Scarlett Johansson Naked In The Shower Pic

Scarlett Johansson naked

After a long night out partying with the other degenerates in heathen Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson likes to come home, squat down in the shower, and (before she washes off the various bodily fluids covering her body) take naked pictures like the one above.

One can only assume this naked pic is a memento to commemorate the night’s debauchery, and that Scarlett Johansson will one day look back at this photo of her swollen beaten up baby box and remember the night she got repeatedly drilled by strange men in Sky Lounge’s VIP bathroom.

  • Big Billy Bob

    Big Infidel Titties!

    • Muslum Fag

      I thinks that she tweets naked pics of herself alot. but she is waaaay better lookin than Kim K.

    • Peace please

      All the guys again’st islam and disgracing our prophet and god are such illiterate people that i cant explain i mean come on guys do your own work gain some knowledge than comment who told you that prophet was married to 9 year old girl ..

  • gotitall

    wow it really looks like she need to fucked by sum idiots

    • Indy fire fighter

      Well, that’s my cue.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Her tits are much smaller in her hacked phone pics…..

    …at least that’s what my Iman told me…..


      your Imam is really a jackass, idiot, son of a bitch and stupid

      • barry hussein

        muslims all suck camel cock! that’s why they want to blow themselves up, because when their favorite camel rejects them, which is inevitable, they crash emotionally. Hey, all you sand googles, KILL YOURSELVES!!

        • IzZaX961

          look I am a muslim and i want peace! u say muslim all suck camel cock? i wonder why would jesus taught you such thing? i never even said that ur god or ur religion suck cock think what of u r saying -.-‘

          • JustSomeGuy

            Half the Muslims on this site probably live in America. There are many religions to suit the many different people in the world and no religion should go preaching that you should kill everyone else. I also agree that what these women are doing is wrong but they aren’t doing it because they are infidels, they are doing it (if the pictures are real) to gain media attention, and they are getting it by this site putting them online. Racial harmony is the only way forward.

        • Arthur Edward

          What a wasteman.why are you rude about Religion god will kill you if you say that one more time,I AM THE POLICE.

      • sandniggaslavemaster

        This pic is a total fake, and is edited, which is obvious by the pixelization.

  • Jizzy

    Chesty McTitts!

  • Umar the Brown

    This filthy whore with her red hair is obviously using her Cro-Magnon genes to attract pure Islamic men and genetically corrupt the Sons of Ishmael. Cro-Magnon, non-humans such as her use their pink skin and voluptuous, hairless bodies to entice Islamic men, but I encourage all my brothers to be strong and resist the allure of whores like as her. Instead of thinking about her shapely hips, or how her snatch tastes like strawberries, think instead of a beautiful, inviting, tan and hairy Islamic woman and how she will ride you like a wild stallion for hours at a time and then cook you a delicious meal that is 100% Sharia approved. Lust begets lust and lusting after an animal begets getting the Cro-Mag Gonorrhea of which there is no known cure. May the Prophet bless his righteous followers.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Up the anus Umar

      Your boring, long winded bullshit isn’t welcomed on this great KKK site.

      We put these pics up so you queers can see what you will never be able to have.

      ScarJo is property of The Klan, as you can clearly see by her perfectly manacured pussy.

      I hear Nick Nolte has a nice lush bush….so go suck cock mofo


      • Umar the Brown

        I will keep this short so you can understand it: may Allah cause your GG Allin tapes to explode and eviscerate and your homoqueer brothers during your nightly cock-suck-athon. If it pleases Allah, and I know that it would.

        • barry hussein

          umar, sounds like the voyeur, allah, is quite the twisted faggot!! If a “cock-suck-athon” would truly please that fictitious pillow-biter, I’m glad he’s still in the closet somewhere.
          P.S.–allah is an acronym, meaning–Alluring Lady Licking Ass Holes!

        • Hitler

          go play in ur sandtrap desert rat,ur god is the rsult of man having no faith in the one true god. p.s. keep veiling ur woman cuz nobody wants too see there mustaches.

      • heartthaklan

        KKK ALL DAY

    • barry hussein

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      • a person that hates islam

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        • A open minded American

          Muslim isn’t a religion it’s the people in the religion. The religion is Islam, Plus why hate on them? They didn’t do anything to you. You just feel like talking down to other people to make yourself feel better/

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          perverted person

          No doubt you get your fair share of “hot salami and bacon” at the glory hole where you take it up the ass and deep throat loser truck drivers who are too cheap to buy a hooker.

    • Muslims suck donkey balls

      Muhammad married a 9 year old little girl. And back in his day,that meant breaking the girls Hymen,
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  • Mufti David

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers. Bismillahi arrahmani arrahim.

    I am back and so is big fag pete’s worst nightmare.

    Allahu Akbar !!

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Dick sucker David

      Its true. My biggest fear are big time homos….and you definitely fit that description.

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      • Mufti David

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        • Grand Dragon Pete

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          Only a pussy ass ladyboy switches names.

          Get off this great KKK site and get back to the gloryhole.


          • Mufti David

            You dumb Kueer

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            Allahu Akbar !!

          • LOLOL

            Mufti David,

            I would break your sword in half with my Famas….

        • Arcachnar

          @Pete This great KKK site? Don’t make me laugh. Utter delusional as usual.

        • barry hussein

          Hey “mufti”, sounds like you’re a Ph.D. in homosexuality. From what ivy league college did you earn your degree?

          • Mufti David

            ball-less homo

            I do have a degree…in tracking down homos and giving them the “last fuck” with an RPG.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Mufti

      Big Fag Pete’s worst nightmare is being lost on Gilligans Island with the Village People…..and having no ass lube.

      • barry hussein

        Hey, paula abdullah, you call yourself a butcher. Is that what you do to girls who express a desire to educate themselves?

    • Dumbasswebsite

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      • Peace please

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  • Mufti David

    brother Durka

    What has happened to your most holy islamic battleground? Whenever I enter the address I am being directed to an infidel pig’s site somthing like “Tomcat”. It’s probably the work the kuffar zionist agents. We shall not spare them!

    • barry hussein

      By “we” I assume you mean yourself and the rest of the faggot muslim population, mufti? By the way, the prophet muhammad called–she wants her vibrator back.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Umar The Brown…..

    ….not that I believe in the Infidel’s “Theory of Evolution”…..but “Cro-Magnon” means modern day human……

    ….perhaps you are thinking of the natural Islam woman, Neander-tal…?

    • Umar the Brown

      No, my brother, I meant Cro-magnon as in Croatian Magno-nails, those filthy Balkan whores with their long, fake fingernails who led so many good Jihadi brothers to sin in their fight against the Russians and Serbs. Light skinned and filled with Shaitan, they are an evil temptation. Hell will be their reward. Assalam alaikum.

      • barry hussein

        Brown boy, you sound well educated. For that reason, I’m sure you already know that allah is just a cross-dressing queer in Las Vegas. Insulate my lake home, brown boy!

  • Grand Dragqueen Pete

    What is a pussy? It is really scaring me…

  • blackside

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    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

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      • blackside

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        • Grand Dragon Pete

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          • barry hussein

            That’s a good one, Pete.

        • Nick

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        • sir alexander (american)

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      • Christian

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    • Dead Ed®

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    • Dead Ed®

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    • Dead Ed®

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    • barry hussein

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When Islam takes over, us Muslims will give this whore scarlett a shower…from the AK-47…..a shower of bullets.


    • Umar the Brown

      You speak the truth, brother. Her infidelities are well known and easily proven in a Sharia court of law. She is also an idolatress, so we will have to stone her after using the AK.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        IN SHA’ ALLAH !!!!!!!

        • Arapaho Native

          Abdickless The Tranny
          Ha, your persistant arguments are for more annoying then the usual. You talking about gloryholes, black dick, anal sex, and several other obsessions. And as the Americanized slang slips out of your mouth, the more I know your not a real muslim.
          As the Arapaho people say “Fuck You, White Man”.

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            You heathens are so shallow minded. “White man” this and that. Do you forget that it wasn’t just white men who kicked your asses but spicks too? That’s puts you at the bottom of the barrel, when greasy beaners slap you about I think it’s about time to swallow your pride and shut the fuck up.

            Now you’ve insulted brother Abdullah and offended his Muslimity you have painted yourself as an enemy of Islam. Fatwa may be imposed, your capture will be swift, your torture will not.
            By the will and power of Allah,
            Allahu Akbar!

          • Umar the Brown

            I do not know what an “Arapaho” is, but once I saw a whore rapping. Her name was “Brat” or some degenerate foolishness.

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            Think he’s some type of native American jig.

          • Arapaho Native

            Osama Bin Butt Fuck
            You dumb shit, you just proved to me how stupid and ignorant you are. There were no spics or wet backs, only spaniards and conquistadors who came to native americans of the coast. The Arapaho were from northern Wyoming and several other areas, where the hundreds of Europeans attacked them. Get your facts straight shit-for-brains.
            As the Arapaho people say “Fuck You,White Man”

    • LOLOL

      IF you muslims take over i will personally cut your heads off and shit down your throats!

  • eliot


  • TheGuywiththeEyE

    see Detail she has big titties in real life so give her big tittys here I Like it! DEATH TO AMERICA!

  • Yeah..

    This shit’s fake… Gullible assholes.

  • Alex Smith


  • Babycakes327

    Every fucken comment I read on this half ass piece of shit web page, ( which of course MEXICANS would of done a better job) nothing but retarded middle school bullshit petty arguements that make no sence

  • The White Man


    Man, you coloreds are funny as fuck!

    • Habib the assassin

      She is a whore but at least she showers unlike these other celebs who go out in public unwashed and stinking. the worst offender is Brittney Spears that slut looks like she has not had a bath in weeks her ass ans pussy must smell foul.

  • whatthefuckdoyoucare

    its funny that these are all losers who have nothing to do with there time but pertend to be islamic and talk shit and attempt to spread rooms and umar i hope you know a little saying hate only breeds more hate and if you really are islamic i pity you for your ideas and thoughs goes for you too Abdullah, if you hate america so much why you using an american website? or are you really just some redneck trailer trash thats making a pety attempt to make people hate islamics even more

    • Nick

      I would pat you on the back and call you a hero but your grammar sucks ball sack and takes away some validity from your statements.

  • whatthefuckdoyoucare

    watched this episode the other day thought i might share it with you guys just for shits and giggles

  • 1FOREAL1

    Obviously you Fucking sand googles have forgotten about the humble ASS WHOOPINGS you’re still getting from this great, GREATEST Country on the face of this planet, when will you learn that you are nothing but a bunch of low life scum who have to stab someone in the back to make a statement that no one else in the world cares about, YOU ARE ALL COWARDS AND ARE WITHOUT HONOR, AND IF YOUR GOD EXISTS! IT WILL BE ALL OF YOU WHO WILL FEEL HIS WRATH, SO WHY DON’T YOU GATHER YOUR INFIDEL BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY, OR ELSE AT THE VERY LEAST KILL YOURSELVES THAT YOU SHOULD DIE WITH DIGNITY AND HONOR, AND SAVE YOURSELVES FROM THE TOTAL SEPARATION FROM GOD THAT YOU WILL ALL EXPERIENCE

  • John

    Yeah you sand googles are truly retarded nobody in the world respects you or “allah”. We all in America shit on allah daily and laugh at your smelly ass people on TV screaming halalalalaalala to literally nobody get a grip on reality and continue to take AK’s to your own kind you dumb fucks. And KKK boy I’m a white male who knows plenty of beautiful white women taking “google dick” you dumb fuck, its 2012 not 1960 get a fucking grip.

  • myk sanchez

    durka-jerka, sounds like you’re pretty hung up on Scarlett’s dirty body; your jealousy and desire to taste her is as plain as day. Get some therapy jerk off…

  • 69

    I agree Alex smith fake indeed. The shadows don’t seem to quite match up

  • barry hussein

    scarlett johansson and many other idiot hollywood shitheads have barack’s little monkey cock in their mouths!! But that boy will soon be unemployed!!

  • balzak

    fuck the kkk fuck you racist Bastards and those who talk shit on others need to go eat a bowl of dicks and choke on them all she is hott and if you didnt think she was you wouldnt be talking on her pic

  • balzak

    my grand father was a grand dragon and before he passed he said that most of you rasist douche bags are only scared of change afraid that the few of the “google” comunity that arent locked up and that arent on state assistance and own there own house and well arent like you lot that only get “hott” action from there left/right hand, my best friend was dissowned and left his family’s money (which was a substantial amount) to be here in america, so you camel jokies (only the arabs who hate america for no reason) can get bit by camel spider and not throw acid on your women, yes i looked up hot pics because my girl friend who isnt fat nor a kkk reject wanted to find hott pics of her so go eat your cock meat sandwhiches and just because you have small dicks doesnt mean you have to talk shit on others thanks you bunch of limp dick punk ass lame bitch’s now have a nice fucking day!!

  • 007

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  • Anonymous

    I just came to see her tits… Instead I saw her tits, and hot an entertaining argument from these comments

    • Anonymous

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  • don

    you guys are idiots of the biggest kind. one love. we are all just people you racist idiots. enjoy scarlette. rot in ur own filth you racist freaks.

  • code_nemo

    You guys are freaking morons. You think some how your “Allah” would approve of your hypocracy. Believe it or not, I have studied your pathetic religion, and I very much doubt “Allah” would approve of your lust judgemental behavior. Than again, your arrogance knows no bounds, so it does not surprise me how you would use your religion to justify your actions; much like the Taliban. Yes I am here and I can admit I like the body of a woman, but you gawk at naked women like this and than say how their the infadel and that their the heathen, so what does that make you? You know why anyone comes to visit this site, because of the photos, but your actions, your poisenous words, your contradictory attitude, will fade just like your fake god “allah”.

  • Christian

    Im christion so jesus YES

  • C

    just think every FBI agent will stop like ants and share the pic with each other

  • hanxuanji

    Larin Lane XXX

  • davis

    She’s pretty.

  • Debunked

    This one was REALLY well faked. The model matches Scarlett’s body type, bust, and skin color as well as the fact that the original model already had a shadow to help make this tougher to debunk. There is one act of laziness the creater over looked. See that mole below the model’s right breast? Scarlett doesn’t have it. A simple “Scarlett Johansson Bikini” Google search will prove it. Very nicely done though! Great for the imagination!

  • Timmy

    Debunked,yuo truly are a motherfucker

    • Debunked


  • iwannafuckher

    her tits r so fuckin sexy that if i had sex wit her, she wood say: “ur cock is so fuckin hard. let me sqeeze it wit my big, fuckin sexy tits!”

  • Alex

    Omg this photo is lovely! She is so hot and her boobs are totaly perfect!
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  • Alex

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  • iwannafuckher

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  • Ass fucker

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  • jihadsucksball

    You all wanna talk about the infidels but yet you got this photo. I’m american and it
    Seems anyone who isn’t muslim is an infidel. All you are is rascist I know not ll muslims are like
    This at least I don’t think so. All I wanna know is if you have a good christian who does right by others
    And a bad muslim like say bin laden and he was bad he was a drug dealing killer who’s
    Going to hell or what ever you call it no matter how you put it god or ala they gave us all a choice.
    Why can some people be so bad then and otthers be so good. Its because when a person does right
    Because he loves god it means something and if theey do it cuz they have it to it means nothing.

  • mrrightnow

    I agree. It is fake. this photo sure did got me with excitement all around my body.

  • iwannafuckher

    i agree with timmy
    debunked truly is a motherfucker

  • McJewsus

    Hey all you KKQueers you can’t have scarjo because she is Jewish just like me. So go suck a cock.

  • iwannafuckher

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  • GiveThemToMe

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  • paul

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