“Pants on the Ground” Singer Found Dead

(Left) Police examine the crime scene. (Right) Larry Platt on American Idol.

“Pants on the Ground” singer and “American Idol” sensation Larry Platt was found dead last night outside a convenience store in downtown Atlanta. According to witnesses at the store, Platt was beaten to death by a group of young men who were loitering in the store’s parking lot.

“There were six or seven gang bangers in baggy pants hanging out in the parking lot, and this old guy walked up to them and started singing and dancing,” said Marcus Lee, the store’s owner. “When he got to the second verse, they started beating on him.”

“I called the police, but by the time they arrived you couldn’t even recognize his face because of all the blood.”

A memorial for Platt is planned for this Saturday.

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  • Pat

    Fake. The cops in the left picture are Canadian.

    • wow

      Way to go, detective dumbass.

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        • obviously fake.

          it’s pretty clear that it’s fake. there aren’t any dead trees in atlanta at this time of year, if you look in the background of the police picture.

          • wowwww

            so that automatically means they’re in canada? don’t think so. trees can be without leaves anywhere.

    • Joe

      Its just a random picture of cops to get the point across dumbass

      • Brittany

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        • skyfire

          dude jesus christ just get to the point, he is dead, the cops are just for props, and wtf is up with u using dumbbutt, use your words like cankerous whore

    • NOO :P

      how do you know?

      • boost

        well first off, if he was dead, why was he on AMERICAN IDOL FINALE A FEW DAYS AGO…….. get cable..

        • Pat

          Are you retarded?

          • Jay

            Well dumbfuck considering the American Idol Finale is shown LIVE and this was posted in January, I suggest you learn to read before insulting people who are right.


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            if he died it would be on the fucking news

          • pats a dumbass

            pat are you retarded? he was on american idol the other day…this article was posted in january. your clearly the retarded one you fuckin idiot.

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          • jordan boyd

            actually they dont

          • kier

            um the finale is definitely ALWAYS live… get your facts straight before you attempt to insult people..

          • You’re wrong.

            Dude, seriously? I live in LA, when we get bored we go watch them film the shows. They do it an hour in advance, not “months”…You lose.

          • Yur mo

            I heard hes dead.

        • yo gabba gabba

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          • Wtf?

            Um… one point: dumvass? What the hell is a dumvass? When attempting to insult people, please check your message before you hit ‘Submit Comment”. Btw, the finale is live. Plus, I doubt they would film the finale months before the show was close to reaching that stage of progress… It’s live.

          • timgbone

            lol..ironic how you’re telling him to get a brain, but the way you talk makes you sound like you don’t have one.

          • a person

            hey dumbshits, the finale IS filmed live. i went. two years in a row.

          • dumbass

            are you fucking retarded? if it wasnt live, how can the people at home vote for who wins? they only do that with the auditions where the judges decide who goes through to the next round, idiot

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        • Ashley

          @ boost He was beaten to death! You don’t know when that’s coming! He wasn’t sick so yeah that’s why he was on Idol! He was perfectly fine!!!! Loser

        • bitchy

          he died on saturday may 29th, the finale was on may25th

          • Ashley

            He didn’t die!!!!

          • Maddie

            obviously its on the news that he didnt fucking die.

        • wow

          uh yea he was on last week…he died 2 days ago…yea get cable dumbass

    • RCMP

      I am an RCMP and those police men in the picture are not RCMP or Canadian for that matter.

      RCMP’s wear beaver pelts on our heads and we usually have a very distinct pantie line showing.

      However for what it is worth, bending over and pointing at things is how we investigate a murder.

      • STFU

        shut the fuck up.
        i’m canadian, and that is NOT what our RCMP officers look like.
        why would you even say that? you’re fuckin stereotypical, because in fact, NOBODY in canadian wears beaver pelts anymore, dumbass.
        and some people may have pantie lines showing, but pretty sure officers usually dont.
        & they investigate murder the EXACT same way that americas police force investigate.
        so stop being a faggot, and maybe say something smart sometimes.

        • A Proud Canadaian

          Hey, I am a Canadian, I am not sure about where you live but down here in Nova scotia the Canadian Police and also the RCMP were beaver hats some times. Also I think you need to calm yourself down.

          • someone

            They’re not beaver hats, they’re muskrat

          • A Proud American

            Canada’s a country?

          • jimbo333555

            thats bullshit no one in nova scotia wears beaver hats

          • Wtf?

            Yes indeed, Canada is a country!

          • dave

            I’m from Toronto (a city in Canada) and i don’t know about Nova Scotia but in Ontario are police officers don’t were beaver pelts CANADA RULES, we have free health care and an economy!

          • atruecanadian

            you’re a fuckin idiot. i have lived in this country since i was born 32 years ago. neither the RCMP (which is the canadian police) nor the any provincial, or municipal force, still wear beaver pelts as part of their uniforn(with the exception of NWT, the Yukon and Nunavet). maybe in the dead of winter, some of the older members do, but if you think the picture is the dead of winter, or even cold enough to warrant a toque, then you are not a true canadian. second, the only panty lines showing would be when you are standing in front of a mirror, pretending you are on a date. while the guy on the left, looks like he could in fact be an rcmp officer, the swat guy, seems out of place for a gang violence case. plus, there are already stories on the net, about how this is a fake story, and that he sang in public just a few days ago, and it is now mid july, 2010. so you are either stupid or gullable. oh and the the finale for idol is live, the top 24 is filmed earlier in the day of the air date, only the selection process is shot more than a day ahead of time!

        • Nancy

          “Stop being a FAGGOT and say something smart sometimes”. Really? REALLY? Don’t ya think that perhaps they were joking around? And by YOU using the term ‘faggot’ kinda dumbs down your response.

          • A Faggot

            As a faggot myself, I think that you are grossly missusing that word. And just for the record, the american idol finale IS shown live,

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      • Win

        You forgot something, too. If this was Canada there’d be a police moose in the background.

        • Miranda

          You obviously have never been to canada, dumbass. Just becuase were canadian doesnt mean there is moose everywere. Get your facts straight ..

          • Ollie

            For real, im from USA. I’ve been to Canada. Awesome place, nice people, cool scenery whole 9 yds. Quit the flaming guys, come on..

          • deb

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          • Wtf?

            He’s kidding, chill.

        • paige

          noo i live in canada and i have never seen a frikin moose im so tired of this sterio typical shit!

          • islander

            ya i’ve never seen one either…well probably doesn’t help that im on an island :)

        • dave

          in Canada were just bad-ass like that. (I’m from Canada)

          • dave

            we ride moose all the time lol jk

      • I am Cananaanadian too, fucker.

        You forgot to mention how they ride around on polar bears.

      • paige

        omg canada has real cops not just rcmp i live in ontario and ive never seen an rcmp

    • abby

      how can you tell if the cops are canadian?

    • JooKay

      Agreed, and the payphone in the background is Bell. =P

    • Tony

      Police in canada are blue or red stripe. i live in canada… i would know.

      • atruecanadian

        the rcmp do have a yellow stripe, but they don’t have any jurisdiction inside a city’s limits, unless they are sent to investigate a city police officer, charged with a crime. for the provincial and municipal police, you are right, red or blue stripe.

    • Brian

      true, those are Mounties. you can tell by the pants

    • battle royal

      no there not

    • Bart


    • nick

      good point

    • Marshall

      the fuck you have against canadians

    • bruce

      what r u talking aboot!?

    • Stark Madden

      I don’t know where the police are from but they are not from Atlanta. The article states that they are examining the scene of the crime. If they are policeman anywhere and if they are examining the scene of the crime it has absolutely nothing to do with Atlanta or the “pants” singer.

    • Nicole

      Um. It may look fake but who said that was the police from the crime scene”? they have had no pictures of those police

  • jethro

    damn those group of young men, damn them! when will they learn…..

    • Elmo’s world :)

      Yo tht’s my grandpa i just saw him today he is not dead :)

  • BoldFace


    • qwer

      wtf. it’s a fuckin post. why are you guys getting so damn in to it. big and bad on the internet… impressive.

  • Celeste

    How is he detective dumbass? They are Canadian and notice this is the only article on this so called murder. I can’t find anything else. I agree with Pat it’s probably a fake.

    • because

      Because it’s obviously fake you stupid twit.

      • NIgger

        Canada is gay.

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          HAHAHA at least we have free health care!

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            i am sooo sick of america. hey can i come move up there with you?

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            Ours might not be free, but it is the best (:

          • atruecanadian

            best? are you serious? you have to morgage your house if you break a toe! ours may not be the best, but it is a damn site better than the one you have, and most of the other socialized countries around the world who take of their citizens are ahead of you too!

  • bartman

    no they are not from canada i shod know i live in canada

    • Klash

      those are definatly the RCMP you can tell by the patch on their coat .. this entire thing is def fake

      • alex

        uhh rcmps wear red. not blue police jackets.

        • alyssa

          you fail at life. Offical Policemen wear blue,and RCMP officals wear red at headquaters and only constopables. This is coming from a canadian. And, yes, those are canadian police officers.

          • fail

            lol @ constopables

          • someone

            the red serge uniform is not worn on general duty, it’s worn to formal events

        • they were blue jackets, red jackets are for ceremony’s my dads a RCMP member, and those lad’s in the pic are RCMP

        • Belinda

          What is with this guy?? He posts different names and different answers and has the same PICTURE?? Get a life!

          • Non-anonymous

            Belinda, you freak.
            What is with WHAT guy?
            There are like 36 different people posting on this.
            Just because it’s the same picture used, it doesn’t mean it’s the same fucking person.
            You even have the picture yourself you judgmental piece of crap.
            YOU go get a life, or get your fucking facts straight dumb-ass.
            Do the whole world a favor and grow the fuck up, and start using that 11 year old atom-sized brain of yours.

          • Dunsparce created the UNIVERSE

            I like Potato Chips.

          • Wtf?

            Um… check your own post. It has the picture too…

    • canadian

      canada is a very large place, I’m pretty sure you don’t live in ALL of it.

  • Million

    oh no! who the hell would do this to him?!?!?! it’s a song! not a death sentence! whoever did this i hope gets arrested and put in prison for life!

    • Wtf?

      It’s fake, so don’t worry.

  • Cob

    Hey, what are you doing? You’re not a pilot. I know every pilot in the world!

  • Dr J.

    i think they are cops that just leaned up against a strip of paint on a bench or a wall.
    i think this is real … poor ole larry. he was a nice ole dumbass !!

  • k

    all of u guyes or relly rude its real u dumbutts it was on news god if u die illl say it fake werdos

    • Grammar Police

      Buy a dictionary, then look up every word in what you just wrote, there is so many speeling and grammar errors it’s hard to read. I’ll correct you.



      All of you guys are really rude. It’s real you dumbutts. It was on the news. God! If you die I’ll say it was fake. Weirdos.

      Also, it’s not IF they die, it’s WHEN they die

      • the REAL grammer police

        FYI: Don’t judge someone else’s grammer until you’re willing to re-read your own sentence. First off, it’s not “there is so many” it’s “there are so many.” And second off buy a dictionary yourself and check it out. It’s SPELLING not “SPEELING.” So, I’ll correct you.

        • Anon

          It’s grammar.

      • REAL Grammar Police

        You wrote, “There is so many speeling and grammar errors.” It is there ARE so many SPELLING and grammar errors.

    • Wtf?

      It was a rumor. Plus, if it was on the news, it would be talking about him being beaten to death in Atlanta, USA. Not somewhere in Canada. He’s alive, just do a Google search XD

  • Erin

    whoever said the cops are Canadian are wrong. They’re not, and even if they were, THEY’RE NOT RCMP!!!!! We have more than JUST RCMP here, so get your facts straight BEFORE you post on here.

  • Tony Hankerson

    Did you idiots do a cross-referential search to verify his death?

    He’s not dead. (T_T) Search Yahoo and/or Google. Fat chance finding another report.

  • Tara

    He is dead! Look it up, it ain’t gonna be found up your but! Honestly! THINK!!! I mean people that are THAT stupid, I only hope they get some help! He Is DEEEAAAD! DEAD DEAD DEAD! D: D:

    • skeptical

      do you really trust this site? notice that this is the only place on the entire internet that tells you the he’s dead. It’s not in any real news report.

    • Wtf?

      Um, no. Look it up. I guarantee you that most of the things will say “rumored death”, not “death”. He is very much alive.

  • Sandy

    Those cops are not Canadian duma$$ Canadian cops wear red around their hats…duh!

  • Benjamin

    May he rest in peace, what a good bloke.


    that is sad because now he won’t get another chance at american idol

    • ha.

      he wouldn’t anyways, you tool.

  • pat

    Those aren’t Atlanta police or Georgia State Patrol officers, i know, i live in Atlanta

  • tayler

    LOLz! You fell for it. But this aint something to joke around about. A bunch of stupid college kids said this story. Don’t you think if he died it would be on the news the next day at latest? THis wasn’t funny. When those college kids die i hope nobody goes to their grave. Death isn’t something to joke around with. How would they like it if everyone thought they were dead? They probably would hate it.

  • Pie4321

    You guys r all fat turds. Get a life. No one cares about a 62 yr old singing, He was awesome, yeah, but dont call him a dumba$$

  • breauna durham

    is dfuh niggas who did it in JAIL.

  • Sophie

    Man, how could this happen!!!! im soooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV YOU R.I.P. LARRY PLATT

  • awww :(

    awww thats so sad!!!! he was so happy and pants on the ground put a smile on everybodys face :/

  • Staryo

    Wow. did anyone click the “disclaimer” button on this page to verify the reliability of this article? No. obiviously. Because it states that this is a satirical gossip paper. Also, look at Larry Platt’s website or wikipedia entry:



    Also, this was reported January 29, 2010.
    Larry Platt performed at WWE’s Royal Rumble event on January 31, 2010 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. He did pretty well for a dead guy.
    Oh, and Larry Platt was reported as being served with a lawsuit over financial rights of his song “Pants on the Ground” on Mar 12th, 2010. That’s one way to respect the dead.

    He’s alive. Idiots.

  • PenautButter

    I loved that guy’s singing, and now he will never be on American Idol EVER again

    • Me

      he wouldn’t have been anyway, he was too old

  • Steven

    if he is dead then why was he just dancing LIVE on American Idol.. this story is bullcrap!!!!!

  • greek girl

    this was LAST NIGHT. AMERICAN IDOL was a couple nights ago. Seriously? are people this stupid?? ALSO – I believe Canadian police have a red band on their uniform, not yellow. AND one last question… why would this be made up? People, … think before making fools of yourselves. really!!

    • greek girl

      that date is from january. lets do something constructive tonight, lets all turn our computers off, stop reading all the bullshit, and start spending time with our families. that’s what im going to do. C-Ya!

      • Wtf?

        Um… did you just contradict yourself? A lot of people would make this up.

  • Casey

    Canadion Police. He’s not dead. this is fae! hes NOT DEAD!!

    • Frankie

      hes obviously not dead he was just one the finally

  • bobbb

    well dumbasses that was fun..

    its all frigen fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get that through ur thick heads

  • JessyFord

    You can really tell that this article was written immaturely. Not even a professional writer talks like this. You can recognize the voice of a true reporter. So this is fake. Besides, it is enough to plan a memorial service right after a death especially when there is a specific day like “this saturday”. Come on people. He is alive. Many sources state that he is.

  • Grace

    haha fake! why the hell would an old man walk up to gang bangers and start singing and dancing. this article is written horribly

  • emma.

    k , he ain’t dead…

    that IS canadian police, i know , i actually live in Canada.
    it’s all fake.

    there are tons of jerks out there who make this shit up, it’s been done before with all different celebrities.

  • Wow

    Why would you even make something like this up, you fucking pricks. Kill yourselves.

  • alhisad

    i live in canada, and they dont look like RCMP to me. unless ottawa cops dress different for some reason

    • its the RCMP in Ontario they have the OPP and all that, and there, they all dress different, but officially, RCMP members have the blue jackets and hats with the yellow lines

  • Dominique

    Damn they “beat” me to it.

  • Courtneyy0013

    you guys must be retarded or something.. those are RCMP officers. Ottawa police must have different uniforms?

  • nick

    do you notice how its like winter in the picture and its may?

  • melly12123

    yeah , it’s fake , the Police you see are Canadian , i know because i’m Canadian .

    • He’s dead.

      I’m Canadian and I’m a faggot.

  • Jill

    this is fake .. he was live on american idol in may 2010 ..
    but even if he wasn’t this article sounds ridiculous and is the only one mentioning it ..
    who would make this shit up?

  • djwnesel

    Poor guy!

    First of all! you people are so fricken stupid! why are you fighting over a god damn picture! Anything said here should be condolences! not fighting over canadian or american cops! Like someone said it’s about getting the point across!


  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    Fuck Canada.

    • tumblr freak

      eff you then

  • jimmy

    wtf???? police men are not all rcmp’s theres a diffrence i live in canada

  • Hotlanta

    I live in Atlanta and that is not Atlanta PD in the picture. Plus no reports on the news and if he was murdered it would be all over the news at least here.

  • Nicole

    FAKE!!!!! And who cares about the police in this it’s about the black guy(: Haha he is not dead stop the rumors!!

  • Alexis

    He just danced and sang live on American Idol. He’s not dead.

  • Courtney

    Considering that some of these comments are from January and it is now almost June i’m gonna say this is fake and stupid. For one, if this had happened in the beginning of 2010 i’m sure everyone would have happened about it before now.

  • Tara

    He was just on American Idol. It says he died in January. He’s not effing dead. this is so fake . It would’ve been everywhere if he were to actually die. And those aren’t Atlanta PD .
    jeez .

  • Skyla

    he was on american idol on wednesday night, and this was posted back in jan! he’s clearly not dead.

  • someone


    thats what it says under the story so this is from january!its probably a rumor cuz he was on the american idol finale in may!!(:

  • Your all dumb twats

    LOL @ everyone making a big commotion over this. He’s NOT dead, simple as that.
    Bigger issue here ? He’s a american idol “sensation” that couldn’t sing worth shit. He’s probably never going to make a hit, nor is he ever going to be big in any sort of entertainment industry. So why would you all fight about whether or not he’s dead? Even if he was what would you do? One lame status about how your going to miss this man you never met? Seriously you should all go twitter and facebook status you asses off about how much you fail.

    • amanda

      this is fake, http://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/23745881/detail.html

      so lets not sit our fat asses on the computer for hours bitching about this :)

    • pooks

      sadly they arent even fighting about whether he is dead or not anymore. bunch of dumbasses arguing about canada and rcmp officers.

  • Kim

    Yeah, there’s like some Facebook group thinking that Larry Platt is dead. Wikipedia doesn’t even say so.

    • Me

      Yeah, ’cause Wikipedia is such a realiable source since any random person can change whatever they want.

      • You

        how bout everyone shuts the fuck up and has a tall glass of HES NOT DEAD ASSTARD

        • ur mom

          haha agreed!!!

          • Comfortably Numb

            I googled “pants on the ground” to see if there was a video of the guy singing the song on you tube…Then I read that the guy was murdered…I was stunned…Then I wasted about 50% of what was left of my life reading the debate…Now I’m just comfortably numb… Thanks! I hope that the guy is alive and well and will write a song about people wasting their lives on line.