Princess Kate Middleton’s Vagina In Newly Released Pics

Kate Middleton vagina

Princess Kate Middleton once again shows that her depravity knows no bounds, as she shamelessly exposes her royal vagina in these newly released candid pics.

To say that these photos are an “invasion of privacy” is ridiculous because if Kate didn’t want her naked body photographed from half a mile away with a telephoto lens then she would wear a burka at all times like a proper lady.

Of course the British royals have no one but themselves to blame for this scandal. If they had issued a public lashing when the first topless photos came out, Kate Middleton may have learned her lesson. As it stands I’m sure we can expect to see a lot of more of this saucy tarts naughty bits in the coming years.


Kate Middleton Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Kate Middleton

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            Saladin was a fucking Arab who was BORN in Tikrit. How on earth can he be a negro when he never been there? Another delusion. He took charge of the Arabic army, after his sister was attacked by the Crusaders in the middle of one of the Crusades. NOT that he came out of Nigeria as slave. Dumb ass. Go and read some history books or ask some teachers or professors on an actual school.

            Mohammed a half Negro? No.

            Iraqis black? Do you even know how stupid you sound? The Mesopotamians are their ancestors. It was not done to have a relationship with them. And there were not enough to make a whole race black through this.

          • Arcachnar

            Smarter? Hahaha. Delusional idiot. If you compare them what the Arabs, Chinese, Mayas, Incas, Persians, Europeans they have done almost nothing.

            Oh. Don’t come with the crap that Mesopotamians were black, because they were not. It was already 2.0 millions ago that people left East Africa. Also, nobody knows where the Sumerians came from, but it for certain that they were already there in the area for a long time.

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