Sarah Shahi Boob Massage Video

Sarah Shahi boobs

Hollywood is littered with weak-willed Christian girls who compromised their morality in the name of fame. That is why it is so refreshing to see a Muslim actress like Sarah Shahi succeed were those Christ lovers have failed.

Just take this gif of Sarah Shahi getting her boobs massaged from a TSA instructional film she did. Have you ever seen a woman get a vigorous groping with more class and dignity?

Sarah Shahi boobs

Yes Sarah Shahi proves that women do not have to prostitute themselves to succeed in Zionist Hollywood. The power of the true faith is propelling her to the top while keeping her morality above reproach. Allahu Akbar!

  • josh

    what movie is that from?

    • RamRod

      Can’t you read “from a TSA instructional film”

  • NoneYa

    Fantastic! Another disgusting big-nosed jew wannabe whore. Good find. Next time blur out her hideous face and deformed nose, that way we all won’t have nightmares of repulsive subhuman trash.

  • mike

    LMFAO at least you spelled her name right this time fuck face

  • Sean Serritella

    Guys, I have an announcement to make…. I’d like to fuck that.

    • BetterThanYou

      Disgusting subhuman. Touch that deformed Jew whore and AIDS will be the only good thing that comes your way. Pathetic bastard!

  • cowbulls

    The only Muslims that should be in Europe, North America or South America should be whores. This chick would make a good one if she isn’t already too loose for use.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      The only infidels that will be allowed to live, are the few we Muslims will make slaves out of after we take over the world. The rest of you worthless assholes will be slaughtered.

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      • will

        how many times i have to tell you, there is no way a bunch of 3rd world immigrants
        are gona take over the world, only a muslim would believe that because as we all
        know they believe anything. only way that gona happen if yous pray hard for a miracle,
        so good luck with that lol.

      • BabyAngel

        I find it odd how you call your self a Muslim and insult her because of her boobs.. when your the kind of person .. with the other people.. who say “cover her face” so you can just look at her boobs.. using the excuse that she will dishonor herself… meanwhile .. you’re looking at the pic… .. and not at her face mind you, it IS her tits you’re staring at…. you should be saying.. “cover her tit” … not her face… “because she’ll dishonor herself”
        and … you call yourself a Muslim?
        Can I ask..
        what kind of bull shit are you believing about being Muslim?
        if it’s all about men ruling the world… bombing, fucking and setting women on fire.. well.. shit just drop the Muslim act and go do it.. stop giving your self an excuse and admit what you are, a lying turd who.. honestly likes it when a guy shoves a dick up his ass while sucking on another dick.. and then enjoy the rest of your life being married to another man =)
        Sounds about the right profile for you?
        … oh, don’t cry if I get the truth right though… everyone has to come out of the closet some time

  • selena suks


    Hey did you know that it wuz the muslims who9 ruled the world for thousands of years when the white morans came along and invaded our land . This proves that YOU rotten dicks are 3rd class immigrants and also that you are screwed BIGTIME!

    • Will

      It sure says a lot about you when you can rule the world for thousands of years, yet the instant a few “white morans” (I’ll assume you meant “morons”) come along, you crumble like a week-old cookie left in the sun. Yeah, you guys were definitely secure in your position of power.

  • truth

    i’m just a passer by..i don’t know if u guys are true muslims or not.but please.if you are muslims,than stop cursing and saying things that would hurt the hearts of others.please stop boasting and saying harsh words..let me remind u and the others who would read these comments.islam means peace.n peace will come when there is tolerence and kindness.when hatred is turned into love.when revenge is turned into forgiveness.n when enemies become brothers..hatred and the urge to war between each other will fade away when we all realise that all of us are one as humanity and what makes us unic are our differences.respect others so that you could respect in peace and with no regrets.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      tells lies not truth

      You should have kept on passing by you dumbass infidel mofo.

      You know, it’s racist assholes like you that are always causing trouble by sticking your big jew noses in where they aren’t wanted.

      Us Muslims don’t go to your house and tell you not to be an asshole; so don’t try and tell anyone here about Islam.

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  • truth

    huhu..i’m sorry to dissapoint you.but i’m not a jew nor i am an infidel..i too am a means i have every right to give an advise.don’t you think?either i am a better or lesser muslim than you is heaven’s work.
    well it looks like i already have your lets get on with business shall we?
    truth be told i am one of few people assigned by the a certain organisation to investigate and take down extremist and loud mouth racist like the ones you just passionately describe, through the internet.,if i may call you that.
    either you stop what you’re doing and help us in our mission by doing the right things the right way or you keep on doing what you’ve already done and not make a change at all.
    so.what would it be?with us or not?choose wisely.either way…your life will change. assalamualaikum.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      tells lies not truth

      You are a piece of lying infidel filth.
      No Muslim (except a shia) would talk such crazy nonsense.
      Yes, you are an imposter and an asshole and you will have to answer to us real Muslims and then to Allah and finally you will get to meet satan.

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  • truth

    suit yourself.people choose not to believe in the truth, even though the truth is just right under their noses.

    huhu..good luck in life.cause you’ll need it.a lot.

    Allahu ma’ana

  • The Cleaner

    that is fom the movie “The L Word” and he is Iranian

  • Ass

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