Rick Sanchez Wants Revenge On CNN CEO

Rick Sanchez

CNN’s Rick Sanchez was fired back in October for rightfully calling that kike Jon Stewart from Comedy Central a “bigot”. However, surprisingly no other major news network has stepped in to hire this family friendly Hispanic, and Sanchez’s behavior has begun to become erratic.

Rick Sanchez recently shut down his Twitter account, but not before reports surfaced that his final tweet was a not so thinly veiled threat to CNN’s CEO, as you can see from the screen shot above.

Sanchez’s tweets leading up to his last one may provide a clue to what caused him to put out a hit on Twitter. Sanchez allegedly started by tweeting that he was spending the night “Enjoying some Coronas and watching television”. He then tweeted, “Sweet Godfather marathon on AMC”. Followed by claims that he would “Skull f*ck Jon Stewart” and “No one f*cks with the Sanchez”.

Obviously if this story is true Rick Sanchez should not be offering money on Twitter for people to harm the CEO of CNN. It is best to make those kinds of arrangements face to face with a proven enforcer. I suggest Rick wise up and get in contact with some of his Cuban compatriots in Miami and see what they can come up with.

Think before you tweet next time Rich Sanchez.

  • IHateCelebs

    Rick “the dirty” Sanchez murdered in an innocent person while he was driving all hepped up on tequila and goofballs.

    This is a true fact. Rick “the dirty” Sanchez should be in prison like any “regular” person would be but because he is a celebrity, he is free to roam around swilling tequila and drunkenly tweeting a bunch of incoherent bullshit.

    Fucking celebutards. Stone them, every one of them.

  • IHateCelebs

    Oh look, someone “disliked” my comment.

    Tell me, o disliker, why do you suppport DWI and vehicular homicide?