Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Sex Tape Video

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber sex tape

It appears as though a Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sex tape video has leaked to the Web.

As we reported yesterday, Justin Bieber recently had his camera and laptop containing what he described as “personal footage” stolen from his dressing room. Many speculated that this “personal footage” could in fact be a sex tape with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Now the video below has been released to the Internet, and it appears to show Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged in sexual acts. Is this in fact the long anticipated first Selena Gomez sex tape? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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            Blond? No. On what hypothesis are you basing that statement on? The Assyrian, Sumerians, Persians and the Babylonians were not blond.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: About the wheel. There is a bit of a problem there. Why? That’s because archeological foundings have shown that wheeled vehicles appears in the mid-4th millennium BC, near-simultaneously in Mesopotamia, the Northern Caucasus (Maykop culture) and Central Europe. It means that it is still unsolved.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Babylon? You mean the city-state or Babylonia? This province were already dissolved around the 7th and 8th century. Timūr-i Lang killed 20.000 people in Baghdad and destroyed the most of the Assyrian Christianity in the north of Iraq. Not killing every person. The Mesopotamia was already Islamic.

          • Christian Whore

            The Ancient Mesopotamians were pioneers of all of these inventions and thats a FACT from the WESTERN WORLD as well as the EASTERN WORLD. Pick up a book now and then you demented piece of fuckery.

            @Moshe Dayan You really think so? What about the Modern Assyrian-Chaldean peoples who still remain in Iraq today? They are directly related to those ancient peoples you ignorant jew.

            @Arcachnar and thank you for backing me up your facts are truely spot on.

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            @Kale Laptop from the 80’s? There were no laptops back then and it would be too primitive to have an actual working internet on. Or did I misinterpreted of what you have said?

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            Edit: It is not the real John.

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      • Arcachnar

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            Dumb? Have you ever read your own posts?

          • Little Timmy

            Chinese technology sucks… at least given the fact that there are over a billion people there. You’d think they be quite productive. But they just copy all of their shit from the USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Israel, and France. These latter countries are the leaders in technology. Don’t even get me started on Muslim nations. They are even more backward than the Chinese. As you said, most of their gadgets are purchased from Western or East Asian companies and governments. A lot of it is inferior or second-hand shit too.

            USA, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, and Japan have made 95% of the scientific, technological, and artistic innovations over the last 100 years. The rest of the world has been next to worthless. We could have all done without them and taken a larger share of the resources ourselves.

          • Arcachnar

            @Pete Did I say that we are superior in technology? No. You really should read others posts? Yes. We buy these stuff and perhaps the weaponry is not that good as the US and Europe (we also buy from other trade partners than US), but I was comparing it to the technology of Africa.

          • Hannibal

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        • Grand Dragon Pete

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          • Arcachnar

            @Pete and I quote: As if you blacks have these kind of technology. I was talking about the blacks in general. You do know that the most blacks live in Africa? Everyone makes mistakes. That is human.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Let me rephrase that: Is the technology in Africa greater than other countries then? The technology in the Middle East is better than in Africa.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

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            @Pete Wow. Pete knows some difficult words. Good boy. No. YOU shut up. First, I really take history and religion very seriously, so I NEVER telling lies or distort the facts about this. The history books, Bible, Qur’an and many documentaries can back everything up. Secondly, IF you had read my post, you should have known that I meant that at least the technology in the Middle East is better than in the most of Africa. Not playing semantics. Not more. No less. Stop nagging about it.

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            Bullshit, conjecture and outright fabrications? Do you even know how imbecile you sound? Everything that have been said by ME can be backed up with history books, Bible, Qur’an and important documentaries. The only things that you came up with is greatly distortion of the truth of actual historically and religious facts. But, I repeat myself. That’s because it is nothing new.

            Now, another important point; When will it get through your thick skull that this is not a KKK site and that actually nobody believes that YOU Pete (for you are the same person after all) are a KKK member? Never, I presume.

            @Niko They are the same person. There are too much similarities in their posts.

          • Grand Kleagle Otis


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    This site is not operated by Muslims. Muslims are people of virtue. I myself am a Muslim and these fucks pretending to be Muslims are actually not. Fuck you guys and close this site down. These are else fucking cunts degrading Islam. If they really claim to be Muslims but still they are not. Muslims are not known by name. Muslims are those which respect others and hide their secrets. You are not a Muslim if you call yourself a Muslim. Muslims are known by their actions. This is the same as if all the males in the world call themselves girls but are actually not and vice versa. And a person who claims to be 10 while he is 60 is actually not 10.


    • John Grande

      I agree with you. Hi im John, John Grande im a Sargent for te United States Army and I honestly agree with you. While I was In Afghanistan I met alot of polite and respectful Muslims they were some of the niceist people I have ever met.

      • John Grande

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  • Muslims for the shut down of this site

    As a true Muslim I find this site is an outrage to all real Muslims. By the way the false Muslims treat others only shows that your not Muslims but a few teens or children who swear speak of homosexual acts and are bigots.

    A true Muslim would not call other races Googles,spics or any other slur that is used by the people who post here. The only true Muslim I have seen post here Is the one called Arcachnar

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    • Khalid

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      • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

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  • Nancy Pelosi

    You can only enjoy this site because of my liberal voting record in congress.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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        Hashim the Anal Destroyer

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  • Super Saiyan

    This is definitely fake. I mean, neither Bieber or Selena have cocks, so what was, whoever, sucking on. Strap-on’s work but I doubt it… Furthermore, I didn’t pay attention to that cock, but I noticed it was more than an inch, I highly doubt that the little bitch could go more than 2cm, whilst on a boner.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • WoWaddict

        ^ I find it amusing how much everyone on this site pity you, using derogation terms such as “fag” and “homoqueer” is just depressing. So, where do I start….how about with this “Islam will take over the world!” sorry to put a downer on your parade but the moment you try to kill the ‘infidels’ the whole fucking world will send nukes over, or Russia will happily solo a country seeing as it is the most powerful country in the world. So the moment you try and kill the ‘infidels’ before you even get out the country your pretty much getting around 10-15 nukes destroying the country and countries around you, so i wish all the best of luck in that respect. Now, back to this homophobic comments, by those comments i’m assuming you failed your English Literature, am I right? In addition, with Gay Marriage being put in place rapidly all over the world, it seems you can’t stop it. Also m8, throughout the history that we have been alive (humans) every single one was either gay or bi you’ll find. Especially in the 15th/16th century everyone was either gay or bi, no-one was ‘straight’. Also you’ll find the sexual orientation of Gay/lesbian is increasing rapidly, so again good luck trying to kill them. What else is there to your invalid argument…..Oh yeah, God i’m afraid is a load of bull shit, there is no God and there was never a God, it’s down to evolution and the big bang theory. And to top it all off you sir are not a Muslim you are a religious extremist and therefore you are cast aside and no longer religious or a Muslim by the standard of a Muslim community. You’ll find you have read the Qur’an wrong and reading the Qur’an literal which is a mistake every Religious person knows not to read their holy book and believe 100% of it and act as it says 100% of the time. The book was written at a time when the rules of the world were as fucked up as your logic at the moment. It does say “kill all infidels”…do you see every Muslim community around the world killing non-Muslims..? Let me answer that for you…NO! that’s because they know that it’s a load of bull shit, why? well let me explain you cannot kill anyone or judge anyone right? Well therefore by judging Homosexuals you have broken that rule, by threatening you have broken that rule and if you kill then you have broken one of the most sacred rules. Only Allah can’t judge, have I got that right? therefore you are neither a Muslim or can ever be one with your mind set. I believe that’s..
        GAME.SET.AND MATCH. To me ;)

        • jazz

          i thought it was soooo hot the way she sucked Justin’s penis

        • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • sha

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        • that one guy

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