Selena Gomez Causes Lesbian Mob At The Mall

Selena Gomez fans

Ever since we broke the story that Selena Gomez is a lesbian, teenage girls all over the country have been converting to the “dyke side”. This wave of newly transformed lesbians descended upon a mall were Selena Gomez was doing a Q&A (and probably some light fingering) for a radio station.

As soon as the cunt hungry mob got a whiff of Selena Gomez’s muff they were whipped into a feeding frenzy and charged towards the Disney star. Selena looked on and laughed as her fans were badly injured trampling over each other trying to get a piece of her sweet cherry pie. Police and firefighters had to be called in to control the mob and extract the wounded.

When asked for a comment about this horrific incident mall event coordinator Carol Barkley said “This is tragic. I haven’t seen this many lesbians go down on each other since I was invited to a party at Ellen’s.”

  • ????

    this is just stupid. first off she was was greeting her fans at that mall,not laughing at the injured.
    WHAT THE HECK! this is the worst rumor ive heard of selena gomez. this is just stupid. really, why do you even try.

  • ca

    shes not people i know her im her friend paperiza turn us stars in stuff that were totally not. so cant paperiza find a nother job thanks for your time ca selenas friend

  • …no comment

    BAHAHA, you people are so uptight, can’t you people take a joke? Nobody will believe this anyways (the lesbo part) so shut up because your ruinin my mood 0.o. Nobody cares about your fricken support for selena so don bother ;)

  • Jason

    The escalator lurched to a sudden stop and sent people flying backwards. The picture of Selena smiling was taken while she was arriving probably around an hour before the incident. Sad that a scary moment immediately sparks a fake scandal. Then again, that seems to be what you do here at Celeb Jihad…

  • Not true

    Is she really a lesbian?

    • catherine


    • dem

      no she is not a lesbian they are all liars. Publishers just want money

    • TT

      Of course she is…

  • spoons

    lmfao that of course it’s not true it’s on a parody website duh! It’s fucking funny though hahaha

  • chocolate

    selena is not a lesbo the elevator broke down and ppl got really injured

  • Dead Edâ„¢

    Durka Durka strikes again with yet another bomb. Nice.

    Oh, by the way, thanks for the Valentine’s Day card. It blew me away.

  • kadi

    men i like this gearl. she is very very preatty sometimes is slliped but i like this gearl. checkerout

  • beto

    i don’t think that selena gomez is a lesbian..
    who people said that i will punch her/him immediately
    i love selena gomez!!!!

  • Seleno Gonads

    you are so right on point jihad She is do lesbo!. That one was a bit hard to call..the jo bro homos was so much easier to call. sorry all you little girls out there..but that “drive the back roads”

  • Taylor

    Hey there people

  • Kat xxx

    SHUT UP YOU LOSER! you are such a perve and whats wrong with you, why do you make up these lame stories!

  • G Quagmire

    What’s the matter? I like lesbians. But creepy Moslem guys posting about them is what turns me off. JUDAISM RULES!!! Durka Durka can go burn with the other mother-*******in Hell!!

  • esther cuadra

    Is so good that she as a lesbian.

  • Iana Grant

    This Selena girl is OUT OF HER MIND!Why would she let her fans fight over her sweet cherry pie like that?They are really injured.UNBELIVEABLE!!!!!It’s a little funny though.


      ya it’s UNBELIVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!