Pam Anderson and Mischa Barton are Zombies

Pam Anderson Mischa Barton

I regretfully must announce that Pam Anderson and Mischa Barton have been turned into zombies. When this unfortunate event occurred is still in question, but there can be no denying the photographic evidence provided below.

But on a positive note this marks the first time either actress has lusted after brains!

Pam Zombie

  • a whitey

    sorry. kinda weak

  • Dead Ed

    I think it’s a funny article. With pics to back it up. Wouldn’t say it’s “great”, but it’s ok for laughs.

  • pitote

    Tambien las gallinas viejas hacen buen caldo, ya seles pasaron los aƱos maravillosos y despues de algunos palos, quedan asi, asi quedaba yo cuando me aventaba a la Briney Spears toda la noche!!! Aburrr…mamis esta bien buenas todavia…

  • Dead Ed

    These pics prove alcohol & drugs have it’s effects later in life. Wonder what their brains are like. Just how fried they are. I know they’re empty headed.


    I think I’ll go listen to some Cannibal Corpse now…