Sarah Hyland Naked Photo

Sarah Hyland naked

Is this a photo of “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland naked on all fours? Perhaps! Could she be patiently waiting for a virile Muslim man to violently penetrate her every orifice? Probably!

Infidel men are all effeminate impotent sissies who don’t know the first thing about properly sexing a woman. That is why Sarah Hyland, like all infidel women, almost certainly lusts for a strong masculine Muslim man to bang her brains out. Unfortunately Sarah Hyland does not know how to attract us Muslim men, so she has resorted to pornography to seduce us.

Sarah will never find the Muslim lover she so greatly desires until she learns that only through obedience to Allah and the wearing of the burka will she arouse the desires of a Muslim man who will then grace her lady holes with the pleasures of his mighty flesh sword.


  • Bogsmalee

    This is a good photo. Haha!

    • John Doe

      Ok I’m sick of you guys saying that these chicks should be stoned,
      So she’s naked WOW doesn’t mean she should be stoned, so grow
      A fucking penis and shove your rocks up your arse

  • Word of wisdom

    Worst thing here is that she’s smiling. I know western females are taught pornography since kindergarten, but where’s the need to be so provocative and insulting with obscene smiles ? Doesn’t she know we hide our female’s faces behind veils precisely because we don’t want to see they asinine grins ?

    • Aeneas252

      u dumbshit western women arent taught pornography its only the ones that are abused by u bastards that go into it

      • Poppa Boogaloo

        Oh do shut the fuck up! It’s photoshopped, and I’ve seen plenty of videos of muslim women being defiled by supposedly pious muslim men for their (and our) sexual satisfaction, so get the fuck off your high-horse! Christ! It’s almost like you’re a troll just fishing for a reactionary response…

        • american

          yea but who cares about muslim bitches, they smell and fuck u anyway

          • amrican guy

            well i think the the vagina hase very good muslim qualitys and should be savourd id the act of pornography and should be only recked buy 7 black men and a horse becaus i think this is quilte well the most small tits i have ever seen.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    She is wise to prepare herself for defilement whilst simultaneously attending to her household chores of floor washing and pebble collecting……

    ….a mate worth 3 goats and a fig tree….

  • HONG

    that photo is 100% fake. and go fuck your goats and camel. wat is with the camels and goats??? u ppl have to many goats and camels?????

    • aghmed

      Fake like your scrotum.

    • Habib ths assassin

      Hong the micro dick fag. yes we have many goats and camels there herds you dipshit unlike american animal abusers we don’t allow sexual abuse to our fine herds.Americans have cows,pigs,chickens and other farm animals they abuse like it’s a sport. you people have no values the women run wild fucking the blacks because the white males are having homo sex with eachother.

      • josh

        Your a retard, ya the good Muslim people eh. I’m from canada, I’ve seen plenty of muslims here they abuse there women. They make them cover there faces and I seen a couple get out of a cab the woman was pregnant and the ass hole husband just leaned against the cab while the wife unloaded all there luggage and carried it into the bus station while the asshole didn’t lift a finger fuck the Muslim people unless its just rag heads in general that do this

      • Amit

        Batmanners Posted on Well, well I googled my onilne username (using the same one since 2000) and found this Interesting how Batman + Ann Landers gave you this. I don’t know what I put together to come up with this, but it stuck and it’s something NOBODY ever has, so I don’t have to be JohnTheMan231 on one site and JohnTheDude294 on another For a second I thought this entire article was about me

  • Allah

    fake, obviously.

  • Habib the assassin

    This Sarah the slut looks as if she has had large objects up her ass just look at the size of that hole it could take the large end of a baseball bat with room to spare and those loose pussy lips around her cave sized vigina that has been used many times by the american negro male because the white male is to busy doing homosexual acts upon each other.

  • NotGay


  • Samuel

    Wow this looks nice ;)

  • Kraponlap

    That rite tha is delicious mmmmmmmmmmmmm that’s good

    • Habib the assassin

      Krap on face and Samuel the shit sack. You both are two queers who suck on eachothers dicks and butt fuck one another.

  • westerner

    Wow! Braindead sexually frustrated sexist men who have no Love or feeling in them hiding behind a religion. I am sad for you and the woman who have to deal with your childish view of sexuality and lack of tenderness and love.

    • Habib the assassin

      Westerner Your just another fool But you can overcome this don’t watch the TV this is the way your leaders brainwash the people and cause people like you to post lies about the good muslim people.

      • Nick

        Hahaha you are such a dip shit. You have been brain washed
        Believe tv brain washes the westeners! Haha dumb ass
        Brain washed like they brain wash the stupid suicide bommers

  • miley habib ahmed

    kiddie porn

  • Aeneas252

    oh give me a fuckin break its obviously a fake pic and still even if it was real why would she want a muslim’s tiny wrinkly old cock?

  • paki


    • Oi


  • Western

    Allah is a cunt. Well if there was such thing as allah he would be a cunt. You gullible stupid fucks

    • why

      Just so everyone IN THE WORLD knows not everyone in america is a ignotant dumb fuck that chooses to use someones religion or birth place to subjectify their fellow man people like you make me sick was like you feel when your black boyfriend sticks his dick down your throut this is why america is going to fall into a 3rd world country because ignorant fuckups like you have nothing better to do but fuck with a man that knows nothing about our country and tjis is why 911 happened because of the american sterio type that dick holes like yourself have created if I knew where a shit dick like you was Id beat the shit out of you like you beat your boyfriends dick last night. GO FUCK YOURSELF

      • 11BangBang

        I sincerely hope that english it not your first language.. It is not mine, but your interpretation is.. trying at best. I agree with many of your concepts. However, get your shit together with organizing thoughts if you wish to make an impression (other than that you are an under-educated dumb shit) on somebody. Gay insults? Really.. who cares if someone is gay? You are all up in arms for people making fun of something fake like religion but something real like homosexuality is fair game? You are ignorant at best, though, most likely just an idiot. I have served my country, proudly open, and I assure you, I am not only capable of taking a dick, but also giving a historic beatdown on any mother fucker who has something to say about my Country or sexuality.

  • why

    And the picture is oviviously fake most women in america aren’t complete whores that have horse pussy and pose like the girl they photoshoped her head onto

  • why

    Plus just for stupid enough to beleave that this is real you eastern terrorist fuck shut your cunt or ill stamp it like they should have done to your whore mothers pussy. ALL OF YOU CAN GO AND GET SOME BRAINS WHATS EVEN THE POINT WHERE ALL EVIL AND GOING TO HELL UNLESS OUR GOD SAVES US AN

  • OMG

    for one birkas and hijabs are cultural not religious (4 years religious studies). two there are not enough muslims in the world to do anything meaningful what so ever and if india or america or anyone else finally gets fed up with your childish religious zealot shit they could kill you all with one touch of a 20 megatonne nuclear warhead So go out shut up and live your pathetic lives and die of old age so the rest of us can do the same.

  • normalperson

    Notice how these Muslim pussies always use “we”? Not a single one can do anything for themselves. All they can do is rally together in large groups before talking smack about America. Yet the very thing they claim to hate and despise is what they spend all of their time talking and thinking about. If America is so awful why do you give a damn? You are jealous brainwashed cowards living in a shitty sand pit. You hate your twisted, backwater culture so much you justify it by creating this entire illusion in your head. If you were really a Muslim you wouldn’t be lusting after an “infidel” woman on a pornographic website. If it weren’t for rape your culture wouldn’t exist. A woman wants to have sex with a Muslim extremist about as much as you cowards would like to run into a black man while you are alone.

  • ghy

    She’s so old… I want something more fresh.

  • MohammedThePedophile

    You guys worship a murderous pedophile

  • Nick

    You muslim men cant even tell a photo shop photo to
    A real one. Shows how many nude women you see. And if u think its a muslim
    Man she wants you have probably lost your mind after shagging
    To many sheep

    • oooooooooo

      i think you mean camels

  • Kim

    Treat others how you want to be traeetd. It’s one of the best ways of showing respect. If you don’t treat others how you want to be traeetd, then they will treat you the way you don’t want to be traeetd or just walk away.

  • Lolz

    fuck me you muslums a bunch of dumbshits arnt you if you can not tell that photo is fake then you need to clean the sand out of your eyes. One more thing sarah Hyland is a very well paid actress flat out we will never see her in porn, shame.

  • Jon Trollsten

    I know a lot of you guys pretending to be islamic extremists are actually trolls, but I thought this would be appreciated anyway:

  • Andrew123

    Wow that is a nice pussy I want to stick my dick in it

  • me

    You guys are all fucked in the head. Rather convenient, as you muslim fuckheads aren’t going to get fucked any other way. Until you meet your demise and you are promised what, 72 virgins? What they failed to mention in the koran, or whatever that piece of garbage that I wipe my ass with is called, the 72 virgins are all muslim boys that are waiting for you to either suck their dicks or take you up the ass. Or perhaps that is what you are looking forward to?
    Fuck you and the camel that you rode in. Or fucked up the ass.

  • Dwikks

    Muslim men only screw goats and little boys. Nasty animalistic heathens.

    Even your own women cant stand you.

  • SarahHyland

    ewwww I was looking up modern family and sum how I got here
    you r disgusting wut the heck
    it is obviously photoshopped
    ur retarded

  • Jonnytwoshores

    Fucking Burkas are fucking stupid h

  • Jonnytwoshores

    Fucking Burkas are fucking stupid how ate you supposed to she what she looks like, how gives a fu k if she doesn’t wear that stupid thing



  • BigNiggaDickPenisHavingSex

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