Scarlett Johansson Does New Naked Photo

Scarlett Johansson naked

It looks as though Scarlett Johansson has posed for yet another naked photo.

At least this time Scarlett is sporting some erotic pubic hair over her disgusting lady parts. Unfortunately it is not nearly enough to hide her sinful labia, thus her vagina is still a repulsive sight.

Obviously Scarlett Johansson is trying to distract us Muslim men from our righteous Jihad against the Zionists with this new naked photo. Fortunately her efforts are in vain as her nude form is still nauseatingly lacking in pubic hairs.

  • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!

    The pubic hair makes me want to cry :(

    • Umar the Brown

      Me too. There should be so much more, but the pubic lice this whore has contracted has forced her to shave it. Only holy and righteous Muslimas can grow the most holy and prescripted pubic hair as revealed to us all in a Hadith straight from Allah himself.

      • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!

        At least someone here is not so hurtful and cries like I do :)

        Now I am happy. We should all live in peace

        Yet again my courage is beginning to conquer people.

        I might just start crying out of joy :)

        • Hitler

          Very well said bruder Babar, very well said indeed

          Let us all live in peace and love jews.

          1000 years Deutschland!!

          • Nazi


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        bunghole baboon the gayest

        only an dumbass tranny with an AIDS infected fag brain would make your faggy comments.

        you ain’t funny; just gay.

        • Adolph Hitler

          Fuck off muslim piece of shit. No one fucking likes your country and all of you should fucking burn in hell.

      • ???

        lol. Holy pubic har? C’mon dude.

    • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

      Would someone please add my on skype already?? No one wants to see me naked and masturbating?

      Where is that “Notgay” guy?

      The brotherhood will rise


    • Konatathemisfit

      I think that you have no honor in that vote because babar the unhonored shithole has no say even in deepest zen

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Zero Kona,

        We already have here enough of inferior beings. We didn’t ask and we don’t need the opinions of a dumb rice eater. Get lost.

        • Konatathemisfit

          Yes indeee i do eat rice but still that shit is great and btw i hope tree spirit slowly rips out ur lungs

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            cock monger the shit-faced

            you japs are some ugly infidels but I guess you assholes have no choice but to look like shit.

            The first jap was created when a google fucked a koala bear and then that offspring later fucked a donkey.

            When Islam takes over, us Muslims are going to rename your species, “kodonkanese” and then exterminate you mofos.

            Suck on that one shit face

            ALLAHU AKBAR

    • Ass Kicker

      Why don’t you shave that pussy hair off your face you phony muslim jihad bastard
      Eat shit and fuck your mother.


  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    And being so dumb doesn’t make you cry too? It should…

    By the way: aren’t you just another underage from the KFG (Kindergarten Fag Gang)?

    • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!

      At least I am not that dumb to not know that one uses the REPLY button to reply to the other person.


      I am no Kindergartener gang member…. I am Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior to have ever walked this earth

      And your hurtful reply made me cry my eyes out (sob) :(

      Why are people so cruel??? Leave britney alone!!!

      (Sobs) (Cries)

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Liar! There is no famous Muslim named Babar.
        Only an elephant character in children’s books. Most probably your hero…

        It is demonstrated that you are another dumb brat polluting this site.

        • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!

          Babar was the first Mughal Emperor and a descendant of Gengis Khan

          You questioning my integrity so rudely just makes me want to cry all night :(

          Leave britney alone!

          Allahu akbar!!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            That was Babur (more precisely Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur), you dumbfuck.

            Note – Babur means “tiger” in Persian, thing that definitely you are not. The Calimero character fits you much best…

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            * fits you best.

          • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!

            Oh my! You are hurting my feelings so much now!

            Look for the spelling of Babar once again on google or wikipedia. You probably forgot to wear your glasses.

            Don’t worry, this happens with age.

            There is no need to be ashamed, let your emotions flow, and if you need to cry..just call me :)

  • Imam Khalid

    Even though she is a fugly Jewess, I do applaud her for keeping at least SOME pubic hair.

    At least she looks like a grown woman and not some sort of per-pubescent mannequin with an axe wound.

    • Imam Khalid


      Fucking i(slamic)Phone autocorrect.

      • Imam Khalid



        • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!


          At least your posts made me stop crying

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Scarlett could revive her film career a chief nerd whore-ess if she could raise the funds to sculpt a body like the one displayed in the (real) photo…….

    ….until then she should seek relief in the withered arms of the useless Jew, Spicoli…..

  • A person

    I have finally figured out this is just kim kardashian in a wig and contacts. Obviously the photo has been photoshopped heavily but nothing can hide the hideous thing .

  • mayhem

    muzlums must fuck camels……..thats why they look like a camels ass

  • youra joke

    Is this a joke? I honestly cant take a single one of those comments seriously.. never seen this site before. Hoping you arent serious. If so thats absolutely hilarious that you guys clearly went out of your way to look at her naked body but try to pretend you dont like it. hah! Someone should slap you.

  • josh

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    FUCK ALLAH or however you spell that dumb ass MAN’S name… all i know is he’s a RNCID CUNT whos ROTTING in HELL> JESUS is MANKINDS SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abdul Rasul


      Shut up up you fucking cry baby queer. I haven’t seen my harem in 40 days so I have been working up a load and one more word out of your dick sucking mouth and I will cram my thunder cock down her throat and shot gun cum your mom until she chokes on it like the kuffar slut she is.

      • Smartest Guy in the comments

        If by “thunder cock” you mean half inch tiny cock, then go ahead

      • TBEAR182

        Abdrool Rapeass, leave the fucking gloryholes once in awhile then you can spend some time with your “harem”. Besides brother Abdunghole is getting mighty impatient waiting for his turn you greedy bastard.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jizzy josh

      the only jesus I know of, is a mexican from puerto rico, who grooms donkeys in Tiajuana before your mother fucks them.

      Also….those anti-Muslim comments you made, just got you a fatwa, which means you are one dead muthafucker.

      • Kisuke

        Mexican from Puerto Rico, you need to study geography or you might fail your next strike against America and hit Brasil

        • Imam Khalid

          All wetbacks are Mexicans no matter which third world shithole they pupate in.

          Now, mind you manners, gook or Tehran will send you another Hiroshima Surprise for your insolence!

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      What’s this shit? Has our beloved site become a refuge for all the sort of fools?
      This is no place for damned hippies.

      • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

        Oh hashim you are so manly and sexy and your comments just blow my mind.

        Please let me return the favour by blowing you???

        I just love older guys..the older and the muslimer the better :)

        Add me on skype honey please pretty please?? :)

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Imperial Fag,

          I regret to inform you that I only have sex with women, in strict obedience to the laws of Nature, and under the guidance of Allah all mighty. So, drop dead you filthy perverted.

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

            No need to have sex with me gosh!! I now you are straight duh!

            But you can watch me do shows for you if you don’t mind :)

            That wouldn’t make you gay Hashim..think about it pretty please *-*

            I just have a huuuuuuuuge crush on you and your damn sexyy god!!!

          • Kisuke

            So the law is what keeps you from being homosexual, well at least your obedient

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.


            Thats the imposter //??// posting as me iam not gay and i don’t have sex with men or muslims so if you havea problen it with //??// not me

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            But I really do admire you Hashim and I was actually serious about skype. Should I give my username?
            Forget about the imposter ok. I actually do love muslims and especially you and your lovely beard :)

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            God I wish we all could talk in private chat messages here itself so I could tell you that I am the real Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace. and that imposter is just humiliating me.

            I, the reaI Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace NOT THE hashim and not in a Gay manner at all!

            There I said it.I am not ashamed of it. You see that you fucking imposter? I LOVE HASHIM!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Imperial Fag,

            My Skype ID is fuckhomos4ever.

            If you want to abandon your disgusting addiction, I can help you how to convert to Islam and become a good straight Muslim. Otherwise, drop dead.

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            Oh thank you thank you thank you sooo much Hashim. I love you even more now!!

            Just give me a minute I’ll add you.

            If it takes converting to islam to get close to you….then converting to islam it shall be :)

            I LOVE YOU HASHIM!

            The brotherhood will rise


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Hey, hold your camels!
          Hey, hold your camels!

          Do not get so excited. I don’t want to be loved by men, even of the shemale type. Before talking to you on Skype you must:

          1 – Renounce to the KKQueer Club;
          2 – Promise to convert to Islam;
          3 – Curse Miss Piggy (aka Tiny Pecker Pete);
          4 – Have sex with a real woman (with a snatch, natural boobs, etc).

          After fulfilled these duties we can talk.

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            OK so here it is

            1 – Renounced the KKK club- Check

            2- I promise to convert to Islam – Check

            3- Grand Dragon Pete is a cunt. – Check

            4- Have sex with a woman…ummm Hashim….I can try for sure…but I do not think that any woman will ‘willingly’ have sex with me. Does rape count?? Or a hooker maybe?

            If you want I can go outside and try to convince a woman to have sex with me but I don’t think it will work since I have been told that I am not the most hadsome guy in the world. Lets just keep it at that (I weigh around 400 Pounds and do not have any hair.)

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother to be Elis, don’t worry:

            The man’s physical aspect is the less important thing for a Muslim to find a woman; those inferior beings just have to accept the decision of their male master (any way: if needed you can abduct her).

            So, go ahead my son and bring to me good news as soon as possible. The path for the true Faith is wide open for you now.

            Note – If in the process, you decide to kill Miss Piggy (aka Z Fag), this will make you become a respected member of the Muslim brotherhood even faster.

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            Sir Hashim

            With your blessing, off I go now.

            I’ll be back in a couple of hours and tell you what happened. Pray for me :)

            (Fingers crossed)

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

   a LOT happened while I was out. But the bottom line is

            4 – Have sex with a real woman – Pending

            I was not able to have sex with a woman :(

            FIrst I tried the easier and the faster way i.e hooker since I have been saving for a few months now. I was pretty sure it would do but would you believe me how much that bitch asked for???

            20 DOLLARS!! Thats right..I could not believe it either, so I had to let her go.

            Then I tried your method i.e Abduction. So I waited in the park looking for a girl and when I saw one I pounced.

            I was barely able to get to the second base and touch her boobs when she kicked me in the balls!! The bitch knew karate!!!

            Then she went all bruce lee on my ass and I had to run out of there :(

            I tried yet another girl this time coming out of the department store but little did I know of this new instrument called ‘Taser’

            The bitch electrified my ass to Lala Land !

            Finally I managed to return home somehow (still a virgin) to give you the details.

            I don’t know what to do now Sir Hashim :(

          • bolshevik commissar markhov

            vy yest duraki chtoby protivostoyat vole Krasnoy Armii!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother to be Elis,

            Don’t give up so easily. Next time carry a taser you too.

            I keep waiting…

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        This josh faggot is one long-winded and dull infidel.
        A fatwa should be issued on the basis of boredom alone.

        Also, anybody that long-winded has to be the “deep throat champ” of the glory hole. Which is the best reason to issue the “Death Fatwa.”

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    What a sickening sight this ugly-ass whore scarlett is for our Muslim eyes.

    I’ve seen better heads on a catfish and a hairier pussy on a new born Musliminina.

    I don’t know what she intended to accomplish with this very un-sexy pic….unless it was to give us Muslims something to laugh at.


    • NUKE the middle east

      Abdullah the brown butt butcher,

      You’re so gay that you look at all of the penises on this site and get disgusted by the women.

      Shut up, fag boy with the peacock hat on his head

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        pukes up excess jizz but then re-eats it

        I’d rather have a peacock on top of my head…than be like you….. and have a big cock down my throat!

        Suck on that one gayboy!

  • TBEAR182

    I would love to be that freckle next to her kitty.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Too bad your justt a turd clinging to some ass hair.

      • TBEAR182

        Oh Mr peter puffer from Tikrit you most certainly know about little nuggets of shit attached to ass hairs, just take a look at the vile sows you have collected in your harem. Us Americans dont mind a little hair above the beaver but we draw the line when it comes to women with hair on their asses. I would also think it’s safe to assume that your probably masturbating right now to some Scat porn you sick fecal freak you.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          your face qualifies as “scat porn” but I sure as hell ain’t going to masturbate to it.

          I’ll shoot it with the AK-47 but thats all…mofo.

          • TBEAR182

            I have not seen you this upset since you failed to receive the box set of Josie and the pussycats movies as a gift at your Barmitzvah when you turned thirteen years old.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you dumbass hillbilly.

            Us Muslim men have one right of passage at age 11…when we kill our first jew or christian. Its called “Allakha Wattala-Ha’Kabbala Absolam” or “slaughter of the infidel”

            I understand you infidels have a perverted rite of passage, which us Muslims find sickening…its called “eating that first jizz” and it introduces you homoqueers to the glory hole life.

            Also, I don’t know about this pussycat stuff but I did receive a “Mohammed and the Jew Killers” saddlebag for my camel.

            Ha..and I bet at the same time you got teabagged at the glory hole.

            eat shit mofo and die

          • TBEAR182

            Abdullah the Butcher of men’s asses,

            “Slaughter of the Infidel” is the term you turd chasers use when you cut off your peckers when you turn 11 years old.

      • Babar- The Bravest Muslim Warrior!

        Damn right he loves scat porn..he is known as Scatty Mc Fatty in his tikrit neighbourhood.

        He is most recognised for hid “Turd bombs” . The smell of his turds are used as anaesthesia all over tikrit

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          butt-bonkier the gayest infidel

          Come to Tikrit and say that to me gayboy and you’ll get an axe between the eyes…that is if the cats don’t bury you first.

  • matabelo

    she is Scarlett Johansson ??? *_*

  • NUKE the middle east

    Here’s a joke;

    How many gay Muslims does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Three, one to put in the light bulb and the other two to screw.

    • Ahmed

      Ha Ha funny……..NOT! You inidels need to respect the Gay communitee.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Phedo Nuke,

    Yes, you are right: one screws the bulb and the other screws your ass while you are contemplating the scene.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Hashim

      This new set of identities, concocted by the real gay prophet and little fag pete, are even worse characters than their previous homoqueer manifestations.

      They must be retarded or else the shame they have experienced from being destroyed by the truth of Islam and the wit of us Muslims would send them away to their gay sanctuary
      in san fran-fag-city forever.

      And this nuke persona….wtf is up with that?
      My camel has more sense than that asshole.


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You are right brother Abdullah!

        These impersonators are becoming more mentally rotten as time passes.

        Maybe, besides anal sifilis, they also have the mad cow disease.

        • Konatathemisfit

          Ineed hashim kun but never forget that they will always be as is and maybe we can go in my aircraft ane kamakazi on there poor tormented souls in deep honor!!!

          • bolshevik commissar markhov

            molchaniyem, vy fashistskikh krys!

          • Konatathemisfit

            Then kaboom!

          • Konatathemisfit

            I also just noticed i am the only japanese man here with me sad in soul

          • TBEAR182


            How in the hell did you get on this site in the first place there is minimum height requirement of 5’5 in order to keep kids out of here. When everybody knows you little yellow bastards dont ever reach 5 feet tall now go do the honorable thing and fall on your sword. Or face the risk of Hashim mistaking you for a ugly child and adding you to his harem.

          • Konatathemisfit

            Hey fuck off american humburger eating fuck

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Do not speak in that manner to that infidel turd-burger182.

            He may be an asshole but he ain’t no horse-toothed donkey rapist like you monkey-men mofo japs.

            leave this site whale eater and return to your jap glory hole…”the rising asshole” and butt-fuck your monkey-men homoqueer friends while you can. Islam has an Iranian made surprise for you. We call it….the “blast from the past.” You’ll call it, “atom destruction.”
            You mofos will think its 1945 all over again!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            Congratulations, you said it all: Zero Kona (admiting he is a true Jap, which I doubt) is a “whale eater”.

            This means that he belongs to a race that cook an animal that is more clever and has more noble feelings than most of the Infidels that polute this site.

  • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.


    Durka Durka could you please post a nude pic of a black man with a huge cock I love black cock up my ass and in my mouth.

    • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

      Sorry I fucked once again.

      Copied and pasted my name by mistake…AGAIN! LOLLL

      God…I think I am retarded. All the KKK sperm has fucked up my mind!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        little gay pete

        you fucked up when you let your uncle play “hide the banana” in your ass when you were 6.

        It put you on the path to fagness.

        • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

          Respected Abdullah

          You are so damn right!! And all this time I wondered why was the banana so damn hard!!

          Now I finally know!!

          Please add me on skype?? I have a webcam :)

  • Moshe Dayan

    WTF The left tit is 1/3 bigger than the right indicating the doctor fucked up. Only muslims would lust over such an abortion of a picture.

    Eat shit and die mofo

  • Jabbar Muhammed Kareem

    Abdullah just to let u kno I have Eyreh be afass seder emmak. Your next.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jabs gay monkeys

      I cannot de-code your google talk and I really don’t give a fuck when it comes to what a coon has to say anyway.

      So go fuck yourself with one of them full grown saguaro cactus…found in the damned west of the u s of a.

      If that ain’t possible, drink a can of drano.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Moshe Dayan

        There once was a fag, Gay Abdullah,

        Too lazy to douche so he’d fool ya,

        H’ed spread the cheeks on his rump,

        And fake moan while you pump,

        Homo Hashim’s load out of his rectum

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Cockeyed Jew,

          Muslim brothers consider the kind of practices you describe degrading.

          Nevertheless, if that is your dream, go ahead. But you’ll have a problem on being loaded with another man’s jizz because most of the Jew homos are passive gays.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Hashim

            If not for the strength of Allah and the support of my Muslim brothers, the perversity of these infidel homoqueers would be enough to drive me into putting on the vest and getting my 72 eight year old virgin babes.

            However, I am from Tikrit and when the going gets perverted…we bring out the AK-47.

            But I have to admit, that immoral jew moshe is one weird homoqueer.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Alissa C DiCarlo

            I feel dirty. I’m such a whore. I wish I could change. I’m a lesbian who’s addicted to sex, any kind of sex. How’d you like to have my problem? Thought so.

  • Max the Brave

    This is her I banged her last night

  • I wanna take a shit

    Well Personally I like shaved vagina’s

    • //??//

      I wanna

      How about ashaved dick and nut sack I do rim jobs also only with males no females pussy is ugly and smelly dick only please/

  • //??//

    Anyone here want to watch me on web cam while i take on two huge black dudes one fucks me up my ass while the other shoves his huge black cock in my mouth and i massage his balls.

    I will do almost any homosexual sex act so if any guys want to hook up lrt me no.I also do a great donkey show.

    • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

      Well good for you buddy. Keep it up. How about doubles? We can both do it together.

      Add me on skype? I am the KKK male prostitute. We both will have so much fun :)

      The brotherhood will rise


      • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

        //??// The imposter

        Very good this time you added the period and the Brotherhood ending you must have stopped jerking off long enough to think about your false postings.

        Sorry to say gay boy Iam not a homosexual but the do have sites for that thing but I don’t have to tell you that you troll them all anyway good luck finding a queer partner.

        • //??//

          Thank you Mr.Wallace

          Iam sorry I thought you were gay yes iam l;ooking for a new partner Iam seeking a very well hung gay black male but seeing it’s hard to find any gay partner right now I will take whatever comes along

          Any gay men out there looking for a submissive gay white male with a small penis look me up.

          • Leroy


            Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace. you desperate nigga. He pwned your KKK ass nigga you be goin crazy yo


          • Leroy

            Even I a google knows that both above are you yourself posting under different names nigga

            LOLLLL He got you good

          • //??//

            No it’s me//??// I do post as a Imposter using Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace name to make it look like he is gay and so is the kkk I also post as Abdullah,Hashim ,Big Pete and many others.

            Iam A imposter because iam bored I have no boyfriend I get into black men since you are black how would you like to slide your huge black snake up my ass I will also suck your dick and massage your balls while i do it.

          • Leroy

            Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

            Everyone know you is posting as //??//

            You is even more desperate than us niggas LOL. You is a damn fool yo stop making ass out of urself. LMFAOO

            Have some respect for urself man (facepalm)

          • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            Stupid google leroy

            This is the real Ellis Wallace not that google loving queer ??//?? Sorry but I don’t speak or read google I think you posted that Iam posting as myself and that homo ??//?? you are a dumb spear chucker ??//?? is the imposter posting as me and some others he is a gay little pussy who doesthis and jerks off about it.

            He does love black cock tell him where to find you if you want him to suck your dick.Now get the fuck outta here tar baby mofo before i thke awhip to you.

          • Leroy

            Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace.

            Nigga you be trippin, you done gone crazy yo LMAOOOOOOOO

            That nigga kicked your ass real good yo, you is crying an hallucinating and shit yo LOLLLLLLLLL

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    Finally a western woman who can grow hair on her baby making machine. Too little hair for my liking or any other bruddas liking but its a start. One day she maybe aloud into mecca.

  • Zamil the Extreme

    It seems like there are more retards on this sight than ever before.Im still jaw dropped from it. Does somebody have a suicide vest? I would like to use it to finally do some good to this world and kill myself with a few of its main offenders.

    For Allah!

    • Konatathemisfit

      Ah i have a kamakazi plane for you enjoy it deeply and die in honor

      • Zamil the Extreme

        Go dry hump a whale you honor loving freakshow. Stones and the AK for you.

        • Konatathemisfit

          Hey zamil the cock suck please dont judge honor it flows into japan like flash flood so if you have no honor then tree spirit will dry hump u with prickly branches dipped in the finest shit from wasteland

  • IknwWhyMuslimSucks

    GET A LIFE, You muslim Bastard. Go and fuck goats.

    • IknwWhyMuslimSucks

      Or fuck me, whatever

  • IknwWhyMuslimSucks


    Allah actually supports Goats & pedophillia. Mofo Muhammad’s favorite wife was 9 when he fucked for the first time. Allah fucks pigs and sucks cock.…

    hahaha……Just thought you ought to know!

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