Scarlett Johansson Naked With Her Legs Spread

Scarlett Johansson spread naked

Scarlett Johansson looks pretty pleased with herself while spreading her legs in the naked photo above.

This is because infidel women like Scarlett Johansson think that shamelessly flaunting their disgusting sin holes some how makes them enlightened and empowered.

Unfortunately for Scarlett Johnasson that look of self-satisfaction will not last for long. For when the first righteous stone smashes against her smug face she will learn the painful lesson that the only enlightened position for a woman is on her knees in service to a Muslim man.

  • Fucker

    scarlett has big boobs and this bitch doesn’t But still ok

    • Johnny Rotten

      It looks like Scarlett lost her butt plug, talk about gape.

  • Pope Benedict

    This is what happens when you touch Muslims. This good Christian girl was touched on the hand, accidentally, by a Muslim in the street.

    Now we all know that Muslims are the Satan’s spawn. That touch so corrupted her that she did this.

    Incidentally, my children, all Muslim girls and women, if anyone asks them, must always spread their legs to be fucked. Anyone, any time, any where. Try it and see.

    So let this be a lesson to you. Never ever touch muslims, they are unclean. Muslims are meant for one thing only: target practice for guns! And their women to be used as whores.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      pope bends_over_for_dork

      eat shit and die mofo.

      No Muslim would touch that worn-out old VD infested whore scarlett with a 10 meter AK-47.

      As for corruption…you christian homoqueers have turned more little boys into fags than oscar meyer has sold weiners.

      Now asshole…go back to Italy and fuck the assholes of some altar boys.

      suck it pope dumb-fuck!!!!!!

      • Kunta Kente


        Go stick a razor-wire in your pisshole.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          koon kunta

          I’d rather do that than see your mother’s giant, AIDS infected google pussy or put my Muslim “trouser pole” in her “bat cave” herpes ridden mouth..

    • Anubis

      Poop Benedict –

      This position that the naked skank Scarlett is showing is quite typical of all such infidel western heathens. They do this often for several reasons:

      One important one is the air out their smelly holes for future penetration by Johns when they work the street corners. Kind of like when Alissa DiCarlo does when she works the streets.

      In this position they also hope to attract someone that is too horny to worry about picking up some sexual diseases or getting the crabs. Googles and some beaners being their biggest clientele.

      Then finally in this position they are ready to pop out their bastard spawn, or get it aborted.

      “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” what calamities befall Scarlett when she poses like this out on the groid ghetto part of town.

  • Alladin

    The Holy Father has blest you with this secret, but the password is necessary.

    Try it.

    Any Muslim girl, you first say to her OPEN SESAME and then squeeze both her nipples hard, and she will immediately take off her clothes and spread her legs for you.


    Try it and see.

    Any time, anewhere, anyone at all.

  • dogan

    i can’t believe what i see, every man beyond the atlantic was inside her and she spreads her legs for the next one. she must over and over filled with cum.

  • Abdul Rasul

    This is the typical pose by harlots from the us of a. They are all gutter whores spreading aids faster than mooshie gayan goes down at the glory hole. She should be strung up by her thumbs and vigoursly stoned.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Abdul

      I would like to take the whore scarlett to stonehenge and push them damn big monoliths over on her AIDS ridden carcass.

      Now that would be a stoning that would make the Prophet (PBUH) proud!


    • Moshe Dayan

      Abdul Arsehole aka Man-gina Boy

      Out of pity I’ve taken up a collection to help finish your man-gina operation that Dr Ahmed Aziz of Gaza botched. Instead of having two assholes, you’ll now get that nice shiny new man-gina and become a full trans-male, though Anal Abdullah will still use the hershey highway as he hates pussy of any kind.

      Eat shit and die fag

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        the only collection you’ve taken up is a bunch of cocks up your greasy ass

  • white man

    Muslims are all homo’s and hid in backrooms of convenience stores and fuck each other until they grow facial hair.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      white homo

      you’re so gay, until last week you thought your chin was only good as a parking spot for some fag’s balls.

  • mayhem

    muzleem bitches are camel’s asses
    worthless muzleem dicks are fags

    • Muslim

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      Thank you for your motherfucking time

      • Random Dude

        Muslim….geez louise tell us how you really feel. And Mayhem….come up with something new for a change, this same old rant of yours is getting a little boring man.

  • Word of wisdom

    I’m used saying women are to be cut, but this one should be sewn instead. Both sin holes.
    My 103 yo slave Khadija could do wonders there. Even if she’s blind, she could stuff those oozing gaps of shame with carrion worms, and seal them shut with goat hair during this harlot’s sleep without even waking her.
    I know because it’s her speciality. We call it “midnight curse of the toothless crone”.

  • Umar the Brown

    Christopher Walken in drag strikes again. Just when you think you have stoned some sense into these kufahr whores, they are back to the old evil business again.

  • Mark

    90% of the photos on this site aren’t even real.

  • Apostle Apostrophe

    The Eldersmoot of the Pedant Brotherhood has taken a stern view of repeat offences of defilers of our tongue.

    Friend Abdullah, do not misunderstand us: you are friend. But within 24 hours now, you will be our bobbitised-and-cockless friend.

    If even now you repent, and publicly recant from your evil support of the word “homoqueer”, our Prophet Ellipsis (grammatical felicity be unto him) will make your missing testicle grow back. So, although you will have no cock to wank, you will at least–if you repent and reform–have two marbles to play with.

    The Holy Lexiconum grant you wisdom, friend.

  • Peter

    It works!

    I tried the experiment on my sexy burqa-clad Muslim classmate: in the library (of all places!), I said OPEN SESAME to her and pinched bith her nipples in my two hands, and she immediately stripped and spread her legs. I popped her virgin cherry, and then we had a royal gang-bang.

    Thanks for the tip, Alladin!

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I tried to masturbate to this but it just didn’t get me there. I got briefly wet but my pussy dried up real
    quick. If I could suck her tits and pussy for real I’d be cumming like crazy.

  • Peter

    Try masturbating to Vergara instead. She’s not naked but she is sooooo sexy.

  • Imam Kahlid

    Just another worn out Holly whore.

    Not to mention the fact that she is a Jew.

    That kills any sexual interest a rational person might have.

    • Moshe Dayan

      Imam Kocklid,

      Actually I felt the same way last night when I had to jackhammer the crusties off the jungle hair surrounding you Mother’s much-too-fragrant pussy last night. Fortunately I went soft from the stench generated by my 9 incher churning that slimy butter, saving me from a definite case of VD. Since I couldn’t tell whether she was human or water buffalo, I just said “what the fuck” and put it down with two shots to the back of the head while we were doggying.

      Sorry dude.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • Yep


  • D’Squarius Green


  • holiwitz

    You Muslims are dirty patheticpeople who rape and kill inoccent people over a stupid video so stone some more if you whites and get the duck out of my country

    • Bashiri al-Saud

      It wasnt because of the video. “Ambassader” Stevens worked as the CIAs middle eastern arms dealer. He sold or brothers the weapons then we usd

      • Talib killer

        By the way you Muslim dumbasses, I do believe that if I heard the correct interpretation of the Koran, that if your people see a naked woman other than their wife that you’re supposed to kill yourself! So have fun hanging yourself you ignorant DANG GOOGLES!!!!!!

        • Talib killer

          I’m sorry I didn’t mean Dang googles I meant SAND GOOGLES

  • Jordan

    Fuck Muslims I hope they all die you should be slaves to Americans you piece of shit people

    • Cody Peavler

      Except slavery is illegal in America

  • Bluffen007

    I’ve seen a lot of fake things and this is one I can add to my list.

  • fuck the middle east

    I seen Mohammed eating a pork sandwich while getting fucked in the ass

  • fuck the middle east

    I seen Mohammed eating a pork sandwich

  • bobby

    i should know- i fucked the real one

  • kaleb ryan samuels

    am i the only one who has spent more time jacking off than talking

    • Steven Sjuilcos


    • WTFMAN

      I can agree

  • Imma Fucking Boss, bitches

    You mother fucking Muslim queefs are a bunch of douche bags that can’t take a real beating. Instead, all you do is butt fuck each other. Your bitches should burn in hell for all of eternity, and all of you sand googles can then be left with your camels to fuck you. You assholes don’t even know what will be coming when the mighty US of A destroys your sand castles.

    Have a wonderful day, you mother fucking Homoqueers.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fucking bitch

      Yes, you are a bitch and give out daily beatings at the glory hole.

  • Cindy

    I hope all of u realize this is fake… And in “the west” we can do whatever we want. So if we want to show our pussys to people, nothing is going to stop us.

    • Imam Kahlid

      Nothing but a righteously flung stone or the AK.

      Keep running your whore mouth. You’re just digging your hole deeper.


    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      You go girl. So true. I’m sure that your pussy is beautiful too.

      • Imam Kahlid

        I will be glad when you finally perish from the face of the Earth.

        At the same time, I actually find myself feeling sympathy for Shaitan (Satan). For, when you arrive in Hell, he will never get the stink of rotten fish and yeast our of his infernal kingdom.

    • Anubis

      Sinpee –

      What is fake are your silicone inflated tits. I bet when you flaunt your filthy pussy in public, a few swift stones thrown in your face, tits and pussy would stop your slutty whore infidel behavior in a hurry.

  • infidels rule

    You Mooslums are a joke with your bastardized photoshoped crap. From your posts it’s quite obvious how ignorant you are as well as jealous you are of the free world. You also have little dicks or at least that’s what your women that I fuck all the time tell me. You poor jelous little inadequate men !!!

  • infidels rule

    Joke,joke,joke you jelous inadequate can’t satisfy your women so we do.

  • Abdul Kiar

    Scarlett HoHansson looks like she is having problems breathing,
    and probably due to the fact she is holding her breath to not smell her
    stinky lady hole and asshole.

    I would never pay for this infidel slut.

    In fact,looks like she is in the process of giving birth,
    but fucks so many men she did not know who the father was,
    and trashed the baby in a bin after the shoot for this pic was taken.

    • billy bob jo….franklin hot dogs

      would you guys calm down we all believe something different i believe hot dogs should run the world there will be less fighting because we will be eating so please for all gods sake shut the fuck up!!! have a nice day

  • statethefuckingobvious

    this post is more recent than the others below

  • statethefuckingobvious

    this post is more recent than the others below

  • The best

    We want more leg spreads


    What the people who post this shit don`t realize, that in the west we like this stuff and just bashing it on the internet doesn`t hurt anyone. If you think it`s so wrong than why do you post it? Answer that because its a waste of time to give people what they like because you don`t like it.

  • why

    why are you muslims always hating on every thing you see that you dislike, or disagree with. you don’t control the life of every man, woman, and child on the face on the earth. give it a rest.

  • No

    That’s bull shit you Isis terrorists

  • No

    Sexist Muslims