Selena Gomez Almost Nip Slip Vid

Selena Gomez nip slip

A woman’s breasts are horrible shameful things, that is why it was such a relief to see that Selena Gomez’s nipples some how defied the laws of physics and remained hidden in the video above.

Allah in his infinite wisdom never gives us more than we can handle, and with the extreme amount of infidel sluttery in the world today, a Selena Gomez nip slip would of been just too much.

Thankfully Selena Gomez’s nipples remain hidden for now, but I fear it is just a matter of time until this degenerate Mexican whore exposes them to the world. May Allah give us strength when that day finally comes.

  • Z3r0

    You’ve already posted a REAL nipple slip from Selena Gomez, looks like you didn’t even noticed it! LOL

    Check it:


    • I Love CelebJihad Like Your Mother Likes My Penis (LOTS!)

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  • bob

    look at them move

  • Anubis

    Yes thank Allah in his infinite mercy for keeping those nubile puppies tucked away in her titty holders. I fear though that someday this half beaner harlot will flash to the world her snatch in an upskirt photo with no panties as she is getting out of the car by the paparazzis like the whores Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the Satan worshiping witch Emma Watson did.

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      • Anubis

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    It is disgusting to watch selena turn into an old maid right before our eyes.

    Had her dumbass wetback parents done right by her and sold her to a powerful Muslim 8 years ago….she would already be the proud mother of at least 3 little soldiers of Allah.

    Now, in her old age…she ain’t worth shit, either as a wife, concubine or servant.

    • abdullahfucksgoats

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        • anti celeb jihad

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    • Paula Abdul

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