Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures Set A Bad Example

Selena Gomez

Oh my God I can not believe Selena Gomez did this! I know she works for Disney so she is contractually obligated to prostitute herself, but this is just taking it too far.

Selena Gomez was photographed almost naked in a tiny light blue bikini. Have you ever seen anything so risque?

Look how Selena Gomez just walks around in that bikini like it is no big deal. Could it be that her moral compass is already that far off, that she thinks nothing of prancing around showing off her nearly naked body causing devilish urges in the men who see her?

Selena has got to realize that like it or not (and believe me I don’t) she is a role model to hundreds of billions of young teen girls out there. By wearing a bikini like this she is basically telling them that it is OK for them to sell their bodies to strangers for a few bucks… or to score some PCP.

I hope that you parents out there see these pics of Selena Gomez in a bikini and ban your children from viewing anything she is involved in. Selena has proven once and for all that she is terrible role model and a destructive influence on the moral fabric of society.


Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez


    She still aint got much of a figure, but Damn Selena…..where did that ample bosom come from?!!! She’s also starting to get a little more shape to those legs. Starting to look good Selena, but you’ll never come close to the gorgeous Demi Lovato. God I Love Southern Girls!!!

    • frank drebin

      selena is way hotter than that fatass demi and her buttchin

    • Eh?

      lol Demi’s like an ironing board. Flat. Selena has some nice boobs growing there. ;) I’m lovin’ it!

      • pedobear

        pedophiles ;)

    • Char

      That was for her film role in Monte Carlo, it was only for that, so seriously calm down, and anyway, what’s the problem walking around in a bikini because everyone does it in the summer, Selena’s not makeing a bad influence here, she is haveing fun and liveing life. You should try it.
      And because Selena’s not a bad influence, Demi isn’t either, Miley.. she’s maybe going off the hook, she has 2 tattoos, and piercings, which will encourage more kids to get tattoos and piercings. Miley has a tattoo under her left breast saying ‘Just Breathe’ and one in her right ear saying ‘Love’.. yes their nice, but that’s being a bad influence to kids, and yes, she’s aloud because she’s 18.. but your wrong bout selena being a bad influence here.

  • Fat Housewife

    Well I remember the days long long ago when I used to be able to do that. But then I got hooked on soaps and ice cream and now I just sit at the couch for five hours a day doing laundry and eating ice cream. Something about soaps and ice cream just makes it worth being a fat housewife. And considering that I also used to flash around in a blue bikini I can’t wait until Selena Gomez is 10 years older so that she and I can get together and determine which chocolate ice cream has the most chocolate chunk goodness per bite. Ben and Jerry all the way!

  • Jon Gripe

    haha is this article for real? Girls are not allowed to wear bikinis to the beach now or what? BTW she is super hot!

  • Ummm

    This article is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. I can’t believe whatever idiot typed these words. Have they never been to a beach? Public pool? Girls EVERYWHERE (even 6-year-olds) wear bikinis like the one Selena is wearing. Has the author of this ridiculous article never seen ANY OTHER CELEBRITY (think Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato) walking on the beach in their bikini too? This is not a bad example whatsoever, she is at the beach and she is wearing the APPROPRIATE clothing for the beach: a SWIMSUIT. That is in no way being a bad role model; in fact, Selena is probably one of the best role models out there. She maintains a clean image, does not take disgusting pictures of herself, doesn’t drink, do drugs, curse relentlessly, or any other sort of trashy thing that young Hollywood sometimes does. If you want a bad role model, look at DISNEY star Miley Cyrus: have you SEEN her latest music video? Seriously, whoever wrote this needs to look around before publishing such complete and utter trash.

    • Bertt

      Sarcasm, look it up

  • tom

    curse the one who post this picture this is such lame is just for the movie. Stupid for the one who put this on

  • RealNyukka

    man, she isn’t telling girls to expose every thread of their body to letchs or normal everyday men. what i get from this is that she is telling girls to be comfortable with their bodies and not to have a low self-esteem. you see girls at the beach wearing bikinis all the time but that thought never comes to our minds. its just something for women to wear at the beach is all.

  • vistor

    she was just trying to tan to where she would not get a bathing sute tan line and shes not seting a bad example

  • Scott

    knock knees, flat feet, probably eats crackers in bed…

  • Anja

    just bcause she was wearing a bikini doesnt mean she;s a bad role model. u guys can go to hell i mean im 12 and im wear a bikini

  • LauE



  • apoorva

    FYI she was shooting for her movie monto carlo in paris this pictures are during their shoot u dumb

  • :p

    its just a bikini come on all girls r wearing that same one but you dont post them now come i could see if she had one like miley cyrus showing her crotch so give selena a break

  • alicia

    are you ridiculous? she is TANNING! TANNING! All girls practically do it? And bad example, please, have you not seen miley cyrus with her va-jay-jay hanging out everywhere, and dating older guys over the age limit.. which is practically illegal, w/ out parent concent. Im a understanding person, and I know people make mistakes but somethings you just wanna slap some people over stupid decisions. and she isnt showing off anything, what is she wearing? a bathing suit! i mean really? bad example? should ban kids from seeing anything with her in it? are you like a freakn selena nazi or something? She is a 17 year old girl, tanning. 17! AND WHY DO YOU HAVE ANYY RIGHT TO SAY WHATS RIGHT AND WRONG about WHAT SHHHEEEEE does?!?!?!? EXACTLY, youre obviously to much of a idiiot to realise that YOU DONT. and to say such rude things about a young women who is mautre, has a purity ring, and is focusing on her career rather who she wants to fuck next is amazing. Lets see, shes not a high school drop out, she’s not ANOTHER young mother to add on to the rise of amounts for this decade…. and she probably makes more money in a day then you do in a whole stinkin year, there are you happy? You’ve just been told by ONE out of SEVERAL MILLION or even BILLION fans that would literally DENIE YOU LIFE if they saw this, watch what you say about a young famous girl on the internet, because they will ALWYAS have a strong fan base and connections, and you will seriously be hurt.

    • Skyler

      You’re a spelling bee champion, aren’t you?

  • Hahaha

    Fuck You u fucking shit u should get a fuckin life bitch cuz u dont fuckin got a clue wat ur writing about u fuckin asshole selena could do watever she wants and obviously this a movie scene in monte carlo u dumbass plus shes cute awesome and beautiful so fuck u asshole


    selena is way hotter than demi

  • p

    I heard that selena gomez had sex with a guy named Luke somewhere in Glendale,Arizona

  • p

    does anyone think it’s true

    • BHO4LIFE

      hell no. selena is a good girl



  • Melvin James

    You have got to be the biggest f*cking idiot on the face of the earth! The girl is wearing a bikini so what! get a life!

  • lmao

    Am i the only person who understands over-the-top Sarcasm???

  • wow

    I bet girls half her age where skimpier clothing

  • Creeper

    Thank you.

  • glinda

    whoever wrote this article is either a nerd or has no other work rather than criticizing her, ur reason is entirely stupid. i mean common, its the 21st century, do u want her to dress up in a sari on a beach. low lifes like u should go take a hike.
    selena is a pretty girl and talented girl, shes not a role model to her fans just bcoz of her attire. that bikini isnt gonna make her fans think less of her.

    • lilly devil

      ya im with you

  • Mark

    whoever the author of this bogus article is should stay anonymous and stay in their cave for a long, long time. because it is obvious that they have never visited a beach in Southern California. Where all the girls are wearing the same style bikinis.

  • blank

    Why couldn’t she take it off?

  • sophie

    she’s on the beach. duh. how is she setting a bad example for kids? im 3 years younger than her and i wear bikinis.

    • shame

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • thundernutts

    in a year she’ll be like ann hathaway, lindsay lohan and any other “disney darling” showing titties in movies so she can break out of that disney darling mode. then you MIGHT have something to bitch about!

  • kyle

    she is the best singer/actress in the world

  • kyle

    all the people who criticize her are all f**en bastards

  • samantha

    you guys are all disgusting reatards selena is just having fun thats a swim suit whaty is she suppose to wear sweats this website lies anyway you guys r idiots!!!!!

  • retarded

    i dont think it really matters, girls will be girls, and if you have a nice figure like that you should be able to show it off. And anyways how old is she? 17? wow. that body wont be there forever, and i compliment her on the color.

    • If only

      Ur right, but I wish it could be there forever

  • Al Jizzera

    obviously Selena would feel much freer within the concealing freedom of the flowing burqua and hijab. Many women who wear them say this, so I think she should be forced to wear them too, so she will understand before she becomes too corrupted to think for herself.

  • Ann

    Talk about pedophiles. She’s like 16, c’mon.
    Anyways, I’m jealous of her boobs. I’m 19 and still flat :(
    Still praying!

  • billyraycyrus

    selena’s a saint compared to my daughter

    • wthisupwithyou


  • maggie

    u assshole she wuz filming and how iz that being a bad influence!idiot

  • caitlin


  • selena fan

    These stupid paparazzi take these pictures and say ridiculous stuff just to make money. Forget freedom of speech great stars like selena can’t even go to the beach or so much as wear the wrong fashion whithout being attacked by them!

  • lilly devil

    wow you must be a stupid moron becaue selena is the best roi mean roll motle there is i mean for crine out loud i ware bikenis and im only 11 so your really stupidand should back off because your just jellis that selena has all hese people difending her and not you i mean really take miley for exsamle shes off showing people her croch so you think that selenas worst wow your a real moron to think that o btw i like her swim soit and all the people that think hes an ideot you should tipe back to him and give him a peace off your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mackenze

    Calm down people she is trying not to get tan lines from the bikini she is laying down its not like shes walking around with out the straps on you are taking it a little too far

  • Mackenze

    She is trying not to get tan lines god calm down people

  • Bryan

    Is it bad to wear bikinis now adays i dont see wants wrong if she wanta to tan or something let her just sit there and tan as alll the boys look how hot she is

    • modesty

      The problem is because young teenage boys, who are trying to cope with puberty will start lusting after her and use her body to masturbate. She is practically causing those who want to stay pure in their mind and thoughts to sin.

  • Tehe

    Ok who ever rote this is mentally fucked! She’s 17 I think she can go tanning in a bikini and wats wrong with a bikini?!?! It’s not like she’s naked! She’s not showing any “parts” so just lay off and u think this is bad maybe u shuld look up sum of Miley cyrus’s pics because they’re like 60x worse. I mean Miley put out pics of her in her bra and underwear! And Selena don’t listen to this Jackass cuz he don’t know wat He’s talkin bout. Just go on and act like a normal 17 year old don’t listen to all these little fuckers cuz once again they don’t know anything!

    • modesty

      Whoever you are, you obviously have no idea how the eyes of a guy works. If a female goes out in public covering key body parts while exposing the rest, she is gravely ignorant. Guys have eyes that work like heat seeking missiles, so it does not matter whether she is naked or half naked, they will definitely think of wrong things in their head if they see her like that. Wearing a bikini is practically going out in your underwear, so do not come and give me the crap that i do not know anything about what i am talking about. By the way, i am 19 and i am a guy, so i do know what guys are thinking. I can tell you that there are other guys who are using these pictures for the wrong purposes and even Selena will get sick if she finds out their intentions.
      Sure, Miley showed her bra and panties, but that does not mean that Selena is so perfect that she is better than Miley. None of us are perfect. If she dresses in a bikini for a movie, she is saying that it is okay for young girls to show their bodies for money. Don’t tell me that guys will not lust after Selena if they see her in a bikini because they are lying. Any guy will struggle and think that way, unless you are a saint or a hermit. To the person who replied to me, if you are a girl, i don’t blame you because you probably don’t know that guys can lust just by looking. If you are a guy, you should definitely know what i am talking about.( p.s. I don’t think Selena would read this forum because she does not read the internet. However, if she does, it was my pleasure expressing my views) Cheers:)

      • Obviously

        Dude r u serious?!?Selena is just doing her part in a movie,it’s not her fault!!
        I personally think that if some boys who will start masterbating over Selena cause
        she is in a bikini is cause they r all worrying bout the wrong things(we have all thought of rlly wrong things in our life too)..We’ve all masterbated at one point of our lives,even myself…I dont mean to but i did…I mean..come on,what Selena is trying to say is “u should be proud of how God made u”,even if u r too skinny or fat,etc…i was a bit chubby n short when i was a bit younger,but that didnt stop me from wearing a bikini,i was proud to be who i am even if some ppl were engrossed that i actually did that…what do u expect Selena to wear at a pool scene anyways?A shirt w some pants?For Pete’s sake,ITS A POOL,U EITHER SWIM IN THE POOL OR TAN W A SWIMSUIT ON!even if Selena “happens” to read all u haters’ negative comments,she would just ignore it like a mature person would…She dosent need all u ppl to critisize her bout how she setted a bad example for kids..I dnt think u r opening ur eyes rlly well,go look at evry girl now,they wear bikinis,DUHHH!I just hate it when ppl say negative stuff bout celebs!!Go post ur shit somewhere else GOSSSH!U haters r annoying!I AM A FATASS,N I AM PROUD FOR BEING ME N NOT GOING HATER MOOD ON ANYONE!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          an obvious dumbass

          Allah objects to women displaying their nakedness to the world and punished them with hell fire and demons.

          You are a misguided and ignorant mofo if you think that a woman, walking around nude in public, is a good thing. It only leads to becoming a whore.

          I suggest you read the Qur’an and improve your morals.

          • Kiki19

            I obviously understand that you are following your religion,and everybody derserves to express their opinion.Well your opinion is yours,and other people’s opinions are theirs,in MY opinion,I think it’s okay,but a little bad.I don’t think that person or whoever “Obviously” is,is trying to say what she/he thinks.Everybody has different opinions,religions,etc. they follow.So can we maintain peace and whatever anybody says they say that cause they feel it.So what you say is your fact,and what others say is theirs..

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You had best not say such stupid shit in person to a Jihadist. I can tell you for a fact that would be stoned.

            Then again….go ahead and say it.

            Allahu Akbar

      • demi

        miley’s a whore

  • modesty

    To the person who replied to me and said that i was sick in the mind, i have only this this to say. If you are a girl, i don’t blame you as you don’t know that guys can lust just by looking. If you are a guy, you should know what i am talking about. I am 19 and i am a guy, so do not give me the crap that i do not know what i am talking about. Wearing a bikini out in public is just like going out in your underwear. Covering key body parts while exposing the rest of your body means that you are gravely ignorant of the fact that guys will lust after you. Selena is saying to all the girls how look up to her that it is okay to flaunt your bodies for money, without realizing that your body is the most sacred thing and that it should not be revealed publicly. If a guy says that he does not feel anything looking at these pictures, he is lying because all guys struggle with bad thoughts if a girl is immodestly dressed. Sure, miley showed her bra and panties, but that does not mean that Selena is perfect or better than her. None of us are perfect. Selena was basically giving guys all over the world the green light to use these pictures for their own means. Even Selena herself will get sick if she finds out what guys do with her pictures. I am a teenager, so is do understand what happens in the minds of teenage guys. If a man says that no feelings of lust are invoked if a girl dresses in a bikini, he is kidding you because he is struggling to control his thoughts and urges. Selena is feeding the urges of these guys by having her bikini pictures published on her web.( p.s I will be more than happy to hear your replies. By the way, Selena does not read this website, but even if she did, i am happy to have stated my views. cheers:)

    • HonestThoughts

      FWI, Selena is just trying to be a normal tennager by sitting by the pool trying to have a relaxing day, She didnt even know the picture was being taken. Get your facts straight before you start running your fucking mouth. K bye.

  • David

    I love this site, solely because it proves how dumb people really are lmao. It’s also further proving foreigners right about how stupid Americans are.

    People actually believe these articles are real LOLOLOLMAO


    If you are one of the many who actually think that these blatantly satire/sarcastic post are real please do one of the following.

    1) Kill yourself. Whatever way you do it is fine. I don’t care if its slow and painful or fast and painless.
    2) If you are an idiotic tween girl posting in defense of someone famous punch yourself really hard in the ovaries to keep you from breeding.
    3) If you’re a guy, Please get your tubes tied. Rather you castrate yourself or let a doctor do it just get it done to prevent passing on the stupid gene to your offspring.

    Thank you.


  • Dylan

    Shes on a beach wearing a bikini. What should she wear a long sleeve shirt and some pants? Grow up shes going to be 18 soon god.

  • deneaks

    why is you the only one that mad a comment about her?what if yu was a girl and someone said that about you?you are a buttttt do you here me

    • modesty

      A headButt?


    you realize that she is NOT almost naked?

    • modesty

      Like i said, covering key body parts while revealing the rest of your body is ignorance, she is half naked if not almost naked.

  • sasuke

    get a life if all u can do mess up people chear u need a life & go to the beac &look around stupid if u don’t like selena gomez don’t look it up by the way look (Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato) no if that is almost naked i stupid but it’s NOT covering key body parts while revealing the rest of your body is not almost naked

  • sasuke

    give her a braek jackass everbody her is got little good in each comment asshole

  • notacow

    I think this article is mocking all of the nazi prudes that are basically saying the same things.