Scarlett Johansson Enjoys Anal

Scarlett Johansson anal

Well the photo above appears to confirm what many of us have long suspected, which is of course that actress Scarlett Johansson greatly enjoys anal sex.

Scarlett’s love of butt play is quite apparent from the way she presents herself in slutty outfits which are often tight fitting and draw attention to her hindquarters.

Of course Scarlett Johansson’s love of anal is based on her sexual experiences with tiny infidel men. If Scarlett were lucky enough to mounted by one of us virile Muslims she may question her backdoor fetish as there is not one recorded case of a woman taking Muslim man meat in her poop chute without suffering severe intestinal damage.

  • Kahlid


    In fact, infidel women crave our meaty fucksticks as their men (especially American & European men) are homoqueers who only enjoy each others pitiful tiny cocks. Kuffar women know that only a Muslim man can fully satisfy their whorish cravings but that comes with a severe price.

    Anal penetration is the great, final pleasure for the Jezebels we induct into our harems. Once we huge cocked Muslim men tire of them, we tear them in twain with our huge shawarmas and then look for a new harlot for our pleasures.

    This act is sanctioned by Allah (SWT). Read the Qu’ran; it’s in there.

    • Mufti David


      you’ll regret your insults to the holy Quran!!!

      • Bubba

        I had a sneaky suspicion that She loves it in the pooper. I am very familiar with that sort of thing.

      • ALAN

        Stupid jewish people

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      There is nothing finer than pounding an infidel harlot’s brown-eye, until she submits to Allah


      • Samantha

        Right up the ol’ POOP CHUTE.!!!!! Nice going Scarlet. You are to be revered.

    • zron13

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    • MIke

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      ALLAHU AKBAR… and fuck your momma!

      All in the name of LOVE (of course).

  • fatbasterd

    That’s bullshit. You muslims really think that you know how satisfie a woman when ur pennies is the size of ur pinkie finger. Shit ur women are so scare of you with ur baby pennies. That’s why they cover themselves up with those robes to hid from you muslim fucks. But in america your women wouldent have to worry because we have huge dicks

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Your opinion on how to satisfy a woman makes as much sense as asking a camel to lay an egg.

      Us Muslims know women and you homoqueers know gay sex. Don’t come to us Muslims for advice about ass-pirating and we wont ask you about the females.

      Also…I hope to stone you very soon.

      eat shit and die filthy Khaneeth

      Subhaan Allah wa bi hamdih

    • al mualim

      and just how the fuck would you know how it is in the infidel america? judging from your exquisitely foul way of spelling you come from a non-english speaking country you fat homoqueer

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    She looks happy…..and my goats look happy…..

  • Mufti David

    Man your grammar is so poor that it clearly shows you were a failure in school. Just a few words….SHUT THE FUCK UP GOOGLE!!!!!!

  • muslim hater

    Allah is a Dickface and is probably a RETARD. I’m not afraid of guns or etc. USA rocks even if I’m not from there. We were SUCCESSFUL before Islam came like the Usa

  • muslim hater

    Anybody who thinks Islam is better just check your facts. One of the retarded bearded Mohammad freinds who played a big role FOLLOWED JESUS.

  • muslim hater

    Khalid haven’t you ever heard of strippers. XD

  • muslim hater

    Islam is gay like Allah. Wtf Allah is the most retarded name ever. Btw your supposed to THROW bombs.

  • NotGay

    In a not gay way, I’ve always been envious of girls having three holes to pick and chose where they want it.

    • ALAN


  • stoner

    Weed is like the Quran. If you burn it, you get stoned.

  • Angie

    Am I the only American that supports and loves Muslims?

    I prefer Muslim men over American men

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      • Angie


      • Luis Lopez

        Ashton the Kutcher,

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Cole

    Grand Faggot Pete enjoys anal.

  • bob

    you guys are all dumbfucks AMEARICANS KICK ASS and this picture is obvioulsy fake your dumb as
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    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I agree…america kisses ass.

      • muslim hater

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          hates not sucking cock

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          Ha…now thats Muslim fun.

          • Ousi of the Chlevi Desert

            thats what we call a body bomb. but very nice insult

  • muslim hater

    Does anybody like Abdullah? He probably watches interacial gay mutant ninja zombie midget pornography.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I was voted “most likely to kill an infidel” 10 years in a row in Tikrit.
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  • muslim hater

    Allah is a homosexual.

  • Lucifer

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  • LOKI

    Anybody who thinks this is Scarlet is a fucking moron, furthermore I can’t quite figure out if this website is entirely a fucking TROLL based site, or if the level of stupidity can really exceed the limits, that it does here.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • Hamish

    Hey, CELEBSFAN…you have company….LOKI is from the same institution as you!

  • tpzlol

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  • e101st11bFuCHajikillemall

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  • Die Muslism

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