Scarlett Johansson Gets Down Syndrome Tattoo

Scarlett Johansson tattoo

In an effort to raise awareness about Down Syndrome, actress Scarlett Johansson got a new tattoo that was clearly designed by a retarded child.

Scarlett Johansson disfiguring her body with the scribbles of a mongoloid is no great loss, as her sinfully curvy female frame has long been an offense to Islam.

What “lucky you” stands for is a mystery to those of us with the correct number of chromosomes, but it probably has something to do with Scarlett telling the artist that her cat has a puffy tail.

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  • Riddle Cracker

    2 bystanders died from the smell of scarlett’s armpit hair.

    • Word of wisdom

      Obviously not, as this picture was shot in France where everybody stinks like a rotten elephant carcass.
      I can’t tell you the smell there is unbearable. When I was there as a jihad instructor, I had to consider the olfactory impact the day when we start insurgency for the european caliphate. Only the local muslims are marginally used to the stink of the french, but the foreign jihadists we’ll bring there will have to deal with serious first-encounter trauma.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

        Very accurate observation brother. Word of Wisdom.

        When Islam will invade France, Muslims must wear gas masks, because of the stench.
        French people use a lot of perfume to hide the bad smell because they don’t shower.

        Only Small Worm Pete’s ass and the homos from the FKG (Firsties Kindergarten Gang) smell worse.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          How true.

          • Nazi

            France deserves to be destroyed. I say we use a rocket launcher to knock down the Eiffel Tower.

          • Anubis

            The frogs would be devastated if you knocked down their big homo phallic symbol.

            That lesbodyke Scarlett really needs to be slapped senseless for keeping her arm standing up all this time, polluting the atmosphere with her foul armpit odor. Thank Allah though that she at least isn’t airing out her filthy snatch in public.

          • Nazi

            Very true, Brother Anubis.

        • Ilapa

          Large undertaking to invade France.
          The worst thing for you is that in France are French Muslims who will kill you! We are a country intelligent and courageous. All your hand. And if we are the best in the world to create perfumes is that we love to travel. Also need to protect our sense of smell when we go home.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Mossad Agent

    As you all can see Scarlett (a proud Jewish woman) is reminding the world of how lucky they are to have such a beautiful, talented, creative and successfull group as the Jewish people to help guide all you miscreants along… It is of no surprise that such uneducated cave dwelling stone chucking backward people would think this was a gift from a child stricken with Down syndrome..

    On a side note next time Scarlett visits my home in Eilat this little tattoo will give me a different place to aim as I shoot my massive Jewish load.. And lucky she will be as she baths in my baby batter. I will see you soon my little princess!!

    As always toda raba mofos! I’ll be watching you..

    • LeoDog

      You rock Rabbi

    • Ulrich von Fukkenpumpen

      Are you still considered Jewish if your Jewish mother’s sole purpose in life is waxing Aryan dong?

      • Schmuely Kippelstein

        Yes. It’s a clever way to keep our religion together.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I hope she sues the tattoo “artist” for putting an ” L ” where the “F” was supposed to go….

  • Hussien al-Farooque

    What a waste of ink. She clearly has jewish heritage, only a jew would think of something so stupid. Lucky for her america doesnt have Sharia Law yet, cause she would sentenced to a beheading just for being a stupid harlet whore adultress. Fuck jewish-run hollywood

    • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

      Westerners only help seal their doom by supporting Hollywood along with their liberal and Zionist pig ‘masterminds’.

      They enrich the very people who hate and look down upon them.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        The only Hollywood film that us true Americans support is “Innocence of Muslims,” where Muhammed is portrayed accurately as a child molester and a thug……not unlike todays googles.

        The rise against islam has only just begun.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          little gay pete

          you trannyklan assholes are the focus of a new antigay film put out by Iranian film makers. Its called, “the trannyklan–queens of the dirty sanchez.”

          It is reported to be the most truthful depiction of the kkk (now called the trannyklan) in america

          • Nazi


          • Nazi

            Impostor, When I go to America I will find you and hang you.

          • The Omen


            If there is two of you or is it one posting? No matter your a gay mofo anyway you look at it.

  • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

    “Lucky You” is an odd way of spelling “Dumb Whore”.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Khalid

      this bitch wont feel so lucky in Shariah Court.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Buttfucker Butcher

        No…..but she felt lucky when I took her to pound town……three times……in all three holes plus her tits.

        The only thing she’ll get in Shitria court is puny ass muslim butt pumpers throwing stones like young girls.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          little gay pete

          Everyone on this site knows you only like men in dresses…but if you did pound this whore…the only hole she has that your tiny cock could fit into is her navel.

          suck on that one sanchez boy

  • The Omen

    Looks like she is sniffing her foul pit odor while showing off that stupid looking tattoo.

  • Umar the Brown

    It is well known in Anti-Zionist circles that “Lucky You” is actually the Hebrew phrase “Helookiim Yehu” which means “Death to all Muslims and we will desecrate the Koran and seize the Mosque of the Golden Dome and stop funding to Palestinian PBS that shows ‘Big Hussein the Camel’.” Now this filthy kufahr whore has this insulting phrase tattooed on her shapely ribcage to please her Jew masters! OUTRAGE!

    She is definitely on “THE LIST” now. Definitely. This affront to Allah and the Holy Prophet (mhnbp) will not pass.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Umar

      The toyota truck is filled with Jihadists ready to rape her into confessing her connection with the jews.
      As soon as I get a definite location of her where abouts…..the interrogation begins!

      Also, I have her death warrent issued by the Tikrit Shariah Court and I have a rock with her name on it.


      • Umar the Brown

        Brother Sheikh Abdullah,

        If it pleases Allah, I would very much like to be a part of this Jihadii mission. I was trained in these techniques in Bosnia and was very successful. This filthy kufahr whore has been asking for this for a long time and this tattoo is the final straw that broke the back of the mongoose!

        ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Umar

          We leave at sunrise.

          The whore will wish she had converted to Islam instead of insulting it with that gay tattoo.

          This party is BYOR…bring your own rock…..Ha, that was a joke. I’ve got plenty of rocks.

          • Umar the Brown

            GOOD! I will wear my special stoning robes.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Up the ass Umar

          You were trained by butt pumping young boys and sucking the cock of a weak sheikh.

          The only thing you could rape is your goat……which you no doubt do.


          • Umar the Brown

            Grand Fagon Pete

            I do not own a goat.

            Also, “butt pumping” and homosexuality in general is the highest form of Shirk in Islam and is punishable with death. This is why the KKK does not exist in Islamic countries. For a man to wear the clothes of a woman, as you do, this is also punishable by death. And, for a man to be unemployed and obsessed with “glory holes” as you are…we will make it punishable by death.

            So, three strikes you are dead.

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    She is showing her ribs in the middle of the street who does she think she is. Helping retards is a great sin from my mountain range, we roll them off the top not help them, next this she devil woman will be freeing donkeys this must and can not happen brothers we will be doomed, mecca could fall she must be stopped crazy woman.

  • Shutthefuckup

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