Selena Gomez Films Herself In The Pool

Selena Gomez pool

Actress, pop star, and filthy Mexican degenerate, Selena Gomez brazenly films herself in a pool in the video above.

Notice how Selena’s cleavage heaves as she cackles mischievously. Clearly she is up to no good in this vid, and is probably so amused because she is urinating in the pool.

It is unfortunate that Selena did not electrocute herself while filming this video. Maybe next time we will get lucky and she will try videotaping herself in a bathtub with a toaster.

  • Word of wisdom

    I’m pretty sure she’s filming herself in the mikveh of her loubavitch synagogue. We don’t have the sound, but it seems to me she’s sending a curse to all the gentile.

  • F*?K

    On top you say that it is
    unfortunate that she didn’t
    get electrofied
    Its most likely she used a water camera

  • Kahlid

    When the help swims in the pool, it is time for them to go back to the highway overpass and fend for a new _trabajo_ and no payment i.e. Coca-Cola.

    Selena proves yet again that she is the ultimate wetback.

  • Quief

    I bet she takes a piss in the pool.

    • FTW

      That is what it says on top
      You idiot!

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      piss in the pool and shit in quiefaggot mouth

      • Quief

        Your just pissed off cause there are no little boys posted here

      • John

        And yet Mohammad, instructed his followers to drink camel urine. He was a paedophile, drunk, schiophrenic and a pervert. No wonder the new testament refers to hm as the false prophet.

  • chamorru

    Where did you find the video? :P

  • Quief

    It was up Dark the camel fuckers ass

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      hahah never seen a camel in my life sorry quiefaggot I live in a first world country those are your animals you should know tho after all of them mounted you already with your gaping asshole

      • Quief

        Well it’s hard to see them when your behind them fucking them. I bet you live in a trailer in east buttfuck mississippi with your mama and your 9 brothers and sisters

  • Larry

    She is obviously happy because she pissed on a picture of a muslim believer. That would make anyone happy.

  • wajid

    hey no any say badwords about salena cz i love her alot………..i love u salena marie gomez

  • Jack the Muslim killer

    This bitch i don’t like this is the only time she washes that stinky little pussy and ass

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    There is something about this pie faced, wetback selena, that makes me want to put her in a suicide vest and send her to Tiajuana.

  • moosef my balls

    Abdullah…….. joins saddam and moammar at gloryhole in hell

    Well if there’s one thing you know its sucide vests by
    the looks of your mother and sister one went of in
    their face.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sucks moose nutz

      For us Muslims, the suicide vest is our ticket to paradise.

      All you infidel homoqueers get, when a fag shoots off in your face, is a sticky face.

      I think us Muslims have the better deal.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • selena gomez>>>all muslims


  • darkness the cock sucker

    Selena dump Bieber so i can suck his dick

  • John

    I love selena, she’s amazing. She’s kind, gentle, cares about others and is a great role model.muslims are jealous that they will never see such a figure rise out of the cult of mohammadism.

  • Hungry

    I’d swim in the pool after she pissed