Selena Gomez Admits She Is Gay, Loves Hooters

Selena Gomez Hooters

Selena Gomez continues to drop hints to fans that she is a lesbian. This time Selena did it on the David Letterman Show when she told Dave that,

“I like Hooters. I went in for fried pickles and curly fries.”

Could she be more obvious about being gay? Everyone knows that people only go to Hooters to ogle the waitresses and offer them cash for blowjobs in the bathroom. Selena Gomez does not really expect us to believe she likes their awful food does she?

No, Selena is obviously trying to drop hints that she is in fact a homosexual. Selena also appears to be a breast woman. The sooner her female fans can accept this the better their chances are of getting motor boated by their idol.



    • Dar al-Harb

      This isn’t a Mexican website wetback! We speak English and Arabic on here!

      • sandra

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        • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • ohmyguinness

    Yum. I like lesbians.

  • jethro

    fried pickles and curly fries…. um yeah i like their breasts too. chicken breasts. and milk.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Lol this article is so funny. I think she’s gay for liking the hooters girls. She is gay. She’s a bad roll model for liking them and for getting a tattoo and for dissing Joe in concert. There should be this same article but with different stories for Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Salena Gomez, Justin Bieber. I think they’re gay too. The fans of Demi, Salena, Justin, Miley should realize that they’re all bad roll models. And this article has made me realize that ther’s another reason why she’s a bad roll model.

    • Lala

      I REALLY hope your joking. For one, what’s it matter if someone is gay? That doesn’t make them a bad role model it’s people who are so close minded that they cant accept gay people that make bad role models.For two what in the HELL tattoo are you talking about?? Selena DOESN’T have a tattoo. (Miley does from what I’ve seen) When did Selena diss Joe in concert? Did I miss something? Video link please?

      • Dar al-Harb

        UHM….. whats wrong with being gay? LOOK IN THE HOLY QUEERAN YOU FUCKING KUFFAR BITCH!

    • Selena’s fan

      Joe Jonas’s Girl. face it, your not Joe’s girl. deal with it. whats wrong with being gay? I know she isnt but so what if she was. and hooters is where you get food. fried pickles and curly fries are good. how perverted are you to think that. and i dont want to be rude but with the food she got im guessing she’s straight. i mean fried pickles. you dont see those on a women.


    damm selena is taller than most of those hooters chicks

  • Katie

    LOL! You people thinks she’s agy for liking food from a popular restaurant?! LOL. could you haters get anymore desparate? It’s so pitiful yet so funny. LMFAO!!!!

    • David

      Katie, You are aware this site is sarcasm and satire right? Which means its over the top fake? Nice job continuing to prove how dumb people are. CONGRATS <3

      • Dar al-Harb

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        • sandra

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Your the one who fucks weirdos… shut your mouth and clean up your life. For starters, you can try and be more tolerant of others.

  • footballisus

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • selena gomez is way better than miley slutrus

    she’s hot

    • Fat Housewife

      Please, I’m on a rampage against the newly-Muslim tramp. While you’ve excellently corrupted her name into Miley Slutrus, her first name is unharmed in that state and it would make the world better if we began to refer to her as Mugly Saurus, slowly forgetting about her until she finally gets desperate and makes a sex tape… oh no! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!
      That’s next, isn’t it? Hannah Montana comes out and the tweens won’t shut up about Saurus and now she’s planning her sex tape? Will she ever quit giving me grief? Will I ever be unburdened of this talentless tramphoreslut? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY MUST THIS HAPPEN???

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Yes…but how hot will she be when she is burning in hell and giving Satan rim jobs?


    shes not gay…. just liking hooters or the girls doesnt mean ur gay she didnt meaan it like that this is abunch of sh**

  • Abdullah the Butcher

    It disturbs me greatly to think that Selena might never know the pleasures of being a true Muslim woman. I blame her tumble into lesbianism on her attempted relationships with two well known transsexuals–Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber. Hell, It’s no wonder she likes pussy—that’s all she got from those two!
    Give up your rug munching ways or prepare for the wrath of Allah!
    You have been warned.
    Allahu Akbar!

  • Jen

    Selena, is not gay. And if she was, don’t be rude enough to lose interest in her just because of her sexuality.And if you did, you were/are not a true fan. Gay or not, she is skilled. She has talent. And many fans who look up to her. Being gay, would be saying that as long as you are happy with someone and happy with yourself, there is nothing wrong with who you date. Love is not a gender. What is up with all the criticism and targeting of homos. They’re people.

    But as for this photo. It does not prove she is a lesbian. It proves she goes to Hooters. Um?! It’s a restaurant, fuckface. Get over it. Many people go there. There are girls with huge tits and shirts that let it all hang out. They wear short shorts. But girls of all sizes, shapes and colors work there and dine there. It does not mean you are suddenly hunting for big boobed girls when you go there. Some people enjoy meeting new people, despite their body characteristics and gender. And people like Hooters for the food. Is this a new concept to you?!

    You, are the most idiotic person I’ve ever seen. You post as though you are far older than you seem. Well, despite age, you post without considering others. You’re shallow. You’re far to honest and do not consider others. You don’t consider these celebrities, despite their salaries, are just like us. They live in a home, their hair is not always perfect and they wear stuff that sometimes lets it hang out. But you seem to think they should be perfect. News flash, no one is.

    Stop! We’d all appreciate not seeing your comments from now on.

    • Some Pimp Ass Guy

      tits or gtfo. But seriously, Hooters, you did not honestly just say that it is not somwhere for hunting big boobed girls? The name is fucking Hooters. That’s means big tits. You’d go to somewhere called Hong Kong Dong if you were looking for Asian dicks wouldn’t you? What other reasons would you have for going there? You bloody feminists having nothing to fight for anymore so all you do is bitch on and on when no one gives a shit because a man held a door open for you and aparently that isn’t ‘equal rights’? Then if a man doesn’t automatically help you carry your bags for you, you call him a rude selfish pig. Decide what you want ass hole. I bet you’re fat, ugly and lonely in real life. You’re probably a lesbian too.

      Plus I find it pretty offensive that you are so convinced that Selena isn’t gay. Maybe she is gay and she isn’t comfortable about coming out so she has to do it subtly and slowly. She is after all, young and in the media spotlight. It’s people like you that make it so hard for gays to feel accepted because when the try and come out you just say, “Oh it isn’t true they were just joking!” You are in denial biatch. So grow up and think about what you’re actually saying before you say it.

      Celebrities are not just like us. You think they live in small semi detached houses in suburban Sale? No they live in big ass beach front properties in California and snort coke off of hookers. They don’t give a shit about charity unless it gets them publicity, they don’t buy anything, it gets bought for them. Post with being too honest? Yeah because these celebrities really need bitches like you to back up their egos.

      And “Love is not a gender.” What the fuck does that even mean? Go wank over your Justin Beiber post, fucking tool of the establishment.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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