Pippi Longstocking Tami Erin Sex Tape Video

Pippi Longstocking sex tape

“Pippi Longstocking” star Tami Erin’s sex tape video has just leaked to the Web.

I remember watching the blasphemous “Pippi Longstocking” movie as a young boy and thinking that I can’t wait for the day this sass-mouthed redhead bitch gets put in her proper place with a hard ass f*cking and facial. Well as you can see in the sex tape video below, that day has finally come.

Even though this Pippi Longstocking sex tape is 30 years late in the making, the old girl appears to still have some spunk in her… of course by the end of the video she has quite a bit of spunk on her as well.

  • Team Germany

    Dayum, she looks great for her age!

    • aghmed

      Would stick my tongue in that asshole

  • aghmed

    this is how women audition for jobs in Hollywood.

    • Baby boy

      And she takes it up the butt too? Nice video. I wonder if she would strap me in the ass…………

      • aghmed

        Don’t know if she would, but I would holla at me

        • aghmed

          fake aghmed – your impersonation of me is most pitiful. You write like an uneducated pavement ape.

  • Mr E

    Damn, I was hoping it would be Pippi’s younger, hotter, crazier sister Pippa Longstocking. Still…

    • Aghmed

      Damn. I was hoping it was her big brother with the big dick.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    This debauched granny on her all fours , reminds me Team Anus when he offered his ass at the Marines barraks during a party.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    By the way: the real Pippi Longstocking was a Swedish woman, not a worn out yankee whore.

    • Kyke KIller

      Man western culture is weird. You have one of the coldest nations in the world and westerners wear bikinis. I think the just want to die from frosebite instead of my rpg.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        She doesn’t seem to have cold to me.

        • Seal Team Six

          Hashim Homo,

          He’s talking about the human woman in the picture above. Not your girl in the pic below.

        • Team America

          Sex with seals.
          You filthy pervert please don’t post photos of anymore of your dates the others were bad enough but this is just sick dressing that poor sheep like that before you raped it is perverted.
          Glory holes yeah Gay is the way.

    • Hashy’s Mandingo BF

      Hashy Baby WTF is this I didnt know you look at women also I thought I was your only one; you said we’ll always be together, How can I trust you after this?????????????

  • Smellgibson

    Too old for a sex tape.

  • Nobody

    Pippi long stocking? She’s got nothing on my mandingo stud of a boyfriend Big Daddy Long John’s. He’s hung like a horse and he really pushes the limits of my gag reflex. I only hate when his curlies almost gouge my eyes out.

    Trust me, dark meat is better. My mother told me it’s bad for you but what would she know? She expected me to get married to some woman in her church of lies! I’m not a breeder! There’s a good 5 inches between a black dick and a white one.

    All though Chinese is good too but after an hour I get hungry for sperm again.


  • austin

    That was more like a porn movie… sex tapes are never that good…

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    When us Muslims find this old bitch, she’ll be known as, “poopie dead from stoning.”

  • Grandmother Pippi Longwhoring try desperately to resurrect her grandmother and dead career, so she draw upon the only thing an actress know do, prostitute her body, in this case making a “casual” Pro porn video which “coincidentally” was leaked.

    Of course, we the jihadists are vigilant and we’re not fall into that trap. And that she is too old too.

  • puzzailsignorvincenzo

    Il professore esimio Vincenzo Puzza si dice entusiasta assaie di come la gentile signorina or magara signora Pippi Calzelunghe mostri con generosità assaie ciascuno dei propri più reconditi pertugi et si augura puranchesso che ella dia seguito a cotanta luminosa carriera, mostrando al mondo magara financo mentre prorompe nel cospicuo ruscelletto di una tiepida pisciatina.

  • Seal Team Six

    Fuck, you muslims are trying to get straights to convert to Islam by lying and getting us to click on that video.

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    These coprophiles need purification, the kind that happens when I call in a B52 strike of white phosphorus bombs. And it’s gonna happen!

    • Team America

      Sex with seals
      What do you see when you look in the mirror? It’s the goat your ass raping at the time. Sick animal fucker.
      Glory holes yeah Gay is the way.

      • Team Germany

        I think you’re mistaking him with Hashim the goat molester and his gang.

  • Seal Team Six

    I can almost feel that overly loose and sensationless pussy and stretching tits as this bitch tries too hard to compensate for her aging body. Cougars suck.

    Keep it under 23 man. Apart from that jew Dominique Strauss Kahn, no one wants to see some saggy titted maid getting pumped.

    PS: I noticed a flash in the video right when the anal scene started. It looks like a segment got subbed in where the dick got smaller, the voices got deeper and the ass got manlier. My guess is that the ass in the picture is Aghmed bent over with Hashim Homo doing the pumping.

  • modelcircle

    I think she’s still very hot for her age

    • Samantha

      I think are very beautiful and have a hot sexy body, I sure would love to meet you in person, I could enjoy my time with you

  • Loves Pussy

    Modelcircle- You look hot in your pic. How about you and I make a sex tape? I know we can do better than this link.

  • f

    what a asshole this author is!

  • Jesus can’t destroy Belial

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