Selena Gomez Flashes Her Butt Again

Selena Gomez butt

Selena Gomez just can not seem to keep her taut teen ass to herself, as she once again flashes her butt for the world to see in the photo above.

It appears as though Selena Gomez emerged from her trailer, and is about to squat down in her front yard to take a mighty dump. This is a common practice among Mexicans and white trash infidels as they do not wish clog up their trailers septic tank with their rancid fecal matter.

With this pic Selena Gomez has not only once again shown her ass, but also her moral character. One can only guess as to which stinks worse.

  • Observer

    I would love to plow her like a field of lettuce…..or poppys…..

  • Habib the assassin

    Does this mexican whore have no shame? All she does is show her ass,pussy and little dirty tits every where she goes here are the reasons this should stop

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      • Anonomys

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    • hayes

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    • dede9999

      What an asshole she was wearing a bikini under that and she was simply jumping from the steps of her trailer so stfu stupid muslims

    • Muslimkiller2000

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  • Observer

    Habib The Assassin…….

    …..those seem like fine attributes for any man’s harem…

    • Habib the assassin

      Only the american negro harem cause the white males are to busy butt fucking eachother.

  • Huge Cock Habib

    like everything on this site another fake

    • Huge Cock Habib

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  • Cheryl

    Look, it is obvious that Selena is doing something different, but from the angle you took the picture, it looks like she is soing something else!

    • Habib the assassin

      Cheryl stinky cunt. WTF are you talking about get off your knees take the dick out of your mouth and go wash your foul smelling ass&pussy.

  • taketwo

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • acdcfan

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    • Habib the assassin

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    • thatguy

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      by the way, taketwo, you were asking for trouble when you picked that name

  • Anubis

    Selena Homez is such a filthy beaner cunt, taking a humongous dump right outside her trailer like that. At least Demi Lovato heads into the woods when she needs to drop a smelly load from her poop chute. It is also obvious she doesn’t even have the decency to bring along shit paper (probably wipes her ass with her hands like most illegal aliens do after illegally crossing the border).

    • Kahlid

      What is amusing is that spics like Gomex, Lovato and Justice following their genetically given drive to pick lettuce on their free time, take dumps in the middle of the field so they can keep working.

      In fact, one of these three spictresses were responsible for the E. coli outbreaks among the American kuffar restaurants not too far back.

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    • thatguy

      or eats it

      • acdcfan

        Your people are mad at mexicans because they border the greatest country in the world. Its hot where you live and your poor and can’t just hop a fence to freedom. Sorry your life sucks.

  • Celebs Fan


    • Habib the assassin

      Celeb cock sucker She is not jumping down from a trailer she was thrown out of the trailer for stinking it up the crew was eating lunch she walked in and filled the room with her foul pussy&ass odors causing the crew memders to gag and some vomited.

  • Larry

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    • Habib the assassin

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    selena looks like she’s about to take a dump and if she’s like most wetbacks (and she is) the low-class beaner will have no problem with squeezing out in public the “stinky brown buritto”

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    • mimmi

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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        • arn

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      • Habib the assassin

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  • Adrian

    You do realize that this is fake?
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    Also, if you think she is such a slut and a whore, why are you sitting here looking at her picture all day?

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  • Huge Cock Habib

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  • Adrian

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  • fuck face

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  • noneofyourbuisness

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  • Habib the assassin

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  • thatguy

    Im not sure what to think. on 1 hand, yes it does look like she is taking a dump. but why do it outside? also, ever heard of a little thing called Photoshop? whatever the case, could you lay off the infidel jokes? stop saying shes a slut or that “her pussy smells like tuna thats been left in the sun.” how would you know that, if you havnt seen or smelt it? also, im a white pagan so could you stop saying shit like neggro or wetback?

    from thatguy

    PS no I dont hate muslims or christians or whatever. Im very cosmopolitan and im not looking for a fight.

  • bucher sucks

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  • Kahlid

    Her legs are strong from years of squatting down to:

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    • thatguy

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    • acdcfan

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  • ihatethatguy

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  • guys

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  • Abdullah The Btucher

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