Rosario Dawson Nude Scene From ‘Trance’

Mongrel actress Rosario Dawson goes fully nude to show off her completely shaven lady parts in this scene from the new movie “Trance”.

“Trance” is the story of a half-breed slut (played by Rosario Dawson) who hypnotizes men with her bare labia, before claiming their souls for her lord Satan. So basically it is like a documentary of Rosario Dawson’s dating life.

Insallah everyone involved in the making of this film (from Rosario Dawson to the craft services specialist) will be cast down into the eternal hellfire for this cinematic abomination.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I would love to suck her pussy. I don’t believe it too crass for me to say that?

    • Nice

      Now this is what I call a WOMAN!!

      It is women like these that we need. Not like fucking stuck up cunts like Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett johansson, who think they are too damn superior to show their bodies.

      This woman deserves men’s admiration, this woman deserves men’s goodwill. Because she is feminine….not FEMINIST !

      • Respect Women ! Women Rule America !

        Shut up you pigggg!!! Noooooooo woman should show her bodyyyyy !

        Why are you doing this? Don’t you know how things work? Women play hard to get, and make men desperate, and when men grow desperate they spend all their money on women. This is how it is and this is how it should be

        Now please stfu and stop messing with Feminists. Women should be worshipped and respected

        Equality = Man spending his money on woman. Respect Women ! Women Rule America !

        • Nice

          Fuck you fucking bitch. What’s your problem? Do you think that men are stupid?

          You say – “Equality = Man spending his money on woman” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

          Seriously, if I treat a woman as my equal….then why the fuck should I pay for her?? What is wrong with you bitch?

          • KKK Man


            You should be flogged, beaten, quartered and Hung.

          • Respect Women ! Women Rule America !

            There is nothing wrong with me you pig. If there is anything wrong with anyone, it is the men who keep shouting that women are equal to men, and YET keep paying for their wives and girlfriends.

            I am pretty sure many of those men who read my comments and give me thumbs down, also pay for their wives and girlfriends.

            So ask yourself again, who is in the wrong here? Me or them? Hahahahaha

            Respect Women ! Women Rule America !

          • Nice

            KKK retard

            Damn, you make the KKK look bad. Check again you piece of shit…she is Puerto rican and Cuban.

            Now go cry in your mommys basement

          • Nice

            And feminist cunt, yeah you do have a point, but still FUCK OFF. I Fucking hate you feminists

            Respect women my ass!! They belong in the kitchen. Now go and make me a sammich

          • Imam Khalid

            Cubans (boat people) and Puerto Ricans (drug dealers) are just a subset of Mexican. They are far flung provinces of Mexico in the same way Jamaica is a distant principality of google Africa.

          • ?

            feminist, there is no reason why any of us should respect you, a man hating women with ridiculous delusions.




        • Imam Abbas

          I agree.

          Man spending his money on woman = ownership = equality. The woman then gets to live in the man’s house and lives to do the bidding and keep house for the man.

          Its a fair trade.

          Man buys woman, woman performs for man.

          This is civilized.

        • The Reaper

          Fem bitch

          The only women who should not show her body is you because your fat ugly and smelly.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Yes I would suck a google’s pussy. I actually had my first taste of black meat when I was around 11 years old.

      • Chrissy the Lesbian

        I would do so, too… My magical tongue would make her climb the wall!

        • The Reaper

          Crusty the dirty pussy lesbo.

          You filthy slut your foul smelling pussy would have her run screaming from your room.

  • Shemale

    Ewwww. So gay. Most anyone should prefer penis, which I have , and also I have breasts :-)

    • Jimmy

      STFU!!! Too many fags here.

    • Fritz

      In Nazi Germany they euthanized all shemales long before the war. All shemales had been exterminated by the late 1930s.

      • Evil

        That is so sad so that means they got your dad and grandma.

  • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

    Nice protuberant pudenda….

    • Chris C. – Body Builder

      Nice alliteration, brah!


      27 years-old
      198 lbs
      9% body fat
      6 years of training

  • Chris C. – Body Builder

    Hey! Now this lady is pretty fit, brah!

    Good ab definition, toned arms, low body fat.

    Too bad she blew out her left tit in training, though.

    Oh, well, she can change her name from Rosario Dawson to Biggie Smalls.

    And get a specialized bra, brah.

    27 years-old
    198 lbs
    9% body fat
    6 years of training

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Chris sucks cock

      9% body fat is pathetic…..but what’s worse is your 2/1 semen to blood ratio.

      Even Elton John thinks you suck a lot of dick.


      • Grand Dragon Pete


        What the fuck is going on here?

        Is it you who is mocking me or some jerkoff posting as you?

        Get to the bottom of it (which is what you’re good at).


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Dumb homo,

          Don’t you see that is an imposter?

          • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

            why you two homos get a room and gobble your ridiculous balls because that’s what you both do all the time

          • moshe dayan

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            Eat shit and die mofo.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            Now piggy Moshe also impersonates me, as was demonstrated in the previous thread.

            She is the drag queen liar.

  • El Comandante

    I tried playing the video posted above and couldn’t. The phrase “video not found or access denied” appeared just above Rosario Dawson’s pussy. This has got to be a historic day in Mexico. Probably every bit as important as Cinco de Mayo. Seriously, when is the last time the Mexican slut denied anybody access to her pussy.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      I feel bad for you. The rest of us have been enjoying her pussy most of the day.

    • El Comandante you must be using some low grade Mexican browser, as I just tested the video myself and it plays perfectly fine. Rosario would not deny her pussy to any man!

      • Imam Khalid

        Brother Duka, if only the infidels were allowed to use the super encrypted and feature filled Islamic browser: FireCamel

        They’ll never know the true experience of the web without it because it’s only for powerful Muslim men, not kuffar homoqueers

        • El Orange-Vendor Pepe

          Si, senors.

          Our browsers es low quality like all of Mexico wheech es why we sneeaks into the great Estados Unidos.

          Our only web browser es called Burro del Fuego an runs on old refried beans an de _sobras_ from our _metanfetamina_ making processes.


        • Imam Abbas

          Brother Imam,

          Do not forget the alternative Islamic browser, ArabianExplorer…

          Peace be with you!

  • Chrissy the Lesbian

    I could see 69-ing that pussy and sucking her ’till she’s dry…


  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Jeremy the long dick American

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      • Jeremy the long dick American

        Wow fucking mousepad (it’s the thing on a laptop(something none of you fucking extremists can afford)that moves a mouse on the screen) it made me go back a rewrite that like three times then it fucks up…wow -_-

  • Death

    for all you muslims who say your going to take over america thats bullshit we built a laser weapon and it runs off of energy collected out of the air and blew up a drone with it. It litteraly resets (rearanges into nothing)the molecules on contact,oh and north korea can fuck off too.One more thing their is nothing wrong with somone being gay.

    • Imam Khalid

      You would say that because you’re the biggest fan of the man meat since Justin Beiver.

      • Fat bitches

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    • Subrovski

      What did you just attempt to say?

  • !!!

    probably the best nude post this year.

  • mater the greater

    I’d smash that fanjeeta to death then bring it back to life by sucking my own jism right back out

    • moshe dayan

      mater the masturbator

      Do you like circumcised cocks?

      • mater the greater

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  • “the site shut down man”

    i should get this hateful ass site shut down soon…fake nude celebs hah!!….raciest fucks

  • Steve

    I would be rather interested in seeing Mila Kunis’s snatch, provided if there are any?

  • Max

    Well this ones real…I saw the movie…not that great. But on the bright side that is Dawson naked