Selena Gomez Bent Over Ready For Action

Selena Gomez bent over

It looks as though Selena Gomez is bent over and ready for action as a shower of blood and piss rains down upon her.

This satanic scene is typical of infidel sex, were sluts like Selena Gomez are often covered in bodily fluids while being banged hard from behind.

Of course this Selena Gomez sex scene is an abomination as the only fluid permitted during sex is the man’s seed entering a woman’s vagina, face, or anus. A woman’s holes should be as dry as the Sahara, and if the tiniest hint of moisture is felt she should be beaten mercilessly for being a whore. Thus is the will of Allah!

  • Arnold

    All you damn feminists..listen up

    If women and men are so damn equal..why don’t you ever whine about women and men competing with each other in the olympics??

    Why are womens’ events different from men’s events? Why can’t women compete with men in the same event together?

    If you can give me an answer I’ll be waiting..

    If you cannot I suggest you SHUT THE FUCK UP.. and stop betraying mankind..bloody sissies!

    Men and women ARE NOT and women are different..stop fucking with nature goddamit!

    • Anonim

      men and women ARE equal and fuck you. by saying men are women are equal, we are talking about the rights. and again, fuck you.

      • Arnold


        Fuck you asshole just keep sayin fuck fuck like a retarded nitwit..

        I posted very clearly that if you have an answer then answer me..contradict me

        Once again..if you do have anything that proves that men and women are indeed equal..I would love to hear it..if I said..SHUT THE FUCK UP…

        • Larissa

          the reason woman Olympics is different from mens is cuz the mens equipment is the same but it is built stronger as men tend to be the stronger one.
          we could compete against each other but it would mostly be the men winning as their materials are stronger as they are to. so they feel it’d be easier (& fairer) for them to be separate.
          & Yes the other dude is right, sports has nothing to with equality because their will always be someone better, hence why they have separate sporting leagues & things. Equality has to do with rights & justice, not sports. sports has nothing to with the law or government system.
          so there yuu got yur answer now STFU

          • Arnold

            Larrissa the feeble minded bitch

            LMAO..would you just listen to yourself?


            Are you retarded or something?

            Forget about being superior..give me one feild where women are even equal to men..

            Test them are superior..
            Test them are superior..
            Test the are superior..

            How the fuck then can you even think about justifying equality between men and women?

            Are all you feminists pot headed?

          • Jimmer

            Men and woman are not equal. Especially in Olympics. Think about track. They don’t run together because men are ALWAYS faster and ALWAYS jump farther.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Anal Arnold

          Damn….you have already taken the “biggest homo of the year” award.

          “Test the appearance….men are superior”

          Wow. If that’s not a homo thing to say then I don’t know what is.

          You’ve been hit over the head with one or two hundred too many.

          Get back to your stall at the gloryhole you sick mofo


          • Arnold

            You illiterate prick..
            Where did you learn english from?

            Are you sure you are a white american?

            Appearence is something thar appears..if a woman and a man “appear” before will appear bigger stronger broader more muscular… HENCE SUPERIOR APPEARENCE WISE

            Please don’t kill english us all a favor..start speaking spanish or any other easier language that your IQ can handle..

            go back to mexico and keep sucking your father’s cock

          • Arnold

            Also to the 2 morons above..

            I am not against equal rights for women..

            If you actually read my post…I clearly said Feminists..and nothing about equal rights..BIG DIFFERENCE

            Feminists in todays world are much like misogynists..and this is what I hate.

            If you want equality for women fine..but if you belittle men..insult men..abuse men..walk all over acheive that.. then FUCK YOU!

            Have you seen any american movies and tv shows lately??
            Have you seen how women talk to men and treat men in the movies and tv ? IT HAS A BIG INFLUENCE ON THE VIEWER

            And this is my problem…because of feminism..mysoginism is becoming acceptable and in todays world you can hardly tell the difference between the two

        • Lamichael

          you idiot you tell him not to say fuck when you use it more then he does bitch!

      • nimd4

        Equal, fine! No alimony, no child-support; If she’s rich, we get paid, great!

      • Toru

        we are not equal in rights either, we cannot strike you, and then when you use that againts us and strike us for fun we still cannot strike you

    • your mother

      because they have different body structures men have evolved to the point of phisiclly being strong as of women being put to house work led then me be less powerful then men so with that said the Olimpics are only trying to keep this equal. so think before you type dip shit

      • Paul

        Mother fucker

        First learn to spell..then we might think about replying to you


  • NotGay

    Couldn’t you at least show the asshole.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Not even close to gay

      If you want to see an asshole….look any muslim man in the face.

      If you drew a line down the center you’d never know the difference as ugly as them mofos are.


      • NotGay

        But I wanna see hers

  • The Guy with the EyE

    Secondies!! Id Fucker with the Biggest Blackest Strapiest Strap on I could find till shes slipt like a log..then keep on fuckin

  • The real Big Pete

    Thats what I call a “wetback with a wet back”

  • the real slim shady

    Fucking dumb arab slut i would shove my cock in her asshole till she squirted right into anonims mouth

    • fuckmusslims

      Ok Eminem

  • skcushalludba

    First FTW!

  • Sex’d and horny!

    Would scissor with her till i came so damn hard! Then eat eachother out.

    • Kahlid

      You’ve just signed your death warrant, harlot.

      Prepare for a hail of stones raining down on your hydrocephalic lesboqueer head.

  • yasser hussien islam

    Thats right death to that catholic wet back beener bitch!! She wears a strap-on to fuck.that underaged canuck white trash faggot in the ass. I wish ICE would deport that beener harlot back to that mexican cest pool of a country!!!!

  • Ryan

    All religious people with an attitude like that are retards

  • critic

    thi pic of selena gomez is fake

  • You idiots

    It may look real but the only thing I know is that if Selena Gomez did pose for this she would ruin her career

    • Alissa DiCarlo

      I pose nude every fuckin’ week. It sure didn’t ruin my career.

  • Muslims Are Gay Ass Fags

    All muslims here are gay ass fags. Anyone who believes in “Allah” is stupid. The one and only god is Jesus. Anyone here in muslim will not make it to “Paradise” the will make it to hell. It says in the bible. John 3:16, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. So fuck u muslims, with ur kamikazi ways.

    • Senoir Devereau

      Most muslims are indeed gay ass fags.

  • sly

    Is that like… blood?

  • Sympatico

    No fool. It is not blood.

  • Bob smith

    Fuck u Muslim whoever u are. Women do NOT deserved to be beaten for having moisture when u need moisture to have sex. You can’t have sex if your partner’s vagina is dry! So allah sucks and I think u know as well as I do that women don’t deserve to be beaten for a natural bodily function…

    • Senoir Devereau

      Well put Bob, but you have to understand that this site is overrun by gay muslim faggots who have never been with a woman.

  • DmC69

    Shut the fuck up and look at the pic idiots,go to the white house and shit about men and women..

    • Senoir Devereau

      You are a fool DmC69. The site is about the chicks, but it is also about politics and religion.

  • selena

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    • Kahlid

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    • atl

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