Scarlett Johansson Exposes Her Nipples

Scarlett Johansson nipples

Scarlett Johansson craftily exposes her nipples in the photo above.

Based on the smirk on her face, Scarlett Johansson must think she is pretty clever showing off her sinful areolas like this.

However, the last laugh would be on Scarlett if she dared to do this in front of us virile Muslims, as we would not hesitate to milk her titties dry before stoning her most righteously for this crime against morality.

  • barack obama

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  • Daniel

    The website comments are not getting updated only on the HOME page

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    Also the pretentious haughty overestimated bitch scarlett above can suck my dick

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    • erika

      Why are googles so fast?

      All slow ones are in jail..

    • The Guy with the EyE

      its so funny how ya think ya so smart..and yet so wrong LMAO! bitch

      • The Guy with the EyE

        Daniel IS Barack Obama Pretending to be ME Pretending posting under a new name cause he loves calling Firsties

  • Umar the Brown

    For this offense, her breasts must be cut off. I think that is right. Anyone remember the number of that Hadith? Anyway, once we chop off her fun bags, all she will have left is her huge ass and that will eventually go away after a couple of months digging mass graves at the war front. Her career really will be over then.

    I would imagine she supports Brother Obama and in doing so she is cutting her own fun bags off.

    • Kahlid

      Mash’allah, Brother Umar!

      بارك الله فيك

      • Umar the Brown

        Barak Allah Feek, my brother.

    • Shep

      There is no way this is a sin i love that she can share with me what was given unto her by my God. She is absolutely gorgeous and Most beautiful.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    another worn out hollywood “granny whore” trying to get hooked up with a Muslim by posing with her meatbags hanging out.

    Well, unless she can dig wells…us Muslims have no use for her.

    • The west is the best

      Abdullah the butt banger of boys

      You rag heads don’t want her she does not have a stash like saddam she does not smell like a camels ass and she don’t wear a berka so she’s not your type.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        West is doomed:

        It’s a burka, you idiot, not a berka.
        But you are right: it’s not that whore that smells to camel ass; it’s your breath.

        Eat shit and die far from Qatar, you mofo.

        • The west is the best

          Homo Hashim

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          • Mufti David

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          • The west is the best

            Homo Hashim

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        • The west is the best

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

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      Shut up homo.

      Scarlett doesn’t have a “meat stick” for you to stick in your ass so you would hav zero interest.

      The only homos that are trying to get hooked up with muslims are just that…..homos…….and big time colored homos at that.

      This fine piece of KKK ass will remain loyal to the KKK for eternity.

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        the only ass you kkk fags get have a set of hairy balls swinging beneath the brown eye.

        • Ectomorph

          Abject Butt-Jerk,

          The Pope and the king of Saudia Arabia were talking, and the pope said,
          “All young muslim girls should go to Mecca where they can have sex with pigs dressed as rabbis while getting drunk on cheap Jewish vodka.”

          The king nearly jumped out of his skin. He couldn’t believe his ears.
          “That’s outrageous!” he said. “How can you say that? What do you mean, cheap Jewish vodka? That stuff costs me a fortune!”

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Your mother was the first one to try that act of blasphemy but was unsuccessful.
            Once the pigs smelled her pussy…they ran off and died.

            Also…us Muslims knew she was not a Muslimona but we wanted to see just how far she would take it.
            Judging from her pussy size….pretty far.

    • Shep

      I do not fully understand your beliefs so i can not give a statement about it in a negative fashion nor do i want to be a hate monger on here bashing people for what they beleive in.It is every humans right to believe and practice whatever they want.However, this is a very smart and beautiful woman. Even with this photo i believe she does have class although you all might say a different level of class that i beleive. thanks for letting me reply i believe we are brothers anyhow under all gods we are Humanity.

      • Kahlid

        The only true human beings are the Arab Muslims.

        All of the rest of you are kuffar e.g. non-human or sub-human, if you prefer.

        Now, shut your cockhole or you will earn a fatwa from our ruling Imam, you infidel pig.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Mossad Agent

    I see once again this holy of holy sites only seems to find te beautiful Jewish actress to discuss.. Is this because there is no such comparison in the almighty Muslim world?!? Has Allah not given you such beauty or ate you too busy covering it under the Burkah? So that only you queer homos an fondle each other instead… How thought provoking…

    And by way her fun bags are some of the best in all the land I had her twice in my apartment overlooking the Gaza Strip.. I banged her out the windows so all the little Palestinians could see how a real man takes such a woman. I had to gag her with my massive Jew manhood in fear of a retaliation.. What a glorious time.. But I course none of you homo queers would know such pleasures..

    Toda Raba mofos!

    • Mehmet the Pretty Good

      Why would you have to gag a blow-up doll?

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Neighborhood Molester

      Shut up mofo

      Scarlet is of the aryan race and hates jews and loves Hitler (who doesn’t?).

      You are bound for a concentration camp full of googles and muslims…..and they like their asses “sunny side up”……if ya know what I mean.

      Our beloved Hitler treated you idiots far too well…..The Brotherhood won’t.


  • Muslims are Homofags.

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    • Grand Dragon Pete


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      This is why execution is necessary.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Muslims Suck Dicks

    Muslim Women look like gorillas.

  • Joe Smith

    You will rise my child when Jesus calls out your name, and you shall enjoy eternal peace in the kingdom of heaven.

  • Big boy

    She is so worth banging

    • Kahlid

      If you mean, ‘banging her bulbous in the head with stones’ then yes, 10/10 would bang!


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Kahlid

        My toyota pickup is “preloaded” with much stones of various sizes.

        Let the stoning commence!


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  • Idiots

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