Sarah Shahi Shows Kuffars How To Be Classy

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi is a model and actress, but more importantly she is Iranian and a proper Muslim woman. Unlike the whores that infest Hollywood, Sarah Shahi has been able to carve out a nice career for herself without prostituting her body for the profit of Zionists.

Take these photos of Sarah in Esquire magazine for example. Have you ever seen anyone portray feminine sexuality yet maintain a moral dignity so beautifully? Kuffar women could learn a lot from Sarah Shahi’s example here.

The only thing these photos are missing is Sarah Shahi doing a little less lazing about and a lot more sandwich making. As it is Sarah already has managed to look like a classly lady even while pulling her bikini bottoms up the crack of her ass. Muslim women are just special like that I guess.


Sarah Shani Sarah Shani Sarah Shani
Sarah Shani Sarah Shani Sarah Shani
Sarah Shani Sarah Shani Sarah Shani
Sarah Shani Sarah Shani Sarah Shani
Sarah Shani Sarah Shani Sarah Shani

  • mike

    Her name is Sarah Shahi….not Shani

    • theheadchimp

      Mike is a fucking Einstein
      Dumbass where does it say Shani? Pull your head out of your ass nitwit…

      • Mr. Right

        It says it right in the link. Where’s YOUR head at?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Mr. Wrong

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          • Myself

            wow you guys are retarded the article said Shani all threw it yesterday morning.\
            The author went threw and fixed his mistake but cant change the URL ;)

          • IamAmerican


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      • Myself

        obviously the author changed it retard
        said Shani earlier dead giveaway is the URL link retard

        • theheadchimp

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          • Myself

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  • joe

    meh. not impressed …next.