Rihanna Flashes Vagina Lips

Rihanna vagina

Rihanna continues to show why she is the premiere artist of our generation. This time Rihanna expressed her artistic talents by flashing her vagina lips AKA labia, hanging curtains, or roast beef.

All brilliant artists come up with new and exciting ways of expressing who they are, and Rihanna is no different. Nip slips and ass cracks are so your parent’s generation. Rihanna is pushing the envelope by brilliantly flashing her vaginal lips.

If this current trend of progressively more provocative “accidents” continues I would not be surprised to see a music “artist” get accidentally penetrated on stage.

Think about it Rihanna you could go down in music history if, while dancing around in your unitard, you slip and land on some sort of stage prop dildo. Now that is what I call artistic expression!


    What a skank. Is this the kind of example we need for our youth. I’m just glad the Barbados Whore is not from America. If she were my daughter she would know her damn place. She would be at home, cooking meals with her mother, maintaining her virginity, and preparing to marry a good man so she would not bring shame upon our house. It is no wonder why the honorable and noble muslim men who run this site despise our country. “Here, let’s show my puffy labia to the world!” I was told this happened during a performance of her song “Rude Boy”. She squatted down and grabbed a 15 year old boy by the back of his head and forced his face into her crotch. She then smiled at the boy and said “Now run and explain to your mommy why you have gonorrhea of the throat!” She then laughed and spat in the young man’s face. She disgusts me!

    • sap

      u i diot good honorable muslim man? half of them are pigs who objectify women lmao screw your honour i feel srry for your women

    • Mortilla

      There’s no such rumor.

      You’re just jealous… For some… Reason o.O”

  • Rational


    Yes, it is quite disgusting for that to be peeking out in a concert, on a stage, in front of the WHOLE WORLD…but there how can you prove that she has gonorrhea? Did you share a bed with her? Are you her doctor?

    If I were her, I would sue you for libel and defamation for the 2 brain cells that you are barely clinging onto, but so desperately need.

  • sara

    this whole website is more disgusting than the the stuff she doesn on stage…i mean let her do what she wants to do…if you don’t like it you shouldn’t care…i mean hear some of the most cruelest and meanest comments by “jihad” and his readers…trust me whatever religion your against probably would have problem with your ugly personality than what she does on stage.

  • GOD

    I like this more then Mary

  • looloo


  • sofie

    she looks like a monkey

  • miley stinks

    miley corrupted her

  • lalala

    do the author and some people who comment here have problems with sexuality? especially women sexuality? women genital parts or what? Yes guys, women have a vagina and yeah, they use it.

  • colonel bat guano

    i blame the jews

  • maximus arealeus

    i effing hate this skank. first she doesnt know how to sing and now she pollutes the world with pics of her nappy poon? whens her 15 minutes gunna be over?

  • Cybil

    you guys are so fucking nasstyy

  • muslim hater

    i hate you fucking muslims you look down on everybody and scream alha but your fucking scum cutting people heads off killing inocent people beating and torturing your woman i can t wait to we rid the world of your scum you fucking assholes fuck you and your bullshit relgion

  • Anna

    BHO4LIFE even though it is quite clear that you are a misogynistic, bigotted, attention seeking liar, I commend you for not only knowing where Rihanna is from but actually being able to spell it and that it is not part of America. I will not attempt to clear up the many misconceptions that you have stated because it would give your riduculous statements too much credibility.

  • Tamika

    Shut the fuck up Evan if she ain’t for America what makes u think wanna any Rashole betta… American women does act just as skanky as any other woman around the world.And if that ain’t enough.. evan some-a-wanna American men does say wanna hate American women so shut the ass up man if wanna want a life… Jus Because sha famous that don’t make wanna no betta wana can’t judge her if wanna does can’t stand what ya’ll does see in a mirror someday… stupse.. RiRi enjoy life here….. cause it a pity these ppl dose say them friend or other ppl does make life hard fa dem an then don’t think about what comes out of there mouths…. grow up…… tst tst…..

  • sdfu-hoes

    Haters, suck a nigga sick dick or somethin Bruv. Rihanna uu are awesome & my wife. :D Fck these ppl.
    #rihannaNavy. Ily! <3 & if uu have something smart to say biiitchesss to bad causeee iwont seee it faggots haha! :p


    I was just asking.