Selena Gomez Brazilian Bikini Pics

Selena Gomez bikini

Selena Gomez is right at home showing off her butt in a bikini like the other wanton heathen women in Brazil.

Brazil is a nation obsessed with soccer and butt sex, so it is not surprising to see Selena Gomez down there with her bikini bottom firmly stuffed up her ass and not a soccer ball in sight.

These Brazilian Selena Gomez bikini pics clearly show that the former Disney star is trolling for anal. Selena obviously felt a desperate need for a good rectal stretching, and since a Muslim man would certainly split her in 2 with his powerful meat stick she has settled for a Brazilian backdoor banging.


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  • Taylor

    With those glasses on, if I saw her in person, I wouldn’t even recognize her. Selena Gomez is very beautiful, but it’s funny… her boobs look pretty small in the picture with her glasses. Sometimes they look huge, and sometimes they look tiny.

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      • FTW

        I like his avatar photo
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    • Word of wisdom

      Plus illegal los zetas dormant agent gomez has the body of an 8 years old boy, which explains why little gay Justine Bieber is all over her.

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        • Larry

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    Apparently this isn’t the website for serious comments. Lol

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    • Hllary’s Muff

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  • Muslims are mofos

    So funny
    The pic for display looks
    Pretty fake then the others looks
    So real haha

  • Kahlid

    How will Selena keep her job scrubbing tourist shit stains out of the toilets if she is whoring herself on the beach for taco money?

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  • Quief

    She licks mules balls

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  • john

    Selena is just gorgeous. I want to sleep with her