Rihanna Sex Tape Video Leaked

Pop star Rihanna just had the sex tape video above leaked to the Internet.

Videos featuring bestiality are illegal in most countries, but sometimes the law must be circumvented so that the world can see infidel superstars like Rihanna for who they truly are… which is to say nothing but degenerate monkey humping gutter skanks.

Yes this Rihanna sex tape video leaves no doubt that she is one lecherous sex freak. The zoo keepers probably had to turn the hose on Rihanna and the gorilla banging her to get them to stop.

After seeing this Rihanna sex tape video, I think we can all agree that it is a shame that Chris Brown didn’t finish the job when he had the chance.

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    Ya Allah how disgusting !

    I can only assume that after sodomizing Rihanna this ape man’s dick must smell like Seal Team Six’s breath.

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      Brother farzan

      They don’t call, seal team six, “old shit spitter” for nothing!


    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Farzan
      How right you are. One of the other aliases for that degenerate is “Seal Team Sodom” – and its a well-deserved alias!
      Anyone who allies itself with Team Gomorrah deserves all the social diseases and public shunning that comes with associating with a well known and self admitted homo-queer/incest progeny!
      Allahu Akbar!

      • Weezy

        If someone says Sheboon one more time I will boycot this website. Do you fags here me?

        • Imam Khalid of Basra

          Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon Sheboon

    • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

      By ape man do you mean that coon Weezy who keeps talking about ethnic dicks on here? He is trying to be funny and insult my people and yours.

      You have to avoid eye contact with blacks just even looking at them puts you at risk for HIV.

      And you said “after sodomizing Rihanna” that can only mean breath that smells like fried chicken, watermelon, Olde English and Newports all at once.

    • Seal Team Six

      Supreme Cum Fart,

      Strange how seeing a woman getting sodomized makes you think of another man. But that’s a step up from the goats and camels you previously thought of. I guess its all in a day of being a gay muslim.

      Heres a shot someone took of you and Homo Hashim getting ready for some action against a Syrian convoy of schoolchildren. The RPG is filled with Hershey Kisses and both of you queers are wearing matching thongs. One can only hazard a guess as to which one of these homosexuals is you.

      • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

        An Iranian spy took this picture of you and your Navy lover.

        Was the kiss before or after you sucked off his shit stained dick.

        • Seal Team Six

          Supreme Cum Fart,

          That is NOT a US Navy uniform, my faggy friend. I’m not impressed by you posting a picture of yourself on the left tonguing a Chechen enlisted man from the Russian navy and trying to use this sordid image to denigrate the superior US Navy. The good thing is now under Putin and his anti-gay-muslim laws, both you and your boyfriend are probably dying of AIDs in a Russian prison.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Jizz Junkie,

            And what about this one? Are those sailors from Burkina Faso?

          • Jihadsuckdick

            Hey stupid this is a haven woman so get our facts straight up

          • Jihadsuckdick


  • Mr E

    Thankfully, this pair did not resort to flinging poop at the camera. Although you Jihadi chaps would have probably liked that…

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Mr Ed,

      What we’d like would be chop your hollow kaffir head with a not so sharp cimitar.

      • Mr E

        It’s spelled “scimitar”, Hashpipe.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Thanks bro ;) For a worse you’re quite clever.

    • Imam Abbas

      Indeed, we jihadi’s would’ve liked that.
      It once again would’ve demonstrated our moral superiority and good taste by not worshipping those who have sex with Allah’s (SWT) innocent creatures.
      Leave it to the beast-fuckers, homo-queers, and lesbo-dykes in the western (read: infidel) nations to have admiration for the lowest forms of detritus and sexual deviancy on the planet.

  • Mohahamed the Molester

    Yeah, what he said….

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    And that’s why I am a notorious racist.

    • theUnholy

      HAHA now youre getting it. Way funnier than just posting something you found using google….
      Like Im about to do.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You’re wrong again. Condoms were invented by an Italian doctor in the XVI century. The only thing British invented was the disgusting habit of eating fries and fish.

        • Mr E

          Fish ‘n chips – not too bad. The British practice, however, of putting anything and everything in a pie is pretty disgusting. Jellied eel pie?? Hell no!

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          Fish and chips is a New England thing which ironically despite the name is populated mostly by Irish Catholics.

          Needless to say I don’t think England has fish and chips. That would be good compared to them. They eat crumpets and Congo sperm

          • Mr E

            English Style Fish and Chips, mofo. About the only edible dish on the island. In Britain they serve the fries wrapped in newspaper.

          • theUnholy

            Yeah fish n chips at the fry shops are great and all but nothing beats Haggis and blood pudding

          • Mr E

            Gack! The Scots, eh? Golf, Scotch, Haggis, Bagpipes. Well, two outa four ain’t bad.

          • theUnholy

            You can stay on your side of hadrian’s wall and ill stay on mine eating the finest cuisine known to man then.

            Oh and you cant dis the pipes…if i gathered what you said correctly

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Englanders blow pipes too but with the ass. When they’re drunk – 90% of their spare time – they can do anything.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            This is not halal.

          • theUnholy

            still beats the typical english diet. We all know how much they looooove corn dogs.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            I think I’m going to throw up.

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            I’m, sure every culture in the world eats fish. Except the vegan fags. There’s this place if you’re ever in the North West and not the North East, called Ivars that’s really good.

            Sadly, they didn’t branch out to other states but it’s much better than Skippers fish and chips.

          • English not british!

            Ahhh clearly you have never had a proper roast dinner that was invented by the british and halal is just slitting the throat of a live animal mr hashim not stunning it to not feel pain your meat is ruined as the animal is stressed from seeing the blade silly fools

          • English not british!

            You are very far from the truth England invented fish and chips, also if your that stupid you must think New England was the first place named England and New England will be run with Irish Catholics because they left England to start a new life in America because of the potato famine you have a computer try googling something rather than making it up :)

        • Troll

          Mr. Hashim
          The British did come up with one major accomplishment, and that is the invention of Port: natures most sublime anti-freeze!
          That was, however, probably a mistake.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Mr Troll,

            Port is a Portuguese wine. It was not invented by those puppets. England is a gloomy and cold country; they have no vineyards.

            On the other end, their women have the highest rate of silicone implants in the whole world…

          • Troll

            Port is a *fortified* wine (wine, with brandy, for example). The Portuguese started trading red wine with the British, who tried transporting it home. The problem is that the wine spoiled before it made it all the way back to Great Britain.
            So the Brits starting spiking it with brandy (just like they did with Nelson) to preserve it.
            The rest, shall we say, is history.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            No, you are wrong. I know the story very well. The English merchants had to move to Oporto because the technology was there.

            Even today they have cellars in the city and from there they ship the wine to England. The Port wine was created by Portuguese farmers with special grapes that only grow in a limited region.

            The production boomed in the XVIII century when the Marquis de Pombal supported its prodution in the slopes of the Douro river.

            And of course it hasn’t a single drop of brandy.

        • English not british!

          To be honest with you England invented a lot more than you think look at traction engins for example, the traction engine for all of you that don’t know (steam power) and penecillin during the First World War (don’t belive me look it up) The perception every one has of England being 5 o’clock tea and bowler hats and canes well your all wrong we are 100 years on from all that and everything is completely different, plus if you all hate the west that much why move here? Also we have vineyards mr hashim we aren’t surrounded by decolet waste that is sand everywhere we look

        • English not british!

          To be honest with you England invented a lot more than you think look at traction engins for example, the traction engine for all of you that don’t know (steam power) and penecillin during the First World War (don’t belive me look it up) The perception every one has of England being 5 o’clock tea and bowler hats and canes well your all wrong we are 100 years on from all that and everything is completely different, plus if you all hate the west that much why move here? Also we have vineyards mr hashim we aren’t surrounded by decolet waste that is sand everywhere we look

      • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

        Well if I ever was in the non funny stage i think a certain simian named Weezy is taking that place.

        You are a troll master i have to admit the doctored Emma Waston, Hashim pic was a riot. You should give that coon something to cry about. He seems to be misguided to believing blacks are the most intelligent attractive and talented race. Sounds like a nigger that needs to be put in his place.

        Say what you will about us NDN’s but we have always done more than they have.

        • Imam Khalid of Basra


          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            This just made me laugh hard. Those niggers also try to say they’re the first humans. Well if God got it right the first time there’d be no need to make any others!

            They also try to take credit for the Olmecs of Mexico and think the first earliest native tribe in North America was black simply because niggers have big lips an nodes but they’re not the only ones. We have luscious lips too. Also Indians from India, Arabs, Jews, etc.

            It’s been proven the Olmecs were Indigenous and many around Veracruz look like the statue heads.

            The difference is ours is in moderation. Where as a nigger has lips like a frog and a nose like a gorilla.

          • black supreme

            bet this nigger will bust yo lips and yo nose. then kill yourself cause you would look black. lol

          • Galactic Beauty

            Actually no you’re PEOPLE stated that! YOUR scientists stated YOU were genetically inferior! YOUR scientists stated your history dates back no more than 7,000 years! If Blacks derived from primates… primates skin is WHITE!!! You lack intelligence and self knowledge! Native American’s are from CHINA! The FIRST inhabitants of China were AFRICANS! Conduct your own research, stop trolling and get a grip, on life that is!!!!

          • Glitr Hed

            don’t give in to these trolls. i’m fucking white and i’m about to barf reading these comments. they want reactions. because they have absolutely no action going on in their own lives. hence the insnae amounts of time lurking the internet on websites like this.

          • middle finger

            Well well well
            Your skin is receptive…
            shave a monkey his skin pail like yours,
            Your hair is like furry
            like a monkey or like a pig,
            Your nation have missing spinal vertebrae,
            Your culture rob steel and bilong to land on earth,
            your race is a carriers of many diseases world wide,
            Your culture was a very bad bad experiment by mother nature

          • Devrenn Jones

            Fuck u u Arabian lookin mf your culture crash planes into.buildings an shit lol you believe there is a heaven full of virgins ya sicko fucks

        • theUnholy

          Pride Nation Network,

          I think Ill continue to say what I will about whomever I please, But still thanks for the permission anyway.

          I regret that photo as much as a nigger regrets being born black. I feel like I gave a small third world country nuclear secrets, or a pack of chimpanzees machine guns. Now we are forced to see it reposted every goddamn time the rag heads have something negative to say about alabama.

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            Wasn’t telling anybody what to do. We’re all free men here (Well except for the obvious ones who aren’t)

            It’s not a matter of trolling always either when a nigger thinks they’re going to beat you at historical knowledge it’s just pathetic.

            He’s an idiot if he thinks the niggers solely started the civil rights movement. He says we owe him well actually the Seminoles killed white slave masters and freed every slave before the CR movement so really they owe us. And besides, we had fish ins, in the Pacific Northwest at the same time they were doing sit ins in Carolina. The difference is we were not sitting in for integration we were sitting in for our sovereign rights to fish on our own shores without persecution. Any rights we have we got ourselves.

            You’re a Scott?

          • theUnholy

            The question of freedom is a far deeper concept than I care to get into here, along with history “his-story” and historic accuracy.

            Agreed that “the wiz” doesnt know what the hell he is talking about. The mistake here is trying to educate him or anyone else here for that matter. Yelling at the wind doesnt change its direction. Its all a matter of pride barking.

            I am not a scott, but I am a Scot. At least in some sense of the word. I dont care to associate in all the matters national and ethnic pride. Like your people we are about as diverse from town to town in everyway possible. And also like your people, the Scots are too damn proud and tend to get a bit fuzzy when it comes to certain historical facts. So I typically dont care to label myself with the national moniker. I see it no different than calling myself European, And I sure as fuck wouldnt call myself a brit.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Do you wear a skirt? Are you gay too as mr. Ed?

          • theUnholy

            Nope! I was born with tartan balls. The kilts are for the fags and limey posers. Also I think the tunic is even more gay anyway.

          • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

            This is how a real man dresses…..

            ALLAHU AKBAR !

          • theUnholy

            Weve all seen how you dress. That little number with the striped sweater and the collar underneath. Were all the tunics in the laundry that day you went to visit santa?

            I must admit I love the way you guys dress your lady folk though. Much easier on the eyes.

          • Seal Team Six

            Dude, is that eye liner I see?

            Sorry but keep your George Michael pics to yourself, no one here wants to see your collection of gay idols.

          • Glitr Hed

            i collect gay idols

          • Adolf Hinkler

            “This is how a real man dresses..”
            Like a woman :-)

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            William Wallace and all of that, right?

          • theUnholy

            sigh…dont even get me started on that issue. I think I stated exactly how I feel about that in the post above. Frankly Im sick of bashing the idea of him and the messy history of it to the locals. I dont plan on playing devel’s advocate here.

          • get a life

            All these videos are obviously fake videos you put out to make non Muslims look bad to Muslims. You can clearly see that you pasted her head over a porn clip. You can even notice the actual woman in the videos hair behind Rihannas head. Stop lying and spreading hate. It’s people like you that gives the good Muslims a bad name. You for know you’ll go to he’ll for lying and false witnessing and spreading hate don’t you?

          • Christopher Johnson

            The unholy pussy ole suck yuh madda, that is jamaican fir telling you to eat your mother vagina anyway wT want to tell you, you little Islamic freak you Arab mother fuckers use and religion to push through the evil that is in your people dats why the western world especially America spend so much money kill you cock suckers , I have always simpertize with some of the Arabian nation like Iraq,gaza, the Palestinians but now I see the reason why isreal wants to end all u fuckers so unholy whomever r wat u are I am a black and I have respect for all nations I don’t go around using disrespectful language to people different from me I wish death on all your family make Allah curse your bloood.line and.may your seed sufffer because your heart is not clean and you have not reason to breath the breth of life because you do not deserve it

    • Lynch A Nigger

      Look at these pictures, they epitomize America. Every nigger, spic, wetback, kike, fag and white feminist walking around like they’ve been victims their whole lives. Are you happy, Democrats? You breeded an entire generation of slacking, whining, the-world-owes-me-something crybabies.

      Edit: I shouldn’t list kikes here. Jews actually make something of themselves. They went from being almost completely eradicated in Europe (unfortunately unsuccessfully) to owning some of the largest banks, jewelry stores, cable news stations, etc.

      • Troll

        Yo Niggah –

        The so-called liberal of today was yesterday’s KKK. It was a republican that emancipated the niggers – and thats where it all started, you bleeding-heart-dumb-shit!

        Don’t even try to pretend your shit don’t stink, fool!

      • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

        Blow A Nigger

        There are more whites on welfare than blacks or brown, polar bear. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. If you weren’t a methed out yahoo with a deficiency of brain cells you’d know that.

        Every great idea whites ever had they borrowed or stole. Even the USA flag is based off ancient Iraqi flags with the same colors.

        If your only accomplishment was being white shows how little you did with your life. All the above races and feminists pull their weight, even niggers do more than your albino leaper ass does.

        When was the last time you mowed your own lawns? I bet your Itunes is full of black music, the democracy of this land is Native American (Iroquois) your Coffee is South American and your clothes were made in China.

        You’re as original as Hollywood tits you pigeon shit skinned sped. Go back to nailing your sister in your mobile home, billy bob.

        The south will NOT rise again. Except for welfare rates, teen pregnancies and High School dropouts. In that case you are already winning.

        • Dr. E

          We don’t need to steal anything because you are so stupid that your people sold manhatten for a dollar…wonder why your broke idiot.

      • Kyke KIller

        Lynch a White Supremacist,
        Dont blame Democrats, your entire nation is shit. Also Kike Should be listed there. All Kikes do is steal. The only reason why jews own shit is that your country just handed it over to them. Fucking Jews.

        • Seal Team Six

          Hate to find myself in agreement with Kyke Killer. Anyone who read the paper in 2008 knows what kikes are capable of.

    • Weezy

      Where is the picture of the fat Mohawk Indian loser sittin on the reservation with a bottle of beer and nothin else in the world because his girl left him for a big dicked black man?

      There should also be a picture of a black man dick next to all of the other small dicks of white, asian, indian, mexican, puerto rican, and arab losers.

      • Natrive Pride Mohawk Nation

        Hey nigger

        If you have to say you have a big dick it’s probably not true.
        It’s called over compensating. You say you have a big dick and that means you probably have a tiny one. You niggers brag you have a lot of money in reality you blow it all on SUV’s and are back to the projects.

        Even if niggers did have a big dick, you crack smoking jigga boo, it only means it makes up for having an IQ of less than 80. Nobody ever dated a black man for intelligence or personality or because he treats women better. You babboobs can’t even handle your own women or take care of them how will you take care of somebody else’s?

        Not to mention anybody who sleeps with a nigger is guilty of beastiality.

        Weezy AKA Lil Wayne is an uneducated moron and he’s not even relevant. But it just shows nigger rs worship anybody with money because you Yard Apes are dumb.

        You’re a funny little chimp though. Actually my girlfriend hates niggers more than I do because she knows you’re a bunch of rapists who disrespect women and molest them.
        Once you go black nobody wants you back and you’re a single mom on welfare and unemployment.

        Also niggers are terrible fathers. 72% of niggers are from single parent households. There are more of us in college than you too.Now you’d better get back to your cell you Africant spear chucker. Talk to me when you Africunts evolve to real humans.

        • Weezy

          Hey alcoholic Indian,

          It is a fact hat blacks have the biggest dicks. Indians got the smallest dicks. That is why your women all want other guys. Even Pocahontas would rather fuck some pasty as English fag then some dumb Indian rain dancer.

          IQ score means nothing. It is a stupid test. It is a narrow way to measure intelligence. Blacks have superior creativity that doesn’t show up on stupid white invented tests. Look at contributions., Blacks gave the world jazz, rock n roll, blues, rap, soul, funk music. We created civilizations like Egypt, Mali, and Ghana. We have made great works of art and literature.

          What the fuck have Indians done? Nothing. You weak dickless fags let the white man fuck you in the ass and take your land. They would still be fucking you in the ass if blacks hadn’t have started the Civil Rights Movement. You owe us bitch. We freed you.

          Blacks are richer, more educated, and more attractive then you short punk ass Indians. All you women leave your drunk worthless ass for us. They know the alpha male when they see it.

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            If you don’t like Indians and are so proud of yourselves then go back to Africa, and for your information Puerto Ricans invented rap as much as niggers did, Egypt was an ARAB country and even Timbuktu was built by Arabs.

            No great kingdoms came out of West Africa. Also Rock and Roll was invented by niggers natives and Brits. Richie Valens was a founder and we had as much to do with jazz as you do.

            Actually nigger, the civil rights movement was us fighting whites long before you monkeys were even free we were killing whites while you were just picking cotton and saying “Yes massah”

            and the civil rights movement was just niggers begging whites for rights. And Malcolm X got gunned down by another nigger. Besides you chimps can’t even satisfy your own women so they date Mexicans. Regina King. HAHAHAHA

            There is literally no proof niggers have bigger dicks the only people who believe that have never seen other penises. It’s a myth. Ever hear of OG Mudbone? The guy doesn’t even use a real dick to fuck women anyone can tell it is fake. Which means he has a tiny shit covered peanut.

            You niggers are pretenders. You have the worst continent in the world, more people in prison than college. Also your race has never won any battles with the white man you’re just imported cargo that never fought back. Nat Turner did and then they killed his black ass.

            The only part of Africa that doesn’t suck is North Africa and that’s Arab country. No great kingdoms even existed i Africa Before Christ. Fucking useless coon.

            And actually there are more of us natives that stick to our own race than niggers.
            You coons are so self hating you even hate your own women. You disrespect women and you wonder why people hate black people. I

            Also your rappers are pimped by white CEO’s you crack smoking porch monkey. If you had more than a GED you’d know that.

            Africa is worse to live in than the middle east.

          • Anwar The Greatest

            Jesus, Tyrone I’m not even in the US and I know that is not true. The civil rights movement started in the 1920’s with the Women’s suffrage movement. Also, you do know the worlds shortest people are the Pygmy of Africa?

            You dirty abeeds always try to take credit for everything because in reality you have no culture. All of African American History is making things up for not knowing any of their heritage.

            The Injun is right Egypt was an Arab civilization. He maybe a heathen savage but he is still Superior to you if he knows that. Then again so is everybody. You don’t even have your own language. Or religion. The white man owns you you are not free.

            Now take your blue gums ass off this holy Islamic website. Everybody knows Allah intended for you to serve at the heel of Arabs. A Negro buck like you would be worth a fortune at the Damascus auction.

          • The Central Scrutinizer

            Niggers are like the republican of today: neither of them accomplishes or contributes anything useful, but that never stops them from trying to take credit for the hard work of others, or blaming others for the problems they cause!
            They’re all worthless fucking cowards and pussies.

      • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

        All of the above races you named are all better fathers than coons are. By the way when did you see all these dicks to know the size? Must be a fag.

        If you have a big dick spit it out it belongs to somebody else. But I can see my picture has offended you nigger and for that i apologize I will send you a KFC fun pack in the mail just tell me which housing project you’re from

        Also if you weren’t a dropout who maybe has a GED,you’d know that big dicks alone don’t make a woman orgasm. It’s part of it not all you also have to eat them out something you apes don’t do because you’re selfish lovers.

        Know what a nigger does after sex? Fifteen Years in prison.

        • Weezy

          I have a college degree bitch. I work in the insurance industry making about over $60,000 a year. You are some poor indian loser sittin on the reservation holdin your small dick in one hand and your budweiser in the other.

          The sheer sight of a big black dick gives a woman an orgasm. They all know it is wrong but it feels so right.

          Now tell your stank ass women to shave that mohawk off their pussy Im gettin the hairs in my teeth.

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Brother Kalid

            Where is the grape soda? You cannot bury an abid without grape soda. When us pious Muslims take over the US of A, the niggers will be the first to die because they are weakest. Have you ever seen them fight?

            They never fight one one one fairly. Always in packs like rats. So if they want a fair fight with Islam they shall have one. The holy AK47 and an RPG. It will be like the DC Sniper all over again.

            ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            Again, when did you see my dick Weezy Deep Throating faggot? You’re in Lil Gayne’s nut sack. I guarantee no native girl would ever have sex with you. Beastiality is illegal. The mere sight of a black dick that doesn’t even look human makes a woman orgasm?

            Yeah if by orgasm you mean throw up. Only niggers believe that arrogant shit. Nobody else thinks you are studs. Except mud sharks but they get beaten up for sleeping with apes.

            Also you are lying nobody believes your story about working in the industry or being college educated. There are more niggers who are on drugs and drinking than us statistics will prove.


            cities (many larger than London or Paris, contemporary)
            writing (at least 12 writing systems)
            mathematics (base 20 system, zero, positional notation)
            genetic domestication of corn agriculture (“Agricultural Revolution”)
            schools (mandatory education)
            metallurgy (independent of The Middle East and Europe)
            Democracy (“The Iroquois Confederation”)
            abacus for mathematics (Nepohualtzitzin)
            rubber vulcanization
            dental surgery
            sign language
            team sport (the world’s first in the “ball game”) IE Basketball, an Aztec ball game that gives you gorillas a career
            irrigation technology (chinampas)
            medical innovations (quinine, tourniquets, etc)
            electroplating metal (early electricity)

            And we had anesthetics before Egypt did. The Mayans Olmecs and Aztecs were way more advanced than your mongrel race and your mud huts. Now go back to picking my tobacco before you get a whipping nigger.

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            You know how I know my gf would never like a chimp? Because one of them shot a friend of hers over a pack of smokes.

            Oh yeah that and they tried to forcibly grope her in school when she was younger. Your race is nothing but low life criminals. You can call me drunk but I don’t even drink. At least my people aint a bunch of gang bangers.

            Anybody realistically who ever caught their woman in bed with a nigger would kill them both. I know I would.

          • LoveMyHaters

            Funny my racist neighbor didn’t kill anyone he just told the whole neighborhood how his white wife loved black dick. I laugh at all of you racists because all u say is everyone other than yourselves does dumb shit that every race does. I could say there’s a bunch if white child molesters and rapists and cannibles and shit like that but what does it matter? Skin color is a matter of pigment. Only small minded people filled with hatred have time to talk shit online because putting someone else down makes them feel better. Go out to a crowded area and call a black man a nigger, get your ass beat, for what? Grow up. Are you mad because there’s a black president? Maybe you should see a psychiatrist. Put your time into doing something useful, losers.

        • Seal Team Six

          I agree with Mohawk. Niggas make men orgasm, not women and they do that a lot in prison.

      • Imam Khalid of Basra


        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          You can thank Mexicans. Brown people outnumber chimps in 191 of the biggest US cities. You’ll see more brown on black violence and since niggers can’t even shoot a gun straight, Mexicans and every other kind of brown will naturally win.

          You Muslims know that niggers even try to hold AK’s sideways?Brain cell deficient apes.

          Thank you for posting this, it made my day. Every time i see a nigger dead on TV it brings a tear of happiness to my eye. And it inspires me to make it happen more.

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Listen up you nappy headed homoqueer us Muslims have the biggest dicks in the world. I have had sex with a nigger before and I fucked her like a slave. On her hands and knees. She said you coons just kept sticking it in the wrong hole. Something you learned in prison.

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        When the jihad comes to North America we will blow up Compton, Harlem and any nigger area between the two. Eat shit and die mofo. You are also slaves to our oil.

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        • Seal Team Six

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  • Madison Falcon Cortez

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  • Rihanna’s Stalker

    Look at Rihanna’s hair then look at the hair on the bed. Can you say photoshop and plus Rihanna has tattoos

  • Rihanna’s Stalker

    Look at Rihanna’s hair then look at the hair on the bed. Can you say photoshop and plus Rihanna has tattoos

  • Unknown11213

    I think a lot of stuff like this is fake as hell tbh I mean I know that they prob would somewhere post stuff like this to get more money but then again they just get some look a like to take there place I mean I really hope no thinks this bs is real all the time bc it’s not this though maybe her but you never know for sure tbh

  • Rastawomen Bless

    Franchement Rihanna fou la honte et elle ce respecte meme pas .

  • Rastawomen Bless

    Franchement Rihanna fou la honte et elle ce respecte meme pas .

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