Wear A Shirt And Bra

Selena Gomez no shirt

Selena Gomez forgot to wear a shirt and bra to the Berlin premiere of her new snuff film “Spring Breakers”.

How Selena Gomez did not realize that she was not wearing a shirt is beyond comprehension. Obviously Selena’s feeble female brain has been completely turned to mush from years of drug abuse and bareback sex with minorities.

Yes it is clear from these photos that Selena Gomez is an absent minded slut who’s mind is in a constant drug and STD induced haze. It will certainly be a mercy when a Shariah court orders her stoning for her numerous crimes against Islam.


Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

    id hit it…BUT she looks like a complete cock tease.

  • Not Gay

    I’m in love with Alyssa DiCarlo…Just kidding she’s a skank

  • Cracker White

    Her fucking head always looks too small for her body.

    • Umar the Brown

      Unless you see it from the side, then it looks like a giant chalupa.

  • Imam Khalid

    Gomex is a filthy, rotten, fence jumping spic and therefor – not a human being.

    Give me Chaz Bono any day – now THAT is a real woman!


    • Anubis

      Brother Imam Khalid, you definitely have an eye for beauty. Chaz Bono has been the number one Muslim pinup gal for some time now. Hubba Hubba!

      Yes indeed, Selena Homez is one disgusting wetback that has performed in more TJ donkey shows than any other lesbo slut south of the border. I think the beaner skank has been recruiting other skanks like the country hick Taylor Swift to join her in her perverted bestiality acts.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Can you imagine Chaz in a burka digging a well down at the Oasis?

        If that don’t get your “trouser snake” ready to strike nothing will!


  • andresain gangalid

    I think musulman has to be more tolerant with womans,she dosent consume drugs, she only wanted to look nice thats it

  • Alissa C. DiCarlo

    OMG she is sooooo Hot I would lick her asshole right after she shits or she can shit on me I have been into scat for years.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Take a good look at my sex slaves you dumb muslim mofos.

    Soon you’ll get a good look at my boot when I’m stomping your faces in to a shit filled toilet.


  • Corporal Abrams

    You Muslims are trash. Ill take you all down with one clip. One clip. You fucks.

    • Imam Khalid

      Magazine is the correct term.

      Not ‘clip’.

      Stop playing COD, homoqueer, and get a job.

      People like you are the reason your nation is failing.

      • Charles

        Our Nation is failing because we somehow manage to spend $4 Billion a day, and no one knows what for. Our Government and it’s “Overseers” are the one’s driving us into a recession, it’s not the fault of the people if their country takes away the right to complain about anything.

        • Anubis

          The head overseer is your half breed mongrel google, big eared, el supremo anal licker Obonga. The buck stops with him. Blame the piss poor economy, high unemployment rate, higher taxes on the working class, government spending way out of control and borrowing more and more from the Chi-coms, high rate of googles on welfare and food stamps, trashing your constitution, trying to take away your gun rights, Obonga care shoved down your throats, etc., on that socialist shitskin.

  • Word of wisdom

    Brother Durka, I believe all three harlots have had their microbrain heavily damaged from substance abuse and zionist corrosive semen, as they all forgot to wear their burqah in public.

  • Heydrich

    She’s a beaner, so I’ll give her to Herr Goering, who likes the spicy ones.But I don’t know if his needledick can satisfy her.

    • Anubis

      With a needle size, he can at least bone her nostrils.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I have an announcement to make everyone…West and I finally met yesterday in North Hollywood, and he really is a big dumb gay google with an unusually large ass.

    • The West Is the Best

      Allsmelly DiCunto

      Sure we did I have never been there and would never go to N.Hollwood and how could anyone meet you in N.Hollwood when your IP comes back to T.J. Mexico and stop taking up so much time on the towns public computer and get back to the donkey show you filthy pig.

  • andresain gangalid

    Wee musulmin are gatdbage because we dont respect womens,also we should let them get divorce, also listen ti them when they are talking. Thats the teson we are hated by the world

  • Badru the Pious

    New muslim brother here.
    Brothers we have to stop this filthy wetback to corrupt our innocent children! I was in shock o learn she is starting in a movie called Spring Breakers directed by a zionist named Korine. t’s a terrible insult for the Islam! There are rumours that she might have a nude scene there! But of course, we pious muslim men are not going to search for that scene nor are we going to see that horrible movie made to mock Islam… right?
    Allahu Akbar!