Selena Gomez Embraces Her Mexican Roots

Selena Gomez Mexican

Former Disney star Selena “Puta” Gomez, embraces her Mexican roots in the photo above. Selena is showing her Mexican pride in this photo by exposing her bra like a whore while wearing a bandana and flannel shirt with only the top button fastened.

Clearly Selena Gomez was sent to this country by Jews to Mexicanize the American children. She has already taught them how to be lazy self-entitled sluts, now she is teaching them how to dress Mexican. Pretty soon every American will become Mexican, and the Zionists will turn the United States into the world’s largest lettuce plantation.

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  • Anubis

    Following Mexican tradition, Selena like any other beaner slut, often enjoys fingering herself in public. In the above photo, feeling horny Selena pulled her shirt and pants open, fingered her stink holes while getting off, and didn’t care who happened to be watching or taking pictures of her.

    To add to this perverse display of immorality, the “puta” then will most likely hold up her smelly finger towards a gaping wide mouth that is painted whore red, then lick and suck the filth off.

    Just don’t let this Disney gal serve you the Mexican delicacy of home made “chocolate” covered strawberries.

    • Anubis

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  • ishitonmuslims23

    idiots believing a photoshopped photo as usual (aka muslims)

  • Andrew Newman

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Hello

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  • jcurtisp

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  • Ali

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  • Tharren

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    • Stormin’ Norman

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