Olsen Twins’ Shocking Incest Photos

Olsen Twins incest

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, commonly known as the “Olsen Twins”, have been exposed engaging in incestuous lesboqueer sex thanks to pictures leaked to the Internet.

As you can see in the photos below Ashley and her evil twin Mary Kate are all over each others genetically identical bodies, fondling and sensually stroking their sex organs.

Of course the Qur’an is very clear that there is nothing wrong with f*cking a sibling (or close relative) as long as at least one of the participants is male. By defying this elemental rule of holy Muslim incest the Olsen twins have incurred the wrath of Allah.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s lesboqueer incest affair is unsanctioned by Islam, and will surely earn them a day in court under Sharia law.


Olsen Twins Olsen Twins Olsen Twins
Olsen Twins Olsen Twins Olsen Twins

  • Infidel

    “Of course the Qur’an is very clear that there is nothing wrong with f*cking a sibling (or close relative) as long as at least one of the participants is male. By defying this elemental rule of holy Muslim incest the Olsen twins have incurred the wrath of Allah.”

    Spot on. These girls look like they haven’t slept or eaten in a long time.

    • fuck u

      Fuck u all for being douche bag bastards. There is no way Islam teaches you to fuck with ur own sibling whether male or female. your mother should have swallowed u. Ppl like u who like to spark racism and hatred. You know nothing about Islam, so don’t go around talk bullshit.

      • john

        I was going to look that up but, I cannot find my book. OH YEAH HELLO, I burned it .

    • sandman

      American inbreeding has got out of hand the olson twins are a perfect example now they are trying to mate with eachother

      • Griffen

        Listen you stupid fucking twat waffle. Americans do not inbreed you psychosymantic moronic little twits. The ciuntries of the wrong versions of islam and hippies all over the world believe in incest. The cirrect teachings of Islam as well as All other correct forms if tge respectable religions would never teach that crap it is sacrelige. These girls are twins something you sick perverted fools would never understand Identical twins gave a closer bond than most multies. I would mniw I am a twin but it is neither sexual nir lewd youpervs an sloparrazzis can all kiss my whu te american soutg ern coubtry ass. As for mister numbnut abive yiu strike me as being a complete moron.

  • IHateCelebs

    Mary Kate and Ashley’s pussies taste like Altoids and each other.

    • ihatemuslims

      we know all you muslima are fags and like the way your facial hair feels when you sucking eachother

      • theheadchimp

        You would be the expert on sucking so you should know….

      • I hate all idiots the same

        all u muslims grow them long prison pussies for a reason. the reason being is so you can try not to get fucked in the ass when you siiting in are great fed prison

      • Angrezo ka jija

        Tum sale angrez jisko apne baap ka pata nahi hota jiski ma aur bahen na jane kiske saath soti hai kitni baar soti hai use khud nahi pata wo islam ke bare to dur ki baat islam ke bare janne aur samajhne ki aukat kahan hai

        • Alexei

          Great statement coming from the proponent of a religion that advocates stoning gang raped children and had its adherents blowing up schools and hospitals, and trying to kill female children for studying. go suck mohammads dick asshole

    • Shreekant

      Quran is shit any page you open it is just common sense passed from generation and on mohhammad’s sword it was written peace is my message he was an asshole

    • anti hankey head

      Fuck up you dirty pig faced goat fucker you need to be beheaded like the rest of your pig people

  • Prophet Mohammed

    A night here in Kabul would surely correct this lesboqueer activity from these two skanky infidels. This is nothin a burka and a virile muslims mans can’t correct.

    If these Olsen girls come to Kabul and join my harem they would be welcomed with open arms…as long as they are good on the plow. However, if by chance they continue their lesboqueer behavir here than we all know what they will get…a day in Sharia Court followed by a stoning with only the largest of boulders.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      It would take both skinny infidels to handle a strong Muslim.

      They also need to have bells chained to their necks. If they turn sideways they become almost invisible and might sneak away. However, with bells ding-dinging, they could not get very far before the stones find them.

      It is a shame us Muslims have to plan for such treachery out of concubines.

      • Dead Ed®

        Hey Abdul,

        Praise the “Burqa” as a truly great symbol of female liberation. I’ve always respected the notion that it’s a woman’s inalienable right to go out in public dressed like a tent.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You are now starting to talk sense.
          Soon you will be yelling, “Allahu Akbar” as you behead infidels.

          • Suck it packie

            What do you butcher Abdul, litlle children and small animals? You are a fucking waste of skin

        • Malk

          If you cant trust your woman to go out in public, it does not matter if she is covered or No!!!!!

      • I hate all idiots the same

        i didnt know there were any strong muslums. You all run like little bitches when you see red, white, and blue coming at u. and them so called virgins u get when u die are little muslum boys

      • Bill

        I suggest you stop looking at the beautiful Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen & just stick to your covered up women. It’s a shame that your ‘religion’ doesn’t give women equal rights. Shameful how the finer gender is treated in your world.

    • Your Wife

      If they’re going to be stoned with Your boulders then they’ll think it’s sleeting outside.

    • Malk

      Let a girl lick a PUSSY!!!! You suck dick? It don’t even matter, they don’t want no BURKA!!!!!!Fucker!!!

    • Suck it packie

      Who the fuck would go to Kabul? Fuckin assraped crackhead perhaps. Fuck you Mohammed and go rape your lil boys like you like to do you inbred fuckin piece of shit.

  • Jerrywayne

    There’s no such thing as a “virile muslim”.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jheri curl

      Go and ask your mother, I guarantee she’ll testify to the virility to us Muslims.

      She was a dirty, dirty infidel.

      • Rodney The King

        dat rite Jerrywayne U been served!

      • Dead Ed®

        Hey Abdul,

        I would like to explode another Muslim myth:

        I mock the notion that Saladin was any less cruel or more civilized than his Christian opponents. I recall how he treated Crusaders captured at Hattin on July 4, 1187, when Saladin ordered that they should all be beheaded–in accordance with the Koran–and watched, “his face joyful,” while his followers slaughtered the infidels.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Those infidels got what they deserved.
          Saladin was a good Muslim who followed the Qur’an. I admire him.

          • Rodney The King

            Ya, i likes Saladin 2. Hav fork will travel.

      • Abdullah’s Wife

        Abdullah is very fortunate that no camera allowed in home. Otherwise, we would have plenty of pictures of his heinie drunkenly displaying his stubbie along with an empty sack. We can’t check but we’re certain that he has the same problem between his ears. G’night Stubbie.

      • Malk

        IS The woman, Ya mother a dirty playa??!!!

      • Suck it packie

        And once again you talk with a dick in your mouth and in your ass, cum swallowing loser.

  • beaver meat

    I’d stack them like a double burger and eat them both like I haven’t eatn in 5yrs …

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      beaver brain

      Don’t be stupid (although, you have no choice; all infidels are stupid)

      If you would eat those two drugged up mudsharks, you would get a mouthfull of google jizz , bone splinters and an assortment of STD’s.

      • Rodney The King

        mouthfull of google jizz , bone splinters and an assortment of STD’s.

        dat my man Aboolah. he auta be on def comity jam.

        • Malk

          Two tears in a bucket, FUCK IT!!!! Take it to tha stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bill

        I guess that’s a better outcome than the AIDS virus you gave to many men in your bedroom.

    • Malk

      Ghad please!!!!! You aint gettin in that hole!!!!!

  • Jason

    (Incest??) they are not doing anything!!!!

    Nice pics but still a wast of my time on the internet!!!!

  • CuntTitsAss

    This site is fucking attacking Americans’.
    I’m not condemning you for practicing your religion, it’s just that you need to understand that these women of whom you accuse terrible things of, don’t follow your religion. Therefore, you can judge them for anything they do. Your rules don’t apply to them, obviously. Then, you have the audacity to say you’re going to stone them? That’s essentially saying you’re going to murder two American citizens.

    • theheadchimp

      Stupid fuck head
      They are stones you dumbass not rocks……….

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      After Islam takes over it will be us Muslims making the rules for you infidels to follow.
      How can stoning two whores be murder if they are put on trial and found guilty?

      You are a stupid asshole and need to keep your demented thoughts to yourself

      • islam is evil

        fuck muhammud kill all religion

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          evil infidel

          When us Muslims are throwing the stones at your faggoty skull….your final words will be, “Abdullah was right….I am a homoqueer asshole.”

          • islam is evil

            thats why we bombing yall back to the stone ages which really aint but about 2 weeks right asshollah

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            evil infidel

            the u.s.of a. is a deadbeat country. You assholes are already in the stoneage.

            That is why us Muslims are coming to set you mofos straight.

            Prepare to accept Allah or die!

          • islam is evil

            bring it camel jocky and dont forget your stones

          • islam is evil

            whats up sandmonkey quit fucking your livestock and talk badass

          • Fuck Islam

            how do u call our country dead beat ur the one with idiots blowing them self up and craters every were

      • Too much anger

        the only demented thoughts I see are coming from you and the ones like you. Every woman is guilty in your eyes so we stand no chance either way. Stoning is a painful and long way to die, says a lot about your value on human life…well that and RAPING women. Where does your god say that is ok?

      • Malk

        What ya like to sip ON when U Party DOWN ????? You do Dicks under that sheet????

      • john

        maybe you should commit suicde now before I cut your cock off ,

        by the way the koran writings were stolen from the Bible and Jewish writings by the raping , murdering , common bandit Mohamed you call a prophet , and your “holy City” was (and is) a pagan temple thousands of years before he was around

      • Bill

        You actually think any normal country is going to convert to Muslim? Your extremists can bomb the world all they want. No one with a brain would want to be follow your twisted religion.

      • Suck it packie

        The day you tell me what to do is the day your lifeless muslim corpse floats downstream in the shit of civilization. All you that spew hate are going to get what is coming to them. Ever talk to me like that in real life you will die on the spot muslim pieces of dogshit.

  • Richard

    Wow. I feel very sorry for you guys.
    do the world a favor. strap some bombs on yourself.
    with any luck you will have a premature detonation!

    • Prophet Mohammed

      Richard Simmons

      The only thing premature is your ejaculation, but young infidel women and girls won’t have to worry about that when Islam takes over the US and A! They will either become concubines or be stoned to death.


      • islam is evil

        but your moma liked my ejaculation tell the bitch to stop texting me im busy sticking it in your wife ass right now

      • Too much anger

        I would rather die than live the way you do or become some soulless body that you rape and beat. I would never do a thing you told me to, therefor I guess I would die. God is on my side, I have nothing to worry about after death

      • Bill

        “The only thing premature is your ejaculation, but young infidel women and girls won’t have to worry about that when Islam takes over the US and A! They will either become concubines or be stoned to death.”

        YOU KEEP DREAMING. NO DECENT COUNTRY WOULD EVER WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR TWISTED FAITH. No 3rd world country will ever have that power. We will wipe your sad little countries off the face of the Earth before allowing your poor excuse for a religion take over our land.

  • Heil Jesus

    The Olsen twins give me the creeps. They both look like middle schoolers at the end of a 3 week meth binge.

  • StygianAgenda

    Umm… WTF!?! WHERE’s the FRAKKING INCEST PICS?!?!?!?

    Oh yeah, and FUCK ALL RELIGIONS!

  • ric flair

    I only trust religious messengers who can heal the sick, raise the dead and walk on water.

    • 1stMuslumCornHoler

      Only Jesus is the real deal.

  • mandie

    Dude your pics did not pop up…. But after reading your ridiculous comments and posts I won’t be back to view them anyway. I agree with CuntTitsAss and Richard and ric flair. You suck.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mandie moron

      That’s good news for this site. There are already way too many dumbass mofo infidels fouling up the place with stupid comments.

  • jack the peanut

    come to glasgow and walk around for 5 minutes and be outraged at the amount of foul infedel gay/lesbo/horrible queers there is !!

  • amused

    i find it very entertaining that “MUSLIMS” dare judge everyone else, when they cannot even read the bible properly… for i know that “ALLAH” who also happens to be “GOD”, does not condone murder of innocent victims. it does not condone suicide, it does not condone pretty much your whole life… do yourselves a favour and get yourselves a life…. for sadly, a “HAREM” is also frowned upon by god… it’s called “ADULTERY” in any book, and is also therefore punishable by “DEATH” according to muslim law… the rest of us do not need you to try and preach your crap to us, as most of the plagues we had in ancient times came from europe… amusingly, muslim country… the filth was already out there and has managed to filter down to the internet now… these two twins have nothing to be ashamed of in this photo set, and i can guarantee this is NOT the twins… more than likely been photo shopped…

    so when you idiots wake up and realise that this is all crap, and the bigotry is rather sickening to read considering the era we live in, and actually gain some tolerance to humanity as a whole, the world will be a better place.. but while you commit sins under the “MUSLIM LAW”, nothing will ever change..

  • islam is evil

    fuck islam after we done killing afgans and iraqis we gone git you 2

  • Too much anger

    I try so hard to love all people but have a hard time reading this. Women are not liberated in the muslim community at all. They are repeated raped, sold, and murdered. In Ameica, we have Freedom that you know nothing about. You will NEVER conquer the U.S….period. You all have been brainwashed into thinking killing us or sacrificing yourselves to kill us will somehow hold your spot in Heaven. In reality, Hell will be waiting for you. God does not like the evil that you produce when you murder innocent people. You carry so much hate with you and do unspeakable acts of terror on those who have different beliefs than that of your religion. Americans do not kill because we believe differently, we try to protect the value of human life, the life you destroy. Americans try to protect millions around the world and fight wars that arent even ours. We protect our liberties, life, freedom, and anything that threatens it. You may feel bigger because you are able to hide behind the security of your computer, but we all know that only cowards murder innocent people and post the savage killing online. Anyone who can be ok with that is a monster. God sees what is going on and we all answer for our sins. There is nothing ok with the way people are treated in that religion especially the women. I truly feel bad for the women that are forced to do the unimaginable things you make them do…and brutally murder them when they make a mistake. If you threaten America, only God will have mercy on your soul, because America will not

    • Real nigga

      man up faggot

    • Real nigga

      yo to much anger guy you dont under stand america may look good from the inside but from the outside we are just as bad we started the wra in iraq over oil yes islam is a horrible religon but you speek for a country that has brainwashed you into thinking its cause is free and just

      • american infidel

        yes we finished Bush senoirs war in iraq over oil control.However our troops are not in afganistan or pakistan for oil….America is NO where near as bad as any country that allows its citizens to be stoned to death for not wearing a burka or for looking at some one.

  • mountain

    hey nigga u dont know nutin bout ISLAM so dont critisize… but i pray that 1 day u’ll realise wut a beautiful religion it really is inshallah .. im especially telling u , nigga , coz its easier to convince a nigga rather than a white arrogant pig

  • Ben

    Fucking derka derka these chicks are banging and I’d watch them fuck each other dumb fucking Muslims

  • mountain

    leave the twins … y dont u come watch me fuck ur mama instead . it will b more xciting as i have more experience n im fit enuf to b ur topie … to hell wit u ben fucker .. u must b very ugly if u can just watch dem fuck instead of fuckin wit dem … moffie

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mountain of shit

      when you were born. the doctor should have thrown you out and kept the after birth.

      Us Muslims will fix this situation with a shot from the AK47.

      • Alwllms

        Abdullah…..fuck the U.S…….why waste your time debating with dumb people, we all now how is it going to end.

      • Infidel from USA

        Hey, can I join this shit show?

        I just realized you threatened with an AK47. Lol… Is that really the best gun you can buy over there?

  • mountain

    non muslims ..feel so sry 4 ur’ll … betta accept islam or else …. face the consequences .. if ur’ll made up ur mind about converting then ur’ll beta njoy as much as possible on this earth coz ur’ll gonna suffer in hell … shame

    • Bill

      mountain says:
      non muslims ..feel so sry 4 ur’ll…

      I feel sorry for Muslim women, especially the ones who are raped & then legally murdered by their husbands for adultery. Shameful!

  • destinedfordestiny

    I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you.
    If you are a Muslim you should believe that you do not have the right to take someone’s life as only Allah has that power. Even if you think they deserve to be ‘stoned’, it is not your decision to make. You either ignore ‘infidels’ or you try to make people see what is right. Telling the world that you are going to stone all infidels isn’t going to convert them into Muslims or make them do the right thing; it just gives the impression that all Muslims believe in violence and aggression – which is not true.
    People need to stop hating each other because of what they believe in and other people should stop pushing their views onto others.
    For someone who doesn’t believe in religion, threatening them with religious concepts will not make them believe, it will make them laugh.
    So I think everybody should just learn to live with each other instead of trying to change the world with an irrelevant comment according to the photo.
    And besides, since when is this incest? I’m sure you are allowed to be close to your siblings without committing any sort of sin.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      destined for hell

      Your long-winded speech has pissed us Muslims off.
      So here is our short reply:
      You’re an infidel and us Muslims are going to split your skull.


      • firestarter

        thats all u ever do..to threat and to take innocent lives..w/c is stupid

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          fart sniffer

          no infidels are innocent and you are a stupid mofo.

  • mountain

    i agree totally with destiny , jzk !!! u made me realise im no better then them by swearin n threatening .. everyone plz 4give me 4 wuteva i said , especially u , ben !! i believe every1 is accountable for there own actions … inshaAllah i hope we all make the right decision…. take care slmz

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      broke-back mountain

      Ass-pumping is never the right decision…..and you will pay for being a homoqueer.

      Us Muslims have you in our “gay-dar” and we have a nice, 6 pound stone (solid granite) ready to deliver, with our mighty Muslim biceps, upon sight of your miserable, cock-sucking head.

      • firestarter

        abdullah u are one down right asshole

  • mountain

    k … if u say so

  • Normal person

    Abdullah the butcher- Complete cunt!

  • ArmyRanger

    Reading this makes me hope to GOD I get deployed again. Ima kill every last one of you sandmonkey pole smokin towel head bastard fucks. USA HOOAH!!

    • Mystic

      My hero!

  • john

    they`re american not middle-eastern so you can stick your religion up your arse and stick “sharia” law there too, and please blow yourselves up to get into paradise , th3 sooner the bettter , then you will all die out

  • Janine

    U two guys are fucked. Do u ever listento yourselves??? I’m with ArmyRanger. Dude u go blow them up. As many as you can!!!!!!!! Hooah!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      The only way you could be with ass-ranger is if you’re a tranny.
      Otherwise you’re shit out of luck….which is what you are with us Muslims too.

      When we take over, I’ll introduce you to the rubber hose and the “jumper cables”

  • hey

    i dont know where you get the information but it is completely wrong!
    this is because
    islam never allowed sibling or anyone who hasnt married to f**k each other!
    islam never allowed homosexual.

    so i think you better need to do some research before writing something.

  • mountain

    shut up abdullah … u dont make any sense … GROW UP

  • uk anti muslim

    The only reason female musilms are stoned is to improve ther looks anyway, Hahahahahaha

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      uk asshole

      A harlot looks beautiful after a good stoning.
      However, there is nothing that can be done to make those mule-faced british women look good.

      • Mystic


  • shalini mehta

    fuck u (guy) is insane and is an original bastard. he has been rejected by his own siblings so he is sexually frustrated. may allah give him good incest relationship.

    • Niko Bellic

      You’re talking about Big Pete, aren’t you?

  • Andty

    Lol how no one gets that this is a joke site.

  • Bardu

    You’re all a bunch of trash, you know that? Incest is fucking disgusting I don’t give a shit if your a fucking Muslim or Hindu or whatever, and if your religion tells you this, then your all a bunch of fucking SLAVES.

    It’s proven that incest weakens the genetics of humanity, while making children with someone who is not related to you AND IS A DIFFERENT RACIAL BACKGROUND WILL EMPOWER THE HUMAN BORN.

    God doesint care about your petty lives; you people are debased and the idiocy as something as GREAT as THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE won’t give two damns about your meaningless, HUMAN, and utterly RIDICULOUS way of thought.

    Seriously, go strap some dynamite to your ass and blow it out the fucking water, bite me.

    • richard

      go fuck yourself

  • to cowardmuslims ….

    the butcher? thats what u call your sorry ass? your’e a piece of islam shit butcher boy! and before i destroy that typically ugly-ass arab face, take off that fucking absurd rag hat! fucking show some respect and take off that stupid fucking outfit you assholes wear ,,, you coward fuck, you butcher no-one! maybe helpless women, which sums up your empty pretender religion .. islam taking over what? dont make me fucking laugh! God will destroy all of you sandbitchcowards, just like the American attack helicopter laughing as they pick off stupid shit ragheads running thru the desert at night like cowards, “uh, muham, they cant see us in the dark! lets make a run for it …. ” zap zap, one by one, you fucks die like spineless rats in the sand, go to hell asshole, you pissed me off!! you better keep hiding butcherbitch, cover your ugly face with more rags, until i find you .. and hang the butcher with all the other islam punks, lined up like pigs, fuck you abdullah, your’e gonna fry in hell !!

    • fucku

      Burn muslims burn

  • Blind

    You really believe that killing people will give you your way? All that will do is enrage us to:
    1. Nuke you
    2. Kill you
    3. Make you wish you were never born
    While the U.S. may be screwed up it’s way better then what your religous government has to offer

    • fucku

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    • fucku

      your the only person thats going to be nuked cock sucker.Your country will never even have a nuke except the one being shoved up your ASS by the USA Hu Rahhhhh!!!!!! We will nuke you bastards just try fuckers suck cock

  • JadedMIB4truth

    All of U R the reason why the USA is 23 in education in the world. Don’t U children have parents, strike that, don’t U children have any honor? You all talk shit on ur supposed enemy, and yet not a goddamn one of U ever served ur country a damn thing but complaints

  • What the Phuzk

    There are no incest pics on this page. So as far as I’m concerned it didn’t happen and there for everyones entire argument is moot.

  • What the Phuzk

    If only I could delete this page. The world would be a better place.

  • wat de hell

    Wat is going on???!! I m a muslim girl nd dere z no unjustice done to me as u ppl say! Evnthough i agree dat dere z no.incest here nd evn if dere z it is not upto us to punish if dere z any need of punishing! But i also know dat u non-muslims wont gain anythng wid sayng dese stuff abt islam! I dnt care if u dnt follow it but sayng dese wnt make u grow up! Religion is holy no matter wat! Nd dese ppl over here give wrong info abt islam! So if any1 wants to give a sermon 1st learn dan give! Instead of making thngs bttr lyk it shud be u r making it worse! Dere wnt be any bombing no fuckng no nthng! Wat kinda muslim r u?!? Nd non-muslims u cnt say anythng to our God! Evn if u dnt follow him he z God nd respect atleast! Nd abt muslims being all disrespectful to women lyk rapings nd all, it doesnt just happn in muslim world it happns evrywhr!! None of u knw anythng abt islam or Allah or REAL muslims so stop it! Dere z no point pf arguing dis way!! Nd my scarf/hijjab is none of any1s bussiness! I do it for Allah nd dats enuf!
    Srysly ppl wat ll u gain by sayng thngs lyk “burn muslims burn”?? V wnt burn! Not wen u say it so wat z de point of sayng it?!? Srysly get a life! Wat z muslims to non-muslims or non-muslims to muslims! Fir a sec read wat u ve writtn nd use dat brain of urs! Does wat u ve writtn evn make sense? Wat z really de point of all dis??!? Wat did u gain??!? M not sayng just to non-muslims but to muslims aswell! Muslims: u wnt be gud muslims wid just sayng Allahu Ekbar while at de same tym swearng lyk i dummo wat! Anyways dis z real stupid! Arguing i mean..

  • bopping infidel

    Fucking shut up you paki’s

  • big picture

    you are all idiots. ok! the jewish torah is essentially the christian old testament and the quran is the old testament plus new testament plus mohammed’s teachings. we are all children of abraham. all brothers. caucasians are the missing ten tribes of israel. what u call jews are the tribes of benjamin and judah. and u muslims are abrahams children ass well. u are the children he had with the slave girl. so why the f*ck do u wanna hate and kill each other?

  • Mohammad

    I am a devout muslim. And I want to set the record strait. I am banging my dog and daughter right now just like we muslims are comanded to, of course before we burn them for being unclean.

  • Daniel

    These comments speak of the true message concerning racism- hatred and uneducated intolerance. To say a Muslim or a Christian is stupid or evil purely on the basis of their religion is as ignorant ad still believing the world is flat. Instead of putting so much stock in religous labels one should put greater stock in the creater. I call him god, others refer to him as Allah. Whatever name you so chose to invoke this being of great spirituality remeber he has created every last one of us. Whatever afterlife you believe in be sure to live a life here that grants you access to the side of the great creator. Whether you call him God, Buddha, or Allah.

  • Mwahaha

    The Muslims couldn’t take over an ant hill, come on invade vermont I dare you, every one and their brother owns a gun here and hey we’ll plug ya from over a mile away, ak-47s have shitty accuracy, they may shoot all the time but I’d rather have a gun I can third eye ya with from long range with a single shot, 1 bullet kills beat multi bullet kills that’s just wasteful and ultimately useless, all your kills of our troops are pure luck, our kills are pure skill, we’ve killed more of you then you’ve killed us consider that when you think you can beat the USA, the national guard are the real badasses of the us military, and Vermonters are the absolute best. Hmmm I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the world neds to abolish religion to eliminate these pointless conflicts, look at history the vast majority or wars were caused by religion, so what the fucks the point of it, in my opinion it doesn’t matter if your Muslim or Christian you’re all idiots in that regard, let me give you some info, there is no good, I can prove that religious texts are full of hit, Adam and Eve were the first people on earth, bs, that says that evolution never happened and guess what fuckers you can argue with fossil records, and blaming bad things that happen on the devil or whatever, shut up, bad things happen thru human idiocy.

  • Regardless Devon Victory

    I’m going to have to say, i think that incests is a good thing, special if it’s to sexy ass
    females like – Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – say what you want – but i’ll die by this shit…
    They – good and were all made out of semen and live on planet earth – the genetics in us are deep.
    We come out of pussy and grow hand and fingers – if the world is too deep for some it’s just is…

  • Regardless Devon Victory

    I’m going to have to say, i think that incests is a good thing, especial if it’s two sexy ass
    females like – Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – say what you want – but i’ll die by this shit…
    They – good – and were all made out of semen and live on planet earth – the genetics in us are deep.
    We come out of pussy and grow hand’s and finger’s – if the world is too deep for some, it just is…
    The dictionary’s are not real..

  • randell

    the olsen twins are fraternal twins they are not genetically identical

  • Mohammed Jihad

    As long as they keep themselves out of the gene pool, the problem will solve itself in fifty years. No spawning for them.

  • richard

    go fuck yourselves you terrorist bastards. alla sucks you fucks.

    • richard

      just nuke em

  • The Madd Jacker

    I’ve always wanted to fuck the Olsen twins…