Remembering Jessica Biel’s Ass In A Bikini

Jessica Biel

Remember when Jessica Biel was a big deal? No, well that is probably because she never was because she has no talent.

However, Jessica Biel is not completely unremarkable, she does have a pretty nice ass. Not nice enough to overcome her average looks and make her into a sex symbol like every Hollywood whore inspires to be.

Really her fatal mistake was not banging black guys. Black guys would have made Jessica a sex symbol because they do not care how busted a white chick’s face is as long as she has a thick butt.

Just look at Kim Kardashian. She looks like a damn tranny and probably has to wax her face every day to keep from getting her Armenian 5 O’clock shadow. Yet black guys have gotten so hyped up about her gigantic ass that they’ve catapulted her into being a sex symbol.

Let us take a moment and reflect on what could have been for Jessica Biel with these pictures of her ass in a tight bikinis.


Jessica Biel Jessica Biel Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel Jessica Biel

  • ohmyguinness

    I couldn’t agree more. FINE ass though.

  • Glen

    Why so negative? Is someone mad that there a loser and can’t get pussy?? Ahhhhh poor baby.

    • Dar al-Harb

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        • miley cyrus

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      • USA

        First of all we are not dumb americians you sorry ass goat fucker and for the record we have alot more of beautiful girls with great asses then your country.

  • Randy Casanova De La Fuente Bonmanito

    I think whoever wrote that negative comment about Jessica Biel is just a jealous dumdass with low self esteem and no potential! Whoever wrote that must not live on the West Coast, cause out West we stick together and support each other, not rip each other apart!.So whoever wrote that bullshit must be from atlanta or somewhere back east, cause they all jealous losers anyway, and they hate to see someone else succeed in anything! My advice to the loser, shut the fuck up!

  • Randy Casanova De La Fuente Bonmanito

    Jessica Biel does happen to have one of the Best and most well proportioned Asses in Hollywood to say the least. I think being sexy is a talent in itself. Thats why every woman is not sexy, they might look good, but that doesn’t make them sexy. Jessica Biel knows how to move that Ass, thats what makes her sexy! Dont insult my women!

  • Abdullah the Butcher

    Jessica Biel should be forced to wear a burka. Her ass has Satanic powers and could coerce a man into giving away all his goats and camels just for an opportunity to sniff her magnificent brown eye.
    If you see this brazen infidel….do not gaze upon her ass……just run like hell and take refuge amongst your livestock.

  • Demi Lovesvodka

    now that’s a nice ass unlike miley’s flabby ass

  • biellover

    whoever wrote this post is either extremely jeaulos, or mildly autistic. jessica biel is one of the most beautiful women on this planet. no more discussion. your a fucking idiot. go stick a screwdriver in a light socket your dumb cocksucker.

  • South Baltimore Brotha

    Ima black guy and she has no ass mabe by white guy standards sure, but by ours shes boney and flat Sistas have hips and curves. shes built like sponge bob

  • troy aikman

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  • troy aikman

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  • troy aikman

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