Pamela Anderson Is Looking Really Old

Pamela Anderson old

After years of being rode hard and put up wet, infidel sex symbol Pamela Anderson looks as old as dirt, and about as attractive in the photo above.

Only the sick drug addled minds in the West could find this dried up husk of a woman with her saggy tits, dusty vagina, and prolapsed uterus appealing.

Just looking at Pam Anderson’s hep C ravaged face, and rapidly receding hairline has turned the goat’s milk and figs in my stomach. Luckily I have just the antidote for this STD ridden grandma with the photo below.


sexy sheep

Behold a truly enticing sight that will settle the stomach, calm the mind, and awaken the loins of any red-blooded Muslim man.

  • The Persian

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    • Zohair – The Good One

      A Goat’s Ass is a structure of immense beauty.

      Look at the photo above, the muslim brothers seem to me mesmerized, and can you blame them ?

      Goat’s ass is symmetrical, round, propotional and above all, white !

      On the other hand, the hideous female above looks like she use to babysit Yoda

    • Anubis

      A menopausal old biddy with a dried up dusty uterus that still flaunts her sagging milk jugs is very offensive to us pious Muslims. The men in the bottom photo were delighted in seeing the sheep all lined up with their asses to them, because they then happily took turns shoving the old filthy whore, head first into each of the sheep’s ass for her disgusting western whoredom and heathen exhibitionist debauchery.

      The old biddy slut will then be used as a practice target for jihadist school, then used as fertilizer in the fields.

      • Old as Fuck

        I’d still tap that ass all day and all night 7 days a week 24 hours a day including Xmas.

        • Granny Fucker

          Grannies are great fucks.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Old woman fucker

          I can’t think of a better way to honor our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, than fucking Pamela on his birthday.


          • Farzan The Wise

            You would fuck this nasty VD infected old wench wouldn’t you Pete. She looks like a cracked out hooker……the only kind of women a backwoods retard like you can get.

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          • Moshe Dayan


            Nasty dude. Get some standards.

          • Moshe Dayam

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  • Friendly Neughborhood Mossad Agent

    Neither picture looks Kosher to me…

  • Jimmy

    That’s not Pamela Anderson. Its her aunt.

  • Kwame

    This is what happens when you let big dicked black men cock slap you. Our meaty dicks stretch the skin when they hit you. I heard Pam was into that.

    • Farzan The Wise

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    • The West is the Best

      KY Google

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      • Klansmen

        Kaveman Kwame
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  • DrD

    “Pamela Anderson Is Really Old”
    Fixed that for ya.

  • Moshe Dayan

    I’d still hit it. At the very least i would let her strap one on and take me to pound town.

    • Moshe Dayan


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  • Grand Dragon Pete

    I sat down at my desk and pulled up this KKK site. Immediately……what was once a 14″ cock…..became a full 16″ thanks to this hot pic of klanswoman Pamela.

    Only the hottest of women (I.e. Judge Judy) can get another two inches out of me.


  • Mike

    Oh gods, this is the first time you folks have made me sick to my stomach… Kudos, I guess…

  • mayhem

    muslimz’s camel faced bitches are worse looking that old pam every day……..but muzlemzzs luv camel faced bitches

  • The West is the Best

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      • The West is the Best

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  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    Oh allah it’s hideous!

  • Abdul Kiar

    Grandma with Hep C and other nasty STD’s ?

    Who would purchase this wrinkled up prune ?

    She is old and ugly for being a whore,now she is paying the
    price with her looks !

    Praise Allah ! May this slut rot in Hell !!!

    • Carla Fiore

      Hep C is a brand of vitamin C. Its orange flavored.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    She is a dead ringer for Oblama’s dead whore mudshark mother.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    She probably just has Hep C. When I first contaged Hep C I looked like this. Its under control now as is my herpes simplex II and my warts.

    • Secret Friend

      She does have Hep C,this was confirmed years ago when she told the
      media she contracted it from Tommy Lee when they exchanged wedding
      vows via stupid matching tattoo’s,instead of a wedding band,as
      they shared the same needle for the tat’s

      However,she is rumored to have Herpes as well.

  • Jimmy

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  • Brother Ahmed

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