Selena Gomez Down Shirt Video

Selena Gomez down shirt

Mexican lesbian Selena Gomez is up to her old tricks again. And by “old tricks” of course I am referring to her prostituting her body for fame.

As you can see in the video below, Selena Gomez was doing an interview at a lonely small market radio station, and decided to lean over the stations one video camera to show her boobs. Selena really will whore her body out for attention just about anywhere.

Selena Gomez down shirt

Obviously Selena Gomez is a desperate attention whore who will perform any act of sexual depravity to gain even the smallest amount of recognition. What a role model for infidel children. Allahu Akbar!

  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    Forgive me Allah for my sinful thoughts…but i want to squeeze those tittays and massage them with lukewarm massage oil!

    Oh you western harlots and your evil ways. Always trying to seduce us virile Muslim men!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I find those titties inadequate for reproductive purposes but for concubinage, well, that’s a camel of a different color.

    The bottom line: One night in Tikrit and Selena would give up her lesboqueer ways forever.

    • abdullah fucked his dog

      wow, you muslims camel-infidel really have no life

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        When you encounter a jihadist, it is you who will have no life.

        eat shit mofo

      • john

        Keep your naive, racist comments to your self, obsolete minded scum!!!!!!! You want to talk like John Wilkes Boothe, Build a time machine and go to a time where that was acceptable!!!

        • john

          Oh and I’m talking to abdullah fucked his dog says

  • notyalc

    While I was watching this video I was totally imagining Allah licking my asshole while Selena sucked my dick. Totally getting off!!!! Allah is so HOT!!!!

    • Prophet Mohammed


      It’s good to know you have a dog named Allah.


      • SalamTheSandalmaker

        notyalc’s dog (who lick his asshole) says “Allahu Bark-ar”, hehe … get it… Bark-ar !!

  • Open the scroll

    I hope this fence jumping spic was raped by a pack of homeless spear chucker’s with aids after she left the studio..

    • Open my hole

      shutup u faggot

  • theheadchimp

    poor girl. selena is not a slut like most of the whores in hollywood. i hope her haters don’t see this cause they will just use it as an excuse to bash her

  • Nut

    those are some pretty sweet tits.

  • Westside willy

    Dude is she even eighteen you fucking pedaphile goofs as far as I am concerned she is jailbait and you all will get yours in the rear end cause in jail terrorists pedophiles rapist and rats ripe assholes don’t last long in general population. All you mother fuckers would be put in protective custody because you wouldn’t otherwise make it out alive.

  • theheadchimp

    Backdoor WIlly
    She is 18 but she hasn’t been jailbait since she was 13 so don’t be so concerned dickweed.

  • 2Sharp

    Beiber’s hot little receiver beaver!

    • stooped muslim camel fucking bomb making dung eating homo retard

      i thought that was you

  • Nini

    What the hell is wrong with most of you?

    I think most of you never wore a top like that and so you cant know that this wasn’t on purpose.

    And this poorly written article is very stupid and unlogical. Right in the first sentence is a mistake. Justin Bieber might not be a real man and very girlish but that doesnt make Selena Gomez a lesbian.

    She’s a woman and really not the first one who accidently had shown a glimpse of her breasts so stop paying so much attention to something so unimportant.

    And everyone who says she should be raped or something should be locked up behind very thick walls so he couldnt harm anyone with these unaceptable thoughts. And dont let them near any children, you dont want your child get raped by some strangers who might have seen through their top and think this is aceptable.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Fuck off bitch. This is a site for Muslims.

      • Nini

        yeah I’m sorry I already got it, that this site is a joke^^ i wont disturb your funny conversations with my opinion anymore. Was just shocked someone can be that stupid, but now I’m glad its a joke (:

    • theheadchimp

      I got news for you bitch. I wear a top like that all the time, its called a wife beater t-shirt. And I don’t go around giving everybody a peep show of my pecs.

  • ferrari


    No pun intended..are you a guy or a woman?

  • Panayiota

    selena is an amazing girl and a great rolemodel. whoever made this was just looking for that time she would something she doesnt even realized it’s dirty or something. and mr pervert there is nothing extreme shown

  • chuiy

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    • al-fucka

      Those are some great tities I would squezze and motor boat the hell out of those