Selena Gomez Caught Cheating On Bieber With Black Guy

Selena Gomez cheating

The inevitable has finally happened, Selena Gomez was caught cheating on her effeminate homosexual boyfriend Justin Bieber with a black guy.

As you can see in the photo above Selena Gomez is getting cozy with one Tyrone Jamal Johnson (who is known on the “streets” as “Lil Pookie”). Notice how Lil Pookie is suggestively sticking out his tongue. Unless this picture was taken with a watermelon then he and Selena are definitely hooking up.

Selena has obviously grown tired of fingering Justin Bieber’s stinky butthole, and is now looking for a large meat stick to fill her gaping baby box. Unfortunately for her king-sized Muslim cock is off limits thanks to her whorish ways, so like all infidel women she has settled for a black mamba. Enjoy the AIDS Selena.

  • Rabbi Brian

    That is Selena’s adopted son. Everyone knows that!!!

  • aghmed

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    • Ali bin Fuqrab

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    • Habib the assassin

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  • Kahlid

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  • Habibi247

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    selena’s “wetback genes” have really kicked in now that she has entered puberty.
    She is looking more like the ugly, sterotypical beaner by the day.

    It won’t be long before the only job she’ll be able to get, is the head-whore at the Tiajuana donkey show.

  • shocked

    wow this is disturbing just stumbled this thread and one look i know that who ever post this is freekin obsessed with Selena… get a life man dont be a shut in yeah sure never in a billion years will you have a shot at her but man dont rub dirt on others faces sure you may have a face that could lunch a thousand missiles sure your mouth looks like an asshole and your breath stinks like shit but man dont be sad im sure theres someone out there for you… you need counseling ASAP… just remember if my 14 years old son can get 2 girlfriend at the same time and they both know it I’m pretty much sure you can too… just stop being an ass

  • ghy

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  • syndey loha

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