Scarlett Johansson Naked For Slave Auction

Scarlett Johansson naked

It appears as though Scarlett Johnasson is up for sale as she stands naked on a slave auction block in the photo above.

Of course the cost of sex slaves has hit rock bottom in recent years due to the glut of whores coming out of the West. With Scarlett Johansson’s disturbing lack of body hair and extremely questionable vaginal elasticity, she may not find any Muslim buyers no matter what the price.

Many Muslims like myself are so flush with concubines (of much higher quality than Scarlett Johansson) that we are running out of places to store them. In fact my whore pen has overflowed into were I keep my goats, causing me all sorts of agitations as the goats are understandably not to pleased to be sharing space with such lowly creatures as women.

Yes after seeing Scarlett Johansson naked in this picture it is clear that she is certainly not worth further upsetting my goats over.

  • jihad

    i would buy her

    • Allah

      Who wouldnt

      • Imam Khalid

        No self-respecting Muslim would.

        Johansson is a dirty Jewess.

        • Grannyfucker

          Brother Khalid,

          Only the dumb injun Ara Poo is more disgusting than this zionist whore SJ.
          I never thought to say this, but this pepperoni skin idiot is still more repulsive than the super fag Miss Piggy.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Oops brother, sorry!

            My avatar was for a while hijacked by this moron Grannyfucker, but I already got it back.

          • Arapaho Native

            Congratulations, grannyfucker you have revealed the persona of “Grannyfucker” to be of the work of Hashim the destroyer of evil. You obviously forgot to change the name back, you stupid fuck. These are Hashims words, dumb fuck.

            Also, when your granny smiles at you, don’t take that as the signal to make a move, dumb shit.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Red Poo,

            As expected, you are too dumb to understand the facts behind this whole situation.
            Your small brain is too tired and needing a nap after your daily Reader’s Digest study.

            Eat shit and die you moron.

          • Arapaho Native

            Wow, not even an explanation, that’s because you don’t have one, and if you did, I would just disprove it just as easily. Okay, here is some more evidence supporting why you are ”Grannyfucker”.
            1. ”Grannyfucker”, had your avatar, and your moronic words, and since you have that idiotic vendetta against me, it only makes sense that those are your words.
            2. ”Grannyfucker” had your avatar two hours ago, but now it’s gone, meaning that only the user could have done that, the user being you.
            3. It makes no sense that ”grannyfucker” would have a reason a reason to insult me, yet it makes perfect sense if it was you.
            4. You refer to Khalid as you ”brother”, something only a fake a muslim would do-Hashim.
            5. ”Ara Poo”, ”pepperoni skin”, and ”miss piggy” are all known as Hashim’s main insults against Hashim’s main enemies, me, and Big Pete
            6. If ”grannyfucker” did in fact steal your avatar, then you would have usually just insult him several times and call him an imposter, but instead you just apologized.

            Now, if you can come up with a explanation that disregards all of this, then let me hear it and disprove it as well. You really fucked up this time, shit-for-brains. I have more, but it will take a few hours for them to become facts.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            You really have a lot of spare time to keep busy your childish logic.
            How smart you are, boy!

          • Arapaho Native

            Holy shit, another weak reply. You really must be empty handed.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Idiot injun

            You’re getting smacked around by a muslim… embarrassing.

            A klansman would have shut him up and beat him down for talking that nonsense, but you injuns……you homopervs get turned on by being put down.

            No doubt you rub your rub your anus while reading the comments.


          • Arapaho Native

            Dumb Wannabe
            Smacked around? Hahahah, holy shit. You must not be thinking clearly, maybe your families history of incest has finally caught up with it’s latest hell spawn.

            I already told you, you have never and will never be able to arguing at an intelligent level, which you have just proved my repeating your homo-sick nonsense. Get the fuck out, ‘troller’.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Idiot injun

            Get back to your shitty school on the reservation that is for the mentally handicapped pepperonis.

            You don’t realize it……but you look like a morn and a jackass. Its funny.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy,

            I must agree with you again. I hope it’s the last time. This ridiculous injun is needing desperately a mirror at home…

          • Arapaho Native

            Hashim Lame-Ass
            Heh, Abdullah, there’s no way you’re getting out of this. I’m not the one who’s ridiculous and embarrassing himself, “grannyfucker”. This won’t be the last reply, dumb ass.

          • Arapaho Native

            Big Slow Pete
            Why don’t you fuck off, I don’t want to listen to your obnoxious stupidity. I never thought Big Pete and the Muslims would team up, like a couple of slow minded losers.

          • hasan

            for fucks sake will ya leav em the fuk alone arpaho

          • Arapaho Native

            Wow, you two dumb asses, Hashim and Pete, really don’t know how to hide your impersonating trails. Oh, sorry, I should have said “your one dumb ass”.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you are one stupid, ocd ridden, worthless redskin mofo.

            The injuns are the googles of north america and the american infidels look upon you as a nuisance animal…like a slug or rat.

            you assholes just need to have one big drunk and kill yourselves and go to that great big glory hole in the sky.

          • Arapaho Native

            Laughable Idiot
            Idiot, Native Americans are Mongoloids, one of the three major race groups, and African Americans are Negroids, so there is absolutely no resemblance or genetics connecting the two groups, you sluggish moron.

            “You are one stupid, ocd ridden, worthless redskin mofo”, wow, that is one panicky insult. Just sounds like repeatings of moronic opinions previously said, imbecile.

            Hashim, are you gonna let us continue our argument? I got a lot to go on with.

          • Ahtunowhiho



            FUCK YOU WHITE MAN !

            HO HO HO HO HO HO

          • Kwame

            The original Native Americans were black people. Just look at the Olmec heads. Blacks settled America first. Then Asians came and killed all the blacks and then whites came and killed all the Asians.

            So blacks are the founders of civilization in Africa (obviously), the Middle East (Sumerians aka black headed people), China (Zhou Dynasty), and America (Olmecs).

          • Arapaho Native

            The original Native Americans descended from Asian, which is why these is some resemblance in some tribes. Africans descended from Negroid, one of the three major race groups and Native Americans are descended from Mongoloid, a completely different race group, which I why there is no DNA, genetics, or resemblance to Africans other then darker skin.

            Your informationa is incorrect, but that’s expected, since I’ve seen you ranting about this before, but sorry, Africans couldn’t have been iin North America, they almost never left Africa.

          • Moshe Dayan


            Again you omit our previous discussion of the existence of pre-Clovis people in N/A, white people predating Indians for the simpletons on this site. Natives are also not purely Mongoloid but share the haplotypes of a very specific group who lives in nor east Russia.

            You conveniently ignore scientific evidence to spout the myths they told you in the longhouse. Time to just give up and have a drink.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            There is literally no proof, theoretical or physical , that proves either theories, that modern natives where the first or the “Clovis” people, even though it was a relatively small population in the first place. Actually, the First Native Americans theory is much more popular and more considered then you’re clovis theory. Bow take you’re idiotic personal opinions to someone who believes you.

          • Arapaho Native

            Also, modern day Natives are completely Mongoloid, and bsolutely belong to no other race group.

        • daniel

          Vai se fudr filha da puta

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    I would trade my camel for her camel toe.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I’m kindof sick of shaved pussies, but I’d soooo love to suck her breasts! Mmmmm.

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    So gay!!! Stfu! Oh Allah protect me from this discusting lesbowhore!

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    Every time a new western female is up for sale Aslicka DiCunto shows up and starts drooling. I can’t stand it anymore. By the word of Allah I would slay her if she ever appeared in person in my line of sight. It’s revolting!!!

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    Now, back to business. May we start the bidding please? How much to I hear for this western skank?

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    May we have an opening bid please!?

    • White Knight


      I will give you directions to Abdullah’s secret gerbil stash ( info was given during a humane round of waterboarding ). If you would please lump your thoughts into 1 posting.

      • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

        My thoughts are too broad for one posting infidel. Put in a bid or stfu.

        • White Knight


          Since you Muslims like to barter with livestock, I will submit a opening bid of 3 chickens and the ownership rights to a certain drunken injun that trolls this site boring people with his peyote induced ramblings. I must warn you though, I have never witnessed a more lazy or delusional slave in my life. But I fear that by keeping him much longer it might disrupt the harmony of my plantation that I currently enjoy……..What say you

          • Arapaho Native

            White Moron
            Dumb ass, just because you can’t keep up, intellectually, doesn’t mean you should talk shit behind my back like a coward. And the reason why you do that is because you have lost every intelligent argument against me and that is also why you’re scared to confront me with your boring nonsense, hence talking behind my back like a coward.

          • White Knight

            Shitting Elk

            It is rather funny that you assumed that I was talking about you. Perhaps I was talking about Tecumseh, but with your usual drunken response that tells me that I struck a nerve with you. Probably because you recognised yourself in the above statement. And now you are lashing out at me an innocent bystander all because of your self loathing. You should be ashamed of yourself sir for making such an dastardly and unprovoked accusation.

            I’ll await your apology…..

          • Arapaho Native

            No, I’m afraid your wrong, but thats not surprising. You see, it was perfectly logical to assume that you were referring to me, since you have not engaged in Tecumseh in argument lately, but you have had a argument with me hours ago. And since one of your common traits when commenting on a Native Americans post is using pathetic racial slurs such as “injun” can only refer to the only Natives who have visited this site, Me and Tecumseh, and since Tecumseh hasn’t posted on here recently and you’re definitely aware of my presence, then it’s completely logical to assume that you were referring to the one native on here online.

            You see, I can tell you deliberately avoided using names, and you had waited for me so you could reply to prove your intelligence and insult me at the same time, but sorry, I don’t see it. And both of us know this, but feel free to reply and deny, but it’s no use.

        • Moshe Dayan

          Ass Hairy,

          I’ll bid Anal Abdullah’s loose and overused asshole, and Homo Hashim’s syphilis chancred penis.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Us Muslims are in perfect health and as you know do not partake of the gay activities….unlike you and your fag associates.

            Now, if you want to offer up some diseased parts…bid your own herpes infested micro-cock, arapa-homo’s buffalo pounded asshole or your mothers heavily abused uterus.

          • Arapaho Native

            Abdullah The Blockhead
            Why can’t you think of anything better to say, you intellectual failure. You’ve already proved to me that you aren’t even worth the time to reply to your imbecilic posts. You’re incapable of intelligent argument, and the all that you can manage to sputter is lame, homo-pervert nonsense.

            Get the fuck out and rid us of the headache of your disgusting “buffalo pounded asshole” fantasies.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you are a pathetic asshole pretending to be a fucking red skin…which is a race of people almost as shitty as the googles.

            And for all this intellect you profess, all you do is sound like a whiny bitch dumbass.

            Us Muslims are your superior in every way and will finish the extermination job that american infidels began when they sent you mofos to the reservation.

            also, your dream in life is to get ass fucked by billy jack while looking at pics of the Injun Mingo’s asshole.

            eat shit and die ass-licker

          • Arapaho Native

            Moronic White Guy
            “Which is a race almost….shitty…”, Abdullah, you idiot, you aren’t able to insult me, all you have is pathetic racial slurs with no scientific evidence, which I know to be untrue.

            Wow, thanks for revealing your fears, dumb fuck, you couldn’t be more obvious. Now fuck off and take your homo-pervertedness with you.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Injuns are a bunch of drunk losers who lived like stone-age monkeys at the same time the rest of the world was in the industrial age.

            And them assholes standing around a fire with feathers up their ass praying to the moon is all the scientific evidence anybody needs.

            Injuns may even be worse than googles.

          • Arapaho Native

            Imbecilic Loser
            Abdullah, can’t you see this is not a fight you’re gonna win. You see, intelligence always wins against immaturity and idiocy. Most of the time, the morons don’t even know when they lost, such as now.

            Oh, wow, If you were an adult, then I’d tell you to see a shrink about that your homoerotic-obsession, but it makes more sense if you were probably a 12-16 year old, so grow up, dumb fuck.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            I see you are about to cry, which is what us Muslims expect you pussy-boys to do when you get jack smacked by the cold fist of Muslim truth.

            I’ve already won this fight and set your faggy ass straight….as have my Muslim brothers.

            Go back to your glory hole and get drunk while your ass is abused by the nava-homos or some other fag tribe.

            you should also consider changing your name to something that suits you better than arapa-homo. maybe something like “slurping man-girl” or “ass snake”

            suck on that one red skin mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Dense Dumb-Ass

            What are stupidly talking about? The stupid are reassured easily, they’re so ignorant, they don’t realize that they haven’t said anything that would win any argument outside of a playground. 

            What kind of stupid fuck continues to say such homo-repressed nonsense that you project on anyone. All that means is that you’re either two things, an immature, suburban preteen, or a near-retarded loser with nothing better to say. 

            Also, stop liking your comments immediately after you post, that can’t make you look better, dumb ass. 

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you’re the dumb fuck who says the same thing over and over…..”blah, blah, blasbbbbety, blah…..heap big injun suck buffalo dick and rape wild ducks…blah, blah, blah, me smarter than mud, me injun with stick up ass and tee pee full of turds.”
            All you do is say the same stupid, boring shit over and over. And a dummy like you has no chance against us Muslims in the written Jihad.

            I guess you’re used to repetition from all the head bobbing you do when deep throating pecker at the glory hole.

            Us Muslims are just too powerful, smart and manly for a fag like you to compete with. So, take your red-skin persona and go and find the faggiest gay bar on the planet (any place on the reservation) and suck yourself into oblivion.

            also…I have a few other names I think would fit you, “duck fucker, beaver banger, mule cock muncher, deer nuts, shit spitter, lizard jizz, think elton john’s cock warmer, RuPauls ass licker and Oblama’s ball-sack boy.”

            I think shit spitter suits you best and from this day that will be your new name.

            I urge my Muslim brothers to also refer to you exclusively by your new label.

            Suck on that one, shit spitter!

            ALLAHU AKBAR

            Islam Rules!
            Death To Infidels.

          • Arapaho Native

            Nasty Idiot
            Well, apparently I was right. You have the mental ability of a 10 year old. Pretending? For what logical reason is there that I would pretend, you moron. Ignorant idiot, I was placing “blah blah…” in place of your pathetic rant, since it sounds much better, despite that it sounds much like your idiotic words. “Injun rape buffalo dick…rape”, oh, disgusting. You really need to stop pushing your homo-sick rants on everybody. You already sound like a first grader.
            No chance against the the fake Muslim group? Wow, I guess unawareness is a common with stupidity. You see, when a immature, dumb ass attempts to use his lame ass rants against a intelligent argument, he doesn’t even know when he has lost, intellectually, and by continuing to rant about homo-perverted nonsense in response only strengthens your failure.

            You “Muslims” are too powerful? Ha, you can’t even win a simple a simple argument, and you definitely can’t get rid of me, proving that your power is just as weak as an ordinary user. Dumb ass, way to reveal yourself.

            Now fuck off, kid, and take your homosexual-obsessions with you.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            shit spitter

            back to your gay bar and glory hole you bunghole sucker.

            you only look pathetic when you try and pit your feeble wit against us Muslims and our superior Islamic brain.

            Suck on that one shit spitter!!

          • Arapaho Native

            Idiot Fake Muslim
            Stop with these moronic, half witted replies. You’ve already made a jack ass of yourself.

  • Einsam

    ill buy that for a dolla

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Scarlett would pay handsomely to look that thin….

  • White Kike

    I’d pay handsomely to have her strap on a dildo and fuck me in the ass, being the gay jew that I am.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you’d suck a dick for a quarter if you never got paid.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    They went kinda big on her boob job.

  • Sand lizard slayer


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    $3 is a lot more reasonable. It is 300% of the previous bid. What will you do with her if you get the winning bid?

  • Aradnor

    I will bid half a goat.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    That big toe would work wonders on my impacted rectum…..I bid 9 1/2 Dinar…(BHD)….

  • Jason

    Shut up you are all Muslim!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The last thing saw as big as scarlett’s pussy, was Usama’s cave at Tora Bora.

    And the cave no doubt smelled a lot better.

    • Moshe Dayan


      I hope Osama at least slid his underwear down so you could better sample his nice smelling cave with your face.

      No one is interested in your ass rimming adventures. What a 110% sick fag..

      Around you, gerbils get nervous.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        you collect skid-marked underwear from your glory hole clients for late night snacks and to self administer the dirty sanchez.

        • Name (required)

          gloryhole again? really?

  • Steve

    You are a bunch of idiots. Scarlett has never been that skinny. That is the worst photoshop I have ever seen.

    • Faizal the Strong

      Cock-less butt-boy Steve:

      Shut UP!

      This is a serious religious site, meant for grave theological discussions, and as an inspiration for valiant islamist Jehadists. Do not defile this holy space with infantile canards involving infidel technologies that no good Mussalmaan wants to hear about.

      If you dare disturb us again I will personally carve up a vagina in your cock-less eunuch pubes with my scimitar!

      Allahu Akbar!


    Her breasts are each a foot wide across the center. It’s abnormal. Not to mention that these photoshopped women on celebjihad never have a clitoris. It is as though it has been surgically removed, and they are there strictly to pleasure men. It’s disgusting!!!

  • amberthegirl

    i bid my clit.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Amber!!!!! YAY!!! Hey there! Ill take your clot any time, into my mouth that is. Mmmm.

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        *clit lolll

        • amberthegirl

          Heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! :)

      • White Knight


        You sick cunt, you are talking to some girl that claims to be 14 years old. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you respond to someone that young in that manner? All you are doing is encouraging her to keep posting, when she really doesn’t have any business being here in the first place. You really should have your head examined for talking in a sexual way like that to a minor.

        Knock it the fuck off……

  • Faizal The Strong

    That’s a cop-out, if ever there was one, Brother Hashim! And you compound your defeat by daring to imply that Jehad is not the most worthwhile use of ANYONE’s time. We realize you are tired after years of combat, and so do not censure you this time. But let this be a warning.

    Infidel Aparaho, we of the Lashkar I Mohammedi appreciate your courage and wits. We have decided to offer you a fast track programme that will make you a Haqaak — the highest Islamic position an infidel can aspire to, just one step below lay Mussalmaan citizen — in just one year.

    I am sure an intelligent person like you will realize what a great honour this is and aceept immediately. Be one of us, and we will spare your family, and even let you own heathen slaves, when we take over the world.

    Allahu Akbar!


    YEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! CELEB JIHAD GIVE OUT MORE FREE PORN. YOU GUYS SHOULD RENAME THE SITE TO CELEBPORN.COM INSTEAD OF CELEBJIHAD. Then again, if change to….well what do i care. all i know is that i got to see the celeb nude picture and sex tape for free. haha

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      you should change your name to “blow job joe” because thats what they call you at the glory hole any way.

      • Name (required)

        still talking bout gloryholes….

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          bastard bnunghole bandit

          you’re still taking it up the ass and blowing cocks at the glory holes

  • jihad general

    i think i might just buy her for my annual stone a heathen whore ceremony coming up next week

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Stone a heathen whore month is march, but stone an aggressive arrogant muslim man month is january so look the fuck out jihad general.

  • infidels rule

    She’s hot to think otherwise is gay and why do Mooslum men wear dresses ?

  • The West is the Best

    Thats not her the tits are to small and her pussy is to tight hers is loose and worked out from the jews in hollywood she fucks for parts in movies.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    although when I was young, one of my brothers did once suck me off once. I prayed to Allah for 3 days non stop, i was forgiven.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      that probably did happen to you but you didn’t pray to Allah and after 3 days….your daddy popped your brown-eye.

  • JudeoChristian

    How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion,
    “Your God reigns!” -Isaiah 52:7

  • Umar the Brown

    Brother Durka Durka,

    At least let us know time and place of the slave auction!

  • hahaosamaisdeadhaha

    her tits don’t even look like that you fucking ragheads.

  • kkk wannabe

    grand dragon pete i wish to join the kkk

    • Umar the Brown

      You know that they are all lunch-pushing rednecks and all they do is drink beer, watch gay porn and sodomize each other in the abandoned trailer they call the “glory hole,” right?

      Why don’t you join Islam instead? We are all rich, have several hot wives who we can freely beat the hell out of when they don’t do what we say, we also fly around the world shooting and blowing up filthy kufahr imbeciles who dare to stand up to us!

      Which sounds better?

      • Orpheus

        oh come on.

        you muslims are just denying the truth
        truth that your motherfucking country
        is poor as a fuckin rat.

        so here’s what you’ll do.

        you will abandon your frickin litterbox country and live in a rich country like the US and spread homosexual stupidity and almost all of you “putanginang iyotmanok”muslim babbles about a frickin hate against whites.

        now now no need to cry about the truth..

        and lastly i wonder what kind of god do you have.maybe you have a frickin warfreak and homosexual god that has 6heads 6tails 6horns.

        so reconcile about waging war against them coz your makin your frickin god look bad.

        you frickin shit prick dog cock lover.

  • Osamaisahomo

    one more thing, if you don’t like the person why do you
    always come here and criticize an obviouse fake photo.
    just stay to you’re own fucked up muslim race and leave
    the celebrities alone for fuck sake they dont need you’re
    stupid muslim bullshit.
    P.S Learn how to make you’re fucking sentences make
    more fucking sence i mean ffs and please find better insults to
    use because you fucking ragheads are hopeless at making them up.

    Yours Sincerely


  • segn66

    Why are the nudes fake, is the Megan Fox nude a fake too, because I know this is, Scarlett has too much class for this?

    • Michelle

      Scarlett would never pose nude like that! She does have more class than that but someone is making WHITE people look bad – smh – why can’t we all just get along?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    i’m sorry i lied, although when i was on the toilet reading the Qur’an i forgot there was no toilet paper so i used the books pages insaid.

    • Umar the Brown

      Fake Faggot,

      After I sell your internal organs on the black market, I will gleefully fill my safe with more “pages” of Swiss Francs. All of which I will use to fund more strikes against the Great Satan.

      Thanks for bringing yourself to our attention.

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      poser pussy

      Your birth certificate is fake and you blow wetbacks for day old tacos

      • Celebjihadist

        Lets stone the poser

    • Celebjihadist


  • Open the Scroll

    I bid the oldest goat in my herd,my camel with a broken leg and the dullest knife I own.

  • Michelle

    FAKE! Why do you promote FAKE PHOTO SHOP PICTURES? I know that is not Scarlett Johansons breasts! You are making us white people look like we are trash? Our naked bodies are ours in natural state, but you are posting FAKE pictures of us and allowing muslims to talk smack about them. NOT COOL. We are ALL HUMAN – just because some believe different than others doesn’t mean we are bad or wrong. STOP ALL THIS HATE – please spread love instead. Not all Americans are bad. And just because we do not hide our bodies doesnt make us terrible. IF you are going to post photos, at least post real ones.

  • Celebjihadist

    100T for that sex slave SOLD

  • Celebjihadist




  • Rainer

    Was für ein geiler Anblick,
    ganz nackig steht sie da, alles kann man sehen,
    mein Spatz steht steif hoch…