Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Sex Tape Video

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber sex tape

It appears as though a Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sex tape video has leaked to the Web.

As we reported yesterday, Justin Bieber recently had his camera and laptop containing what he described as “personal footage” stolen from his dressing room. Many speculated that this “personal footage” could in fact be a sex tape with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Now the video below has been released to the Internet, and it appears to show Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged in sexual acts. Is this in fact the long anticipated first Selena Gomez sex tape? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

  • shaina

    Even if so even if this is selena and justin why would anyone make such a big deal over it? Selena is what like 19 or 20 they are grown ass adults and they were dating I wouldnt be suprised if they have had sex! 95% of the world does anyways!

  • sam

    its selena n justin!!

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  • nonofyourbuisness

    its would not be suprising if it was them but its out of focus and hard to tell

  • arc

    thats not even justin !


    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Can Tell Its Not Justin Beiber Cause There Is No Tattoo On The Kid In The Videos Shoulder.. Whoever Posted This IS Sick And Seriously Fucked In The Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello

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  • diziD

    Fake its not them

  • Rvz

    Fake vid n JB n SG wont stay in a cheap place like dat…..

  • jasmine

    omg really

  • Jon

    please, the tattoos don’t even match. No chest tattoo, no leg tattoos and no shoulder tattoo. I am so excited that celebjihad decided to post some high school xtube video

  • ruiz

    ok explain this to me i dont give a fucking shit about him tbh but in the first pic he has a tattoo on he right collerbone when in the tap neather collerbone is tattood at all… im fucking confused..

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  • Sammy

    It dosnt look like Jb And Selena gomez

  • bucky

    its not even them. looks nothing like them. i am ALA. LE LE LE LE LE LE

  • bucky


  • FAKE

    This is totally fake. I don’t think Justin Bieber have a penis.

  • Anonomous

    I would love to stuff my dick into Selena’s Holes…I would tear the shit out of that tight little pussy of hers!

  • Scrd

    I honestly think who cares if they have sex selena Gomez is 20 and Justin Beiber Is 18 going on 19 march 1st leave them alone they are grown ass adults

  • BestBitchAlive

    OKAAY , that’s not even Justin bieber . Justin clearly Has tattoos all over his arms && chest . So y’all need to STFU !! && Get a LIFE ((:

  • Oh the humanity

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  • Spirit

    That’s not JB


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  • Ruben Urrabazo

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  • someone you probably don’t like ;)

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  • Anacleto


  • me bitch

    thats not justin cuz justin has a tattoo on his shoulder and the guy in this video doesnt plus this guy has darker hair

  • patricia

    …. that awkward moment when all the comments are disturbing.. and mostly about Muslims than Selena and justin

  • almira

    this is not justin bieber.

  • roc

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  • Blizardfwd15

    I call bullshit. That looks nothing like Selena

  • Hugure


  • jasem


  • Teddy lover

    They did not have sex they just played around !!!! It’s none of our business anyways but it was released on the Internet so there for everyone will stick their nose all up in Jb and Selena’s business asking about everything !!! Both on them kept their word ; Jb : ” I will not have sex until I actually love them ” , Selena : she won’t have sex until after marriage !!!! K !!!!! ❤Jb❤Selena

  • Deylisa

    This aint justin bieber -.- ! Were is His Tattoo On his Right Shoulder of the CROWN ! Tf yall aint slick -.-

  • Troll

    Total Fake, Justin Bieber don’t have a penis

  • chris king

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  • jackson

    this shit is fake in real life he has a gay tatto but in the vid he doesnt so thats one reason why its fake

  • brandon shaw

    that’s not selena Gomez.