Rihanna Butt Pics Collection

Rihanna butt

Rihanna is an amazingly talented musician and deserves to be taken seriously as an artist. Just kidding! She is a whore who uses sex to sell crappy digitally produced pop to the horny brain head masses.

However, at least Rihanna is good at what she does. She seems to have a quality about her that says “I like it hard”. Also Rihanna’s booty is grade A quality.

In honor of the only real talent Rihanna has here is a picture collection of her butt. We can now all enjoy looking at Rihanna’s ass without having to listen to her terrible music.


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    What a whore. She probably asked Chris Brown to beat her up cause she is into that weird shit. I hate everyrthing about Rihanna except 4 her body. I will give her props for having a bangable squatbox, but that’s all she gets. Someone told me she was into double anal fisting and colon prolapsing. She disgusts me.

    • john

      Dude ur a moron!

  • pity friend

    I don’t honestly like anything about Rihanna, but I’m more than happy about not having to listen to her music to read this article

  • Brendon

    oww come on riha is not a slutt . she never sayd anything bout her butt gettin fucked truss me

  • Joe Dirt

    What a diry slut and an untaleneted whore bag.

  • Edgar

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. I Iove her

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  • Dennis Alexander aka Nutso

    Hating ass ‘big mouth’ man what the hell is your problem. Mad much or not man enough to like a fine woman like her so you need to work out you intelligence because your grammar sucks and you do not have the brains to disrespect a woman who makes way more than YOU! Who cares what you think. I guess you don not like sex or sexy women.

  • theheadchimp

    Dennis Alexander aka Nutso asshole
    No human thinks a google is sexy especially that ugly gorilla looking bitch…

    • Jr1

      Fuck you , you Cracker Barrel piece of shit all your women look like uncooked meat