Rihanna Shows Her Butt Crack


Just days after Demi Lovato showed her butt crack, Rihanna has jumped on the bandwagon and showed her butt crack as well.

Rihanna was photographed at a public pool in Compton, Ca yesterday wearing a tight gold bikini. While Rihanna was talking with her cousin “Pookie” her bikini bottom sagged to reveal her ass crack.

Whether Rihanna intentionally showed her ass is still up for debate, but I can not help but wonder if she was influenced by Demi Lovato showing her’s just a few days earlier. I know Rihanna looks up to Demi like a big sister, but that does not mean she should follow all of her poor choices.

Here are the pics of Rihanna in a bikini showing her butt crack.


Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna


    What a whore!!! Praise and honor to Durka Durka and the other honorable, devout, noble, and humble muslim men who run Celeb Jihad. They are only trying to show people the error of their ways. Last week Rihanna squatted down in front of her audience and gave the world a shot right up her disease infested cooch. This week she is flopping her ass out for all to see. I feel sorry for everyone else who was in that pool because they most likely have contracted VD from her crotch rot. I am told that when she was in this pool, she pulled her bottoms down and bent over in front of one of the jets, pulling her cheeks apart for optimal penetration. Then when she was finished she floated to the center of the pool and released her “poor man’s enema” on everyone who was around her. She then picked up some of the residue that was floating next to her and smeared it in a three year old caucasian girl’s face and said “now your skin is dark like mine!” She then laughed and punched the little girl’s mother in the face. It is clear that Rihanna is out of control and needs to be stopped. What happened to modesty in this world?!


    Oh, I forgot……….SHE DISGUSTS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Ultimate Homo!

    Matt Kemp is going to beat the holy shit out of her for this one!

  • david

    god if muslim men act just like dis towards u.s. women i wouldn’t want them in the same state with my wife…they probably call her a slut and whore for wearing short sleeves

  • Brendon

    rihanna is fucken sexxi and mistakes happpeen now

  • I like White girls

    She is disgusting, I wouldn’t touch that skanky butt with a10 foot penis

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    How exciting to see an indigenous African American in her native dress. Though it does go against Allah, I think we should try and teach her people Islam so she will learn the errors her her ways. Maybe she will find a nice man who will force her wot weir a burqa and not let her out of the house one day.

    • Harbinger Of The Clensing Flame

      She isn’t African- American, she’s from Barbados . Even if she was, it still wouldn’t make her indigenous, she would have to be Native American you punk rock bitch.

  • wame

    rihannah is looking all good and sexy. stop hating and involving religion on this really. and get over urself

  • JJ

    Hotter than a two dollar pistol!

  • MassiveMarbles

    Rihanna doesn’t owe anyone anything.

    Live your life sweetheart. The world is full of so many haters. You are as good as it gets, don’t take trash from anyone

  • JOe

    You guys that are posting negative comments are all fools. That Muslim guy is an idiot and the reason why people hate muslims, yeah people hate muslims. First of all, this is a photo, what happened in a blink of an eye will stay forever in pictures dumb-ass. And this is a pool, so u expect her to wear jeans or one of those stupid muslim long dress? Y’all just jobless, funless haters.

  • m45t3rb4t3r


    Rihanna in a wet bikini and all the idiot photographer took were pictures of her behind?

    What about the FRONT?

    We want some serious camel toe!

  • m45t3rb4t3r


    Rihanna in a wet bikini and all you idiots have to show for are pictures of her behind?

    What about her FRONT?

    We want some serious camel toes!

  • wtfff??

    okay wtf?? everyone shows their butt cracks once or twice by mastake so stop hating

  • DaaamnSexxi

    Damn that girl is fine! I don’t know what you “Allah Allah” Muslim douche bags are talking about, but if I had a body as fine as hers I would be showing it off too.

    And let me tell you, any man ever tried to stuff me in a burka in the middle of summer and tell me what to do, wear, and behave, you bet I’d beat his ass! That’s why I got me a good little white boy. Real men don’t try to control women, real men cherish them and treat them like equals.

    Before we get to the bedroom anyhow… =)

  • Wow.

    Wow. I can’t believe ppl actually believe this bitch writer is actually a Muslim. HA. He wishes. This is just a fake hating poser who wants ppl to hate muslims. Hes a liar and a Trash Talker. So are the “muslim” ppl leaving comments. Absolutely fake just like this site.

  • Wow.

    Mulims aint even like dat. You should have AT LEAST done sum real research.

  • theheadchimp

    That black tranny Rihanna is a nasty foul looking pig. Those assholes that think she is hot must be porking Mary Palm and her 5 friends. Even then Mary Palm is a 100 times better than that pig.

  • JBC

    she’s proud of her crack and butt hole and wants everyone to see lol

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