Selena Gomez Flashes Her Vagina On Stage

Selena Gomez vagina flash

Selena Gomez goes on stage and brazenly flashes her sinful vagina in the video above.

This time Selena Gomez has gone too far! Selena needs to realize she isn’t back in Tijuana working her donkey shows she can’t just go on stage and flash her disgusting stinky chalupa like this.

Since the immoral Western authorities refuse to act, it on us pious Muslims to punish Selena Gomez for her cooter flashing crimes. As we speak a fatwa is being composed condemning this most vile act. Selena and her vagina can expect a serious tongue lashing coming their way… wait that didn’t come out right.

  • Murderous

    Flashes her vagina? I didn’t see Justin Bieber anywhere in that video.

    Oh and first fags DENIED!!!

    • AB

      This website never cites the name of the event where things like these occur. I always have to search frantically, to no avail. Please try to name the event from where the clips are taken

      • Imam Khalid

        Us Muslims don’t give a shit what you want and what you don’t want, mofo.

        • Murderous

          Secondies, Thirdsies and all the rest of the kindergarten homo gang can suck a bag of HIV infected dicks!

          • Justin Bieber

            Gosh Dang it Durka Durka.
            How did you get this copy of Selena’s Striptease. This was my own personal Lap dance that she did just for me on my Birthday.

          • FIRSTIES

            Mudshit: do you consider the twentytwoties also part of the kindergarten gang? Please be honest…

          • Imam Khalid

            While I cannot speak for Mr. Murderous, I will say that all of you FIRSTIES, SECONDIES, THIRDSIES and so on are nothing but annoying short bus faggots who deserve to die horrible, screaming deaths.

            Your antics not in the least bit humorous and they are not even funny in a trolling or ironic sort of way, either.

            Each FIRSTIES etc ad nauseam posts just demonstrates what vapid, syphilitic, inbred Western queers you all are.

            In closing, may you all die slowly & painfully. May you all be seared & scorched in the blistering, fiery torments of Hell for all eternity.

            If it please Allah (SWT) and I am sure that it does.


        • AB

          I should have known better than to ask a bunch of white, right-wing whackos that run this website. I am not surprised by your response. You are white, but still as despicable as real muslims that you pretend to be

        • Imam Khalid

          I am a real Arab Muslim not some Anglo jack-off. You keep telling yourself that while you’re at the gloryhole stroking off your lunchtime meal, homoqueer.

          We’ll see how surprised you are when my henchman shove an IED up your loose asshole, you knob-gobbling Americunt.

          ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!

          • Waflesarefood


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Khalid

            My agents in america are assembling numerous “pressure cooker” bombs as of this minute.

            Just say the word and they’ll be shoving an IED up that fags ass before you can say, “kill the infidel”

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Team America

          Imam camel fucker Khalid

          Yeah, you Muslims only care about fucking camels, sucking tranny dick and blowing yourselves up for you false God. You tell that mofo not to mess with you Muslim fags. Yeah, that’ll learn him.

          America! United States of AWESOME!

      • El Comandante

        FYI, Selena Gomez was dancing in front of the Home Depot in Glendale California for a group of Mexican day-laborers

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Ass Bender,

        You shouldn’t doubt or questioning the information posted on this holy Islamic site.
        A kaffir like you must simply accept what the righteous journalists of Celebjihad write.

        Any statement against this principle must be considered as a heresy and deserves death.


          “Holy Islamic Site”………….LMFAO!! You mean “This site of Islamic Assholes”…. Hey sand google, your wife showed her ankle to me today……go kill that pig!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Shut the fuck up, you dumb eunuch brat!


      Mudshit: Bieber is a Canadian homo just like yourself. Other than that Mexican sluts flash their twats anyplace, anytime.


    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      I make money with my cunt!

  • Beastly man

    That’s looks rather tasty

    • Beastly man


  • Akbar Goldstein

    She is a dirty Mexican and needs to find the way of Allah immediately!!! If she does not comply she will be dealt with just like all of the other western infidels.

    • Imam Khalid

      Agreed although judging by the depth and apparent putridity of her taco wound, she may only have weeks left, perhaps days, if we are lucky.


    • Beastly man

      The only thing you are capable of doing is sucking on the google noodles while taking a dildo up the ass.

      • Waflesarefood

        That is 200% true my friend

  • Secondies



      You dumbass! It’s eighteenties.

      You ain’t no Secondies!
      You are a fake. Are you Jewish?

      • FIRSTIES

        I love cocks firties in the morning and lasties at night!

  • ObserversDickIsaFatwa


    …and where is Bieber’s meaty, veiny dick…??

  • Troll

    Very sporting of Selena, to get herself released from her standing gig at the donkey shows in Tiajuana to flash the crowd!

    This oughta get the jihadi’s up in a lather!

  • lakawak

    HAve any of you ever SEEN a vagina?


      I have!

      • The Reaper

        I saw my mom’s vagina and it was gross and now I’m gay.

        • The Reaper

          I see the Faggot Team tranny or his lover Moshe gayman are doing the imposter thing again they must have gotten bored in the glory hole line.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Her vagina is so big and stretched out. What would do that? Donkey?

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Yes, maybe a donkey…
      That means this slut has the same sexual deviation as Fag Moshe.

      • Alissa C DiCarlo


        • Alissa C DiCarlo

          You know what? She’s a drug mule. She’s carrying drug filled balloons in her pussy. It took me several looks at the video to figure it out.

          • MOHAMMEDSUX

            If you weren’t such a bunch of crazy assholes you could just go get some pussy instead of looking up womens dresses……..I know, you want her dress……you little sand googles love to wear dresses right?

          • Alissa C DiCarlo

            Sometimes I think about my sister when I’m rubbing my clit.

          • Imam Khalid

            I think about you when I’m sharpening my saif, harlot.

          • sandman

            Who jizzed all over your chin khalid

    • Troll

      Well, coincidentally, Selena and I were making out and getting into some “heavy petting” action after one of the donkey shows she headlines in Tiajuana. Then she popped out with this line “Ohhh, your ring is hurting me…”.

      The date ended when I replied “Thats not my ring – thats my WATCH!”.

  • Secondies

    twenty fiveys!!!!

    • FIRSTIES Police

      It’s twentyfivies you clown


    Lemmne get this straight…….some undersexed camera man tries to shoot up her dress & you fuckin morons are trashing HER? I personally don’t give a FUCK about her…. but retarded is still retarded. ease up on the camel jizz boys…….now I need to go find my Koran, i always take it wil me to the shitter…….after I peruse a page of ridiculous nonsense I tear it out & wipe my asshole clean with it…….. the pages feel really silky on the old shitter……good book, I am half way through it already!

    • Team America


      I used to use the Quran to wipe my ass too but I found it wasn’t very effective because it was already full of shit.

      America! United States of AWESOME!

      • The Reaper

        Team Tranny

        Kind of like your dick after it’s been up Moshe’s ass?

      • Fucker to …

        Hey fuckin’ bitch ,what you talking about ? You suck my dick or suck donkey’s dick okay

  • Assdiss

    And muslims , how do you like our european internet ?

    • Fuck to evils

      What you want from muslim ? I know you want jump on him dick -yeah

  • marilyn manson

    in common reality we see many things but we decide whether it’s real enough for the common mind to handle for we are the true gods of the earth.

  • Team America

    To everyone here at Celebjihad

    I have some terrible news to share with you. I’m sad to report that The Reaper has finally succumbed to the aids virus infecting his body and has passed away. The Reaper is survived by his boyfriend Abdullah the butcher and their five dancing boys. I know this must come as a shock to you all and I ask you to take a moment of silence to remember Reaper and all the gay things he posted on this site. Also, remember the hurt and lose that Abdullah the butcher must feel at this time and remember to give him your condolences.

    America! R.I.P The Reaper! I’m gonna miss you buddy.

    • News @ 5 – Film @ 11

      In other news, a disturbing story about a transgendered gerbil stuffer and his penchant for gloryhole carousing. Who is this disgusting homoqueer? He goes by the handle ‘Team America’.

      *roll footage of TA waling out of pet store with a crate of fresh gerbils*

      We’ll have the low down on this fudge packing dildo licker – and more – at 5.

      Stay tuned!

  • Mohammed Singh

    The one thing puzzles me about you Mohammed-worshiping sand googles:

    Do you like your dicks getting sandpapered? I only ask out of consideration, because I wonder, what with all that sand blowing around, how you keep the sand away when you want a bit of in-and-out action? Perhaps you just like it rough. Unfortunately, that will reduce your disks to toothpicks in no time, making you unable to satisfy a woman (no change there then).

  • Ali Buster Hymen

    Where no MAN has gone before…only a pussy bieber boy jew lover.

  • Jodi Arias

    My defense is that Travis Alexander once tied me to a tree and fucked me in the ass and I liked it.

  • Barrycourt

    So hot your all looking sexy righy

  • joshua wimsatt

    Alk I see is her leg and if that is it …it was an acident plus u would notice that wat do u look down there in every pic u see of hrper tah perv

  • Shiki shiki baba

    Fuck all kafirs

  • Villa Sukka

    I see no vagina here. Maybe you should not try so hard to look at her vagina. Go and look something else. People see what they wanna see. Your minds are as dirty as your news here. Shame on you!

  • tevra

    Allahu Akbar – until the glory of Jannah the worldy pleasures of Iddah with women of the Book will suffice.

    I doubt that anyone else here is a actually a follower of Muhammad (pbuh)

  • America

    How can you judge us Americans for the way we live. How can u say such hateful things and throw threats when you’re own Damn religion teaches you not to kill? You are nothing but a bunch of hypocrytes. Just because the rest of the world has evolved their primitive way of thinking but yal refuse? U are taught to love and help others by Muhammad yet u strap bombs to ur chests and blow people up. U treat your women like animal. Heres the thing without the women u hide behind that dumbass mask u wouldnt fucking be alive! If u wanna say u follow the Quran then do it. Love and help others. If I remember correctly the Quran actually teaches u NOT to kill. Quit being hypocrytes. Stop judging. Hypocrisy is one of the biggest sins if all.

    • funchuck

      I wouldn’t waste my time commenting on there dumb stuff they just say shit because there own eagles are destroyed and have very low self esteens so they are just trying to make them selves feel better and if she was flashing i am sure a lot more would be showing so yeah America is hated but i live with it

      • Bob

        their* egos* themselves* I*

  • blacksun7

    The white man looking at some women?
    I thought you devils were more into raping little children RALMAO!

  • Ethan

    I would totally fuck her