Pic of Selena Gomez Sleeping With A Girl Not Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez sleep

Is lesbian lovers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato’s relationship on the rocks? According to this picture Selena just twittered the answer is yes!

Selena posted this picture of her and another unknown lesbian girl passed out cold from all the vigorous lesbian sex they must have been having. This can only mean one thing, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have broken up, and Selena is going through her post break up “lick anything that moves” stage.

There is obviously still feelings between Selena and Demi or Selena would not have bothered tweeting this picture to make Demi jealous. Allah willing they will work it out… and make a sex tape together when they are 18.

  • Jamie

    omg! your a physco

    • Why because unlike you I do not idolize some teenage girl because she is on a TV show?

      I’m sorry I don’t feel a personal connection to some stranger who PR experts have crafted a “nice girl” image for, so that she is marketable and can whore out more crappy TV shows, movies, and clothes for you to stuff down your bloated western consumerist gullet.

      Also I’m sorry that you are such a homophobe that you get unreasonably outraged at the mere suggestion that one of your celebrity gods might be gay. At least where I come from we take the sodomites and stone them in the town square. We don’t hypocritically pretend to be open minded supporters of them when we secretly are disgusted by them.

      No I will continue to be “psycho” and out these Hollywood lesbians. Because in doing so I not only expose them, but I expose all of you sick celeb worshipers as the brainwashed losers that you are. Praise be to Allah!

      • God

        Well played good sir!

      • mike

        your stupid, thats jennifer stone from her tv show. dont be a creepy stalker!

      • Shannon

        what the fuck you absolute freak. DO YOU NOT HAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!Jesus christ you are definitely a phscho stalker peadophile man aren’t you???

        • Kate

          If you don’t get the humor, then go somewhere else! Nobody is forcing you to read these posts!!
          And as for your life, it must suck! I’d hate to be you.. Having no original thoughts and being a closed-minded prick who has nothing better to do than bash someone whose humor is too liberal for you, and probably too intelligent as you haven’t understood that these are not facts portrayed here. I’ll give you a good advice for your life: If you have nothing intelligent to say, it’s better you not say anything! Remember that next time when you’re thinking of leaving some idiotic comment.

          • OnePiece

            This and more. This whole thing is bittersweet. On one hand, it’s a strong possibility Selena and Demi are gay. Although it isn’t exactly a fact, at least someone is putting out there, even if it’s for satire purposes. Now, on the other hand, these comments from these teenybooper (I’m only 15, so maybe that isn’t an appropriate term) homophobes make me lose hope in humanity – about how they’re classy and upstanding individuals, and how this is an insult to their character. Ignorance makes me sick, you people are making me smoke.

  • Michele


  • T

    yeahhhh hey are you a lurker or somethin because there only 17 and your like what 30 thats kinda wierd just think about

  • nane

    what are you stalking them

  • Shelbs

    No they’re best friends who just happen to have fallen asleep in class, their teacher took this picture, ya FREAK who loves teenage girls

  • Sly Cooper

    Their is nothing gay about that picture. They were studying and got tired. Who doesn’t if their in school? Jeez!

  • Scandal!

    I can’t believe some of my fellow commenters are taking this seriously. Silly people (pre-teens?) having no sense of humour. *rolls eyes in a patronizing, yet loving, way*

    • Kate

      HAHA! Exactly! I honestly don’t know whether to laugh at the devotion these kids have for their idols or be annoyed that they don’t have the brains to realize this is a joke site! One that I find quite amusing!

  • jd

    your retarded

  • axis

    Wow! uneducated scum like you aren’t worth my time! I think you need a brain scan and perhaps to buy a clue! Selena Gomez isn’t gay,and neither is Demi Lovato! Why don’t you get a life and stop posting ridiculous, slanderous, and completely unfounded and uneducated articles and GET A FREAKING LIFE! These are good people and you write every week about them being gay and you have no proof and no grounds to call their character into question. They are good upstanding people and they do what they can to help others. They work day in and day out to connect with their fans and to help those in need! What do you do but sit in your mom’s basement and rant about the best examples of female teen role models that exist today? Oh wait nothing because you have no life and you are so angry about it you try to ruin others. You aren’t worth the time! I could pick you apart all day but to someone as idiotic and completely hopeless as you it is evident you will never learn!

    • C

      Are you saying gay people are NOT good, upstanding people? Quit coming to our peaceful site trying to spread your hate, homophobe!

      • T

        yeah really i dont think she said homos werent upstanding people

    • God

      You sound gay.

  • 4191995

    IDIOT! if you actually knew anything you would have realized that’s Selena’s co- actress on wizards of Waverly place.

  • Edwina

    You know this isn’t funny right?
    So stop trying.

  • jess

    its jenifer stone her co star off wizards , get a life u fat nonse any need to be obsessed ????? u bad wierdo get some help u big fat man boobs

  • smarticles

    ur a retard. its sad cuz u must hav nothing else to do wit ur life. they were studying and fell asleep. just go fuck urself and move on.

    • Ryu

      But I love the British history sooloo much after that of Italy’s. I so love Elizabeth I although I loathe her father. Hehehe.Nonetheless, yeah, I’d say they’re aloof with much of Europe but it’s what makes them stand out, economic-wise, especially. Look at London now, it’s fighting neck-to-neck with NYC as the economic capital of the world.Also, they started the Industrial Revolution, they took a rather big part in the Renaissance period and the two Great Wars and much, much other events that made history what it is that we read now.Hindi naman masyado obvious na nasa British side ako di ba? For Poland, a priest was raising the Rainbow Flag. I love this. Hahahaha

  • Mia

    What the hell?
    no one belives this.
    this is for attention. how pathetic, and why bring down a religon while youre at it?
    thats Repulsive.

  • Bugatti

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. that cracked me up reading this.

  • Kerz

    That’s Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place

  • Joy

    just because a girl spends the night with another girl does not mean she is gay, duh!!!!!! justs means they are friends hangin out!! LEAVE THEM ALONE! PLEASE!!

  • rachael

    that is the girl from wizard of waverly place da you guys are so stupit

    • get a life

      i gotta say she is not helping the cause she spelled stupid wrong

  • Erica

    I honestly do not know why people read your lame site.
    First off, you are some freaky person who likes to dream and write about fake stuff that turns you on.
    Also, you like people to read your site… and get mad? Really? How old are you 11?? Just hitting puberty? Having major hormones? LOL. Grow up. I mean, really. You can get sued for writing stuff like this, you know… Maybe one day someone will sue you, lmao. You are such a pervert and a freak. Tell me something, do you live with your mommy? Don’t you know she would get mad at you. Take your pedophile ass out of here. Creepy sex offender. People don’t read his site.. If you read it he will be encouraged to write more.

  • jake

    wow ur an idoit this is from her facebook page and u must reallly be a hater, read the caption she wrote this is complete bs, this is a pic of her studying and sleeping, u must be retarded leave selena along shes the only good role model and beautiful teen out there

  • jake

    i love selena gomez

  • Nigeria


  • axis

    I have no problem with gay people but this is slander. I am not a homophobe but I know these girls aren’t gay and I never said that being gay made them degenerates! There are a ton of upstanding people that are gay but this freak with a disney fetish is making up lies! Oh and this site isn’t “peaceful” it is just a sad little mans toy to try to take peoples good names and make them out to be something they are not! I will not be coming back here because this writer just isn’t worth my time and will never learn! So you can come to your “peaceful” website and read these poor excuses for journalism every week! Selena and Demi aren’t gay and this writer should be ashamed! I am not coming back to this site because I have said my peace and I don’t have time to waste on this crap! By the way anyone who believes this go on youtube and type in selena gomez and you will see that is her friend from wizards. Type in Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez in and you will see they are not gay. Saying I am against gay people is a weak man’s comeback because being upstanding means telling the truth and holding yourself in higher rules and stature to keep yourself honest. If these Girls were gay they would’ve outed themselves that is what I mean when I say they are upstanding so shut up and goodbye!

  • julian

    omg the other girls is Jennifer Stone

  • selenafan#1

    you are so retarded! that is jennifer stone!! now stop messin with selena gomez!! y dont u just go get a life. one more thing u are FUCKIN STUPID!!!!!!!!

  • shane

    wow! this is stupid! thats JENNIFER STONE FROM WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE! u people r nasty! they r just friends!

  • Elijah

    WOW. are u really that stupid? If ur gonna be a liar at least be a good one. We all know that that is just Jennifer Stone, her costar from Wizards and that Selena and Demi ARE NOT lesbians. stop lying lil idiot. I can’t believe your website actually gets views!

    Stupid junk!

  • Alberto Cartel Jentonio

    You scum you are trying to ruin Selena Gomez’s life by posting these pictures, she even posted it on her twitter account, her friend Jennifer Stone and herself were studying in class and they happened to fall asleep and their teacher took a picture. You try and make scandals out of Selena I will personally come find you and hunt you down like the scum you are. There are nice Media and there are media like you trying to hurt these artists careers. I will not let you hurt Selena’s career like you guys did to Brittney etc. I will personally hunt you down and torture you.

    • Alfonso Delpatria

      I Agree with you I will personally cut these fuckers up, fuck you scum fucking bitches don’t call Selena a lesbian, that’s Harper(Jennifer Stone) from the TV series Wizards of Waverly Place. She even tweeted this. Fuck you scum I will find you and destroy you.

  • mo

    that’s harper

  • Shaya

    Are you kidding me that is Jeniffer Stone, Harper, from wizards of waverly place you moron so get a life and stop bashing on people that actually have one those are two girls who fell asleep from studying you would to if you remebered how boring it is because if you were young you would know how it was you old retarded geyser.

  • Really…

    So. Durka, when are you going to run out of these pathetic stories that have no basis?

    Do you live for these comments, which hate on your articles- or are outraged at your suggestions? Probably.

    Get a life. You’re sick and pathetic.

  • tiffany

    OMG!She is Jennifer Stone(Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place)She is Selena’s best friend,too.

  • harris r.k.

    go to hell …..r u mad??

  • u dick head

    u r totally wrong thats selena and jennifer falling alseep from there home school get right 4 ones idiots

    • u r so right

      u dick head is so right u always get it wrong so get it right 4 once

  • kelsey!

    i love teenage lesbians

  • Barack Obama Bin Laden

    I discoverd this site a few days ago and now I cant stop coming EVERY FUCKING DAY. I LOOOOOOVE IT!!! Not only for the ridiculously funny articles, but also for the angry reactions from RETARDS that don’t understand the sarcasm!!! PLEASE GO ON! This is gonna be a cult following, if it isnt already. I’d LOVE to see the visitor stats!

  • danadoll97

    they aint lesbo’s u idiot they are simply having a sleep on the sofa dats it u utter wierdo!!

  • SelenaGomez#1Fan


  • KMT

    this is stupdiness
    why would people say shit like that about people
    don’t you think about their feelings before you say foolishness like this
    what has she ever done to you
    she’s a young girl doing her dream job but still thinking of others too
    i think the person who wrote this and people like you should go get a life

  • kels

    ohh my god. thats jennifer stone, NOT demi lovato. And they were just resting while they were studying! Oi gossip…

  • LiZ98

    Selena Gomez is NOT lesbian and u guys just like to gossip and make celebrities look bad. You people have NO SAY in what Selena does and its NONE of ur business! Who cares about what she does! IT DOESNT MATTER! AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT WHAT UR SAYING IS NOT TRUE! i wouldnt be surprised if you fell asleep wit ur friend late while studying er something. U PPL R SOOO RIDICULOUS! AND SHE IS NOOOT GAY U DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!! IF U THINK UR IMPRESSING THE WORLD WITH ALL YUR STUPID GOSSIP UR NOT . THESE PPL HAVE FEELINGS AND U GUYS HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO EXCEPT MAKE OTHER PPL LOOK BAD? GET A FREAKING LIFE!

  • Kat xxx

    OH MY DAYZ you are such a freak, you fricking bastard, youre and idiot that is is her costar jennifer stone and they are in a show. what is wrong with you you pile of shit!!!

  • Fiona

    Seriously. Get a life. That’s one of her best friends. Asshole.

  • JKJ

    Thats Jennifer stone from wizards, gosh people are so stupid

  • Christina Lloyd

    It amazes how people could assume something from just a picture. Selena is one of the best role models out there for young girls. Leave her alone. Let her live her life. She deserves all the awards she gets. She doesn’t deserve these rumors. Rock on Selena.

  • 234567890

    omg thats jenifer stone from wizards of waverly place she plays harper

  • Pksur

    This is a pathetic site for losers. Everyone boycott it. It’s not worth its stupidity.

    Get a life people.

  • ur a prick

    them 2 r js frends from wizards of waverly place u bastard. ur da one dats a homo here

  • ur a prick

    n y u gota keep bringin Allahs name into it 4. if i seen u face 2 face i wud literally KILL YOU

  • jane

    omg wtf is with this dude
    he or she should get a life selena gomez is not a leabian so
    shut the hell up and stop making up shit you patheitic you
    leave selena gomez alone