Rihanna Shows Off Her Lady Crotch


Rihanna continued to express herself as an artist in concert yesterday by lip syncing to a computerized track of her voice, and spreading her legs to show off her lady part.

An artistic genius like Rihanna will always find new and excitingly creative ways to showcase her talents. As is evident in the pictures below, Rihanna is an innovator when it comes to performance art.

Notice how she artistically spreads her legs to flash her babymaker and then proceeds to turn around and bend over to show off her ass. If that isn’t brilliant social commentary I don’t know what is!

Rihanna is one of the great artistic minds of our generation. As these pictures prove she is a talent that will be remembered through the millennium.


Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

  • Cj

    alright rihanna, your pretty but this is too much for my young eyes

  • ohgoodgod

    she’s just trashy, can’t put it any other way.

  • Tard’s are God’s clowns

    That’s fucking great.


    I was at this show and when she was performing “So Hard” she grabbed her crotch and said “I’m a sow, I’ll teach you how, to leave me oinkin’ from the boinkin’ and squealin’ from the feelin’!” She disgusts me.

    • Howdy

      Your articles are for when it absolutely, psoiietvly, needs to be understood overnight.

  • bigd

    shes a devil worship whore shes laim.

  • Woot

    I remember when I was in year 8 (4years ago) when She released SOS ( Rescue me) then She had some good music , now it’s just rubbish and she dresses and acts like a prostitute.

    • andreison

      cala boca seu debi mental vai ver se eu estou na eswquina vai seu (….)

  • Lala

    Chris Brown is over you.. stop seeking attention!

    First the moonwalk, then this? YUCK,

  • caitlin

    what a fucking WHORE! no wonder why she got her ass beat. not saying he was right, but she thinks she’s hot shit, and nobody gets that mad for no reason. he had no history of abusing anyone before this, so for him to just snap for no reason as she claims he did makes no sense.

    but thats not my point. rihanna sweetie, its getting old now. put some clothes on, stop being a little slut, and leave your past in the past. he paid for his mistake now grow up and get over it.

  • BJ Nanner

    Is that where babies come from?…. Titties!!!

  • miley stinks

    no-talents whores have to act slutty to sell tickets

  • hannibel lechter

    i can smell your cunt

  • Jane

    Is this how an ambassador for a country behaves?

    • Andy

      Randy: hehe…its right iofnrnt of Salhiya complex…its a beautiful cozy restaurant..has a good variety and hopefully definitely worth a try for ur cheat meals ;)