R Kelly May Be Investigated For Statutory Rape

R Kelly

It is being reported that R Kelly may be investigated by the Illinois police for committing statutory rape. Apparently R Kelly’s current girlfriend is 17, the age of consent in Illinois, but police are interested in finding out how long ago the couple officially started “dating”.

I find this whole situation deplorable. A man as powerful as R Kelly should be able to plunder all the teen booty he wants. R Kelly could not even make a sex tape with his 14 year old girlfriend without being hassled by “da man”. And you people call this country “the land of the free”?

R Kelly should move to the middle east. We understand that sometimes the unripened figs taste the sweetest. Praise be to Allah!

  • Cha

    if that is true, that is simply a waste

  • bo muggins

    are you implying that it is ok to be a sick fuck? “move to india because the kiddy pussy is legal there? if i could reach through this computer and beat the fuck out of you i would. loser

    • Angel

      the only thing that you will beat is yourself, as you are, I am so sure, doing now

  • bo muggins

    “praise to allah”?? FUCK ALLAH RELIGION IS A JOKE.

  • Wench.

    This is such a funny and intelligent site, but the commentors here are just fucking idiots.

    That R Kelly, eh? When will he learn!?

  • Dead Ed

    Isn’t this old news rehashed?